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Is Paypal broken?

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*Ubbie Max*:
I just tried to use Paypal to pay for something (not ebay) but I get the message "A problem with the merchants Paypal account".

Anyone used Paypal recently & had problems?

I've used PayPal as recently as yesterday with no difficulties, Ubbie.

If the error message specifically mentions the seller's account, it is possible the seller has a problem rather than PayPal.

It COULD be a case of clearing your cookies and cache... but if that does not work, I would tend to the conclusion the seller's account may be restricted.

What sort of seller is it? Could it possibly be a scam seller whose account is under investigation?

Unless it's a seller whom you trust, or it's a small amount you're willing to risk losing, be wary of bank deposit... I have absolutely no problem using bank deposit for sellers that I consider trustworthy but my favourite payment method is definitely by card (so that I can rely on my card provider in case of a problem). PayPal should be fine in many cases... and if a seller's PayPal account HAS been restricted, I would regard it as worrying.


--- Quote from: *CountessA* on August 22, 2014, 11:41:04 AM ---

It COULD be a case of clearing your cookies and cache...

--- End quote ---

Or clearing your puters riboflavins
All pc's with up to date software should now have an option to cleans your pc of riboflavins
The pesky little critters float around the atmosphere and infiltrate everything if youre not careful

I would be inclined to ask the merchant if they know about this and what the problem is...

... then, from their response, judge whether it seems dodgy or not.

It might be something as simple as the merchant messing up an email address - or as sinister as a hijacked account.

*Ubbie Max*:
Thanks for the advise. It turns out it was the merchants problem. Paypal is working for him now.


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