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Newbies - new to buying & selling? New to the forums? HOW TO POST A QUESTION


The Round Table and the FAQ forum can be browsed by guests - which means you might find the answer to your question without needing to register as a member here.

But if you'd like to post in a discussion or start a discussion or receive helpful replies to a specific problem (related to eBay and other online auction venues, online buying and selling, or indeed about anything at all), or would like to join in the friendly community here, it's easy (and free): simply join as a member, activate your account, and start posting. There are basic rules of conduct - respect others, be courteous, don't post spam, etc. - but you won't be "slapped" for mentioning auction sites other than eBay, consumer protection and so on.

We have a mandate here: No question is too silly to ask.

Welcome to these forums. We hope you find the information you need, the helpful replies you need, and great company.

Meet other newbies, interact with experienced eBayers, put up your feet, read through the FAQ section, ask questions if anything's not clear - all of that. This is a place with friendly people, and even if your question's been asked a thousand times before, we won't put you on a spitroast for asking again. (Mind you, the 1001st time can be a little tricky...!)

What do the stars mean and how do I get some?? Ta!

The stars increase in number the more you post. This may be an incentive to post, post, post! (All useful or fun stuff, of course.)

You forgot to mention the chocolate you get too, Countess :chocdip:

goo devening to the luscious lola et al - chocolate????


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