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--- Quote from: *CountessA* on December 13, 2017, 12:49:35 AM ---I've a few things I would like to sell, but I'm too put off by the recent eBay changes. I understand that neither the seller of an item nor the potential buyer of it can communicate in any way suggesting that they are giving, receiving, or exchanging contact details, even if it's for the purpose of pre-purchase inspection, or for giving the potential buyer a heads-up about the seller's location so that the buyer can consider whether the location is within his/her pickup distance.

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This is true.

As one example, sellers have been penalised for trying to communicate part numbers.  EBay's text bots classify them as phone numbers.  Once the "Buy it Now" has been done, however, there is a lot more latitude given.

No help beforehand though.

EBay has become so paranoid, it is actually becoming counter-productive (IMHO).  Your sentiment is not uncommon.


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