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Forum down

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It has been (continues to be) a most frustrating experience... but once again the forum was down.

There are some odd things going on at the moment, and I can only apologise as we appear to have been hacked or redirected.

I can currently load the forum as of a few minutes ago, but ONLY if I access it using anonymoX.

Apologies to everyone.

Frustrating and inconvenient?

So much so that I have been having what seems like a pitched battle to work out what was going on, who was doing it, and how to stop it.

There are still more unanswered questions than there are answers.

I recommended Countessa get in touch with Smee Enterprises - specifically for access to the double-ended Enterprise model pineapple with extra strength foliage.

Seems even that might have been lacking - but hopefully it would have gained their attention.

Are we fixed again.


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