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--- Quote from: *Countessa* on February 09, 2011, 11:25:06 AM ---WANTED: Victorian brass letter rack with ornate filigree, cherubs playing musical instruments, and two inkwells... and I've GOT IT.

Offer submitted yesterday, and accepted.

MINE, all mine!

--- End quote ---
PROBLEM - this arrived today, and it was in two pieces.

The back part of the letter rack (the higher section with the cherubs) was broken off from the rest of the piece. (The sockets where it is supposed to sit in the appropriate holes are damaged, and it had been "repaired" with glue. I didn't have to guess; the remnants of the glue are still there.)

I have communicated with the seller and asked for a refund. It's useless as a collectible in this condition, and damage was certainly not disclosed in the listing. (It actually stated "excellent condition".)

We'll see what he says. This is quite disappointing...  :tanty: :vent: :drama: :hanky: :violin:

Well, that was resolved without any difficulties.

I let the seller know that there was a problem. (He may well have known nothing of the item's having been glued together with damage having occurred in the past, since the glue probably held until the letter rack was in international transit. I had the impression he bought lots of things from deceased estates and so on.)

The seller was apologetic. He didn't ask for photos although I offered to send them. He asked me what sort of recompense I'd require, and whether the item was repairable.

I replied that the item would probably need welding or something like that in order to be usable. (I'll certainly try. Any other suggestions?) I asked for the item's cost (not the postage) to be refunded, since it's not a collectible in this damaged condition. He promptly refunded.

This is a great example of how a buyer and seller can resolve a problem situation without resorting to a PayPal dispute or flinging accusations around. It was amicable, fair and eventuated in a satisfactory outcome.

But now I'll be on the hunt for a non-damaged Victorian letter rack. Perhaps I should look for silver...?

So glad it turned out OK with the seller.  Disappointing though that you have to start hunting again.

Another problem.

I'd ordered some copies of a not-available-here audiobook title on CD from Amazon Marketplace sellers. One of them arrived here today - or rather, the wrong thing arrived. Same book title, wrong edition (abridged, read by different person, different publisher).

The seller didn't include an invoice in the padded envelope, and the return address was a personal one, not a seller address. At first I was stumped; who WAS the seller? Because I'd bought several copies for 3 different people who wanted this, I couldn't tell just by checking in my Amazon account.

But I did a bit of detective work, using the name and address, googling, checking some casting information for a movie, tracking down the movie name, and thus arriving at a match between the movie name and the seller's Marketplace name. Success! They can run, but they can't hide!

I've now contacted the seller letting him know he's sent the wrong item; we'll see what solution he has.

Can anyone tell me - are pre-orders allowed on Ebay. I remember a problem with EBS some years ago......

Item = Nintendo Console

Item Number = 170611687000

The seller has a message up saying that they are out of present stock.... next shipment due 30/4. Paypal claims = 21 days???

I note a number of other sellers with similar offers

Your thoughts please.


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