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Ron Tello Culley

It's an affirmative legal defense.

"Scrubbing History Books:" This Actress Believes Her Breakout Film Would NOT Be Made Today Because Of This...

28 January 2023

Actress Octavia Spencer recently spoke on a podcast about the 2011 film “The Help.”
She stated that the movie can’t be made now because people are erasing history, but the movie should be made now.

She began by speaking about how we are erasing history books, eliminating the opportunity to make references to history, even when talking about art. However, she said that’s why we should make the movie today. Per Fox News, “‘Could ‘The Help’ be made today? I don’t know. Should ‘The Help’ be made today? Absolutely. It represents people who made real contributions to society but were never rewarded for those contributions,’ Spencer added.”

The movie “The Help” was based on a novel by Kathryn Stockett. The best-selling book was centered around life in the 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi. The movie brought issues like civil rights and discrimination to the forefront of people’s minds again. It highlighted what life was like for black Americans during this time.
Best Outdoor Activities For Seniors

The weather is warming up, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy some of the best outdoor activities for seniors! Staying active is vital at any age, but it’s especially crucial for seniors. Not only does staying active help keep you healthy, but it can also provide a sense of purpose and socialization. This post will examine some of the best outdoor activities for seniors. Whether you’re looking to stay active or have fun, this article has something for you!
Ron Tello Culley
If I could weaponize my Ego, I can be a Politician. Would you vote for me?

If I was President, my State of the Union speech would go something like this: "My Fellow Americans, we are gathered here today to buy me a beer."

No Tabs on drinking the Kool-Aid.
I'm watching documentaries on Cults.
I tried to be a Cult Leader. I had a following of one.
I fell over myself, broke my will to continue.
Self-inflicted under-achiever....

"Happy Birthday" can be considered a Cult Chant.
The Round Table / Re: DYLAN ROUNDS: A Tello Files Special Edition
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Tonight’s The Night! Dylan Rounds and the Issues of Montello

The Shack Lady

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