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This is where I'm stepping off into uncharted territory.

I was invited to be here (THX!), and I'm obligated to participate, thank you very much.

This kid has "stuff", and it need not be warehoused any longer.

Just for openers, please refer to my website....then I'll navigate thru many long nights as I conjure up my forthcoming materials and other assorted forum-friendly goods and services.


Coming soon: "Evidence that I am the Wrongful Defendant".


Tee-Hee: Here's some dirt now.......


(Birth. Drums. Death. Who am I kidding?)

Please join me in LOVING this eBay seller's TOS.

NOTE: Yes, I bought it today!

Item number: 260379596975   

Notes: This piece of garbage won a Golden Globe, which indicates the irrelevance of that award.  If you like the kind of crap that Will Farrell usually does, then this is the movie for you.  It is so crude, crass, tasteless and offensive that I kept expecting him to show up in it somewhere.  The sexual 'humor' is bad enough without the anti-semitic references which I found particularly offensive.  All around, this one has no redeeming qualities whatsoever, yet Terapeak says the average selling price on eBay for this thing is $10.63.  Case and exterior art in good shape,  DVD plays faultlessly.   I buy DVDs new and used, many of them from a local movie rental outlet.  I personally watch each movie before I decide to keep it or offer it on eBay.  I watch at least two DVDs per day.

My shipping rates are VERY fair.  Please do not email me demanding free items or extra discounts in exchange for a positive feedback after you have won my auction; I will not be coerced. Some of my DVDs disappeared from your view due to my audacity in regard to revealing the monies paid by vendors for the dubious privilege of presenting our products in this venue; I am not allowed to be so specific if I wish to continue with the host whose name you see above in the colorful letters, so more convoluted language becomes necessary.  Suffice it to say that on things that you can purchase immediately, I lose two dimes on each piece of paper with George Washington’s picture on it in the course of absorbing the four different tolls levied in combination by the host and the payment processor.  I would hate for you to think that I actually make a living at this.

I am an ethical seller; I leave immediate feedback when payment is received unless I have to file PNR with eBay.  I will not leave feedback for a bidder if I have to get eBay to FORCE you to pay for what you've purchased. I refuse to leave positive feedback for a negative experience.  Since eBay gagged the seller, forbidding negative or neutral feedback to be left for any bidder no matter HOW negative the transaction, our only option is to leave NO feedback. If you have any intention of taking advantage of eBay’s new “Screw your seller!” feedback policy, do not bid/buy my auctions/items.   

I'll stop googling myself if you start doing it yourself.....


If ever I get to Nevada again i will make sure to look you up :)


--- Quote from: Poddy on May 25, 2009, 05:01:37 PM ---Ron,

If ever I get to Nevada again i will make sure to look you up :)

--- End quote ---

Far out!

Use our Airport, eh?

Here's another pic:


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