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This thread is for all members to contribute their valuable knowledge to the wider community.

How to use Microsoft Paint to reduce photo file size

If you want to reduce the visual size of your photos, follow these easy steps using the free Microsoft Paint program included on your PC.

Needed -   

* Computer with Microsoft Paint
* Picture files

From the Start menu Go to Programs, Accessories, Paint.

First, open the folder where your pictures are located. In this step you can move your cursor over the images and see what their file sizes are. Another way you can find the file size is to right-click on the files and select "Properties."
Select the file you want to reduce, right-click on it and select "Open With" then "Paint."

After the file opens in Paint, click on the "Image" button at the top. A drop-down menu will appear. Highlight "Stretch or resize/Skew" and click on it.

Change the horizontal and vertical value to whichever size is needed, Sometimes you will have to click "Edit" at the top and select "Undo" if you reduced it too much or not enough.

If the picture is satisfactorily reduced, click "File" and then "save as" to rename your reduced file, a tip is to never save the picture with the same origional name,(rename it when saving to something different, call it something else like (Countessa 2) for example, just in case you oops and mess up.

TIP* - When downloading or saving pictures it is easy to forget or lose where it went, so I recommend you make a new folder on your desktop for downloads and save there, that way you know where it went, from there you can install or move to the preferred location.

To do so (right click on the desktop from the box that appears select new folder, then right click the new folder and go to rename call it whatever you like).

Next... How to insert pictures into a post. Stay tuned.  ;D

PS. If anyone would like Avatars, Signatures or Logo's, don't hesitate to ask, I will also add a Tutorial later for Avatar/Sig creation.

One of the easiest editors out there is IrfanView;

Very versatile too for bulk resizing, compression and thumbnails.

Not so good for image correction and annotation.

Totally FREE too!!

liisa i would love to see a tutorial on avatars thanks, would love to add an image

How to Place pictures into a post successfully on the forums:

Hit the reply Button to open a dialogue box ready for your posting.

Click on the icon above the dialogue box.

This will cause the following to appear in the body of your text box  [*img] [*/img]   
(ignore the asterisks I added them so the code would appear.)

Between the two bracketed code lines add the URL of the image you want to post.

For example [*img]http://www.mypicexample[*/img]

(Make sure the picture is hosted somewhere like photo bucket or some other image hosting site and choose the link code to paste the image you want)

Press Post and voila!

Gr8 sorry I missed your post earlier!!!

How to make an Avatar for use on the forums.

To put your Avatar on forums go to the toolbar on the top left of the page where you will see -


Click on Profile, then go to Forum profile Info on the left.

There you will see a box open where you can choose to enter a URL for a pic from Photo bucket or some such hosting site or Choose to upload one directly from your PC if you prefer.


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