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The Round Table / Re: DYLAN ROUNDS: A Tello Files Special Edition
« Last post by tellomon on February 01, 2023, 03:02:15 PM »
Dylan Rounds | Where It All Went Wrong | The Reboot #DylanRounds#JimTerry#Montello

The Round Table / Re: DYLAN ROUNDS: A Tello Files Special Edition
« Last post by tellomon on February 01, 2023, 12:40:09 PM »

The Shack Lady

A time for reflection and change!

I want to make a statement to all that I support Dylan’s Rounds family and their direction they are going. They have been through so much that was unwanted or unneeded.

None of us will understand their pain or know when the tears fall. But everyday they have their son on their mind. My heart seriously aches for this family along with so many.

None of us are perfect, however, we have to have learn to have more  empathy for others. Like I said before, these are peoples lives. Innocent people have been subjected to the harsh environment of online. It’s an abuse that must stop!

When do we as a community draw the line? Now!!

I am asking those that have no true sincerity for Dylan Rounds and the justice for so many that’s needs to be served to unsubscribe to my channel.
My channel is not going to be a part of a circus parade as it has been in the past.
It wasn’t started for the drama content.

It’s a channel outlet to spread awareness  and discuss about topics that are concerning as a whole. Getting to know about people is important but being tactful is needed. My channel is new to this arena and it’s a learning in progress.

I want change for the positive and nothing more. I wish to ask of others do not involve me in your content or conversations. If it isn’t for the good  there’s nothing more to discuss.

There’s a time to laugh and have fun. Then there’s a time for seriousness. I know in my heart my intentions are good. Some may not understand or agree with. But I will not allow a family or persons in a missing case be subjected to the craziness of online bullying.

I’ve stated this before and I’ve been ignored. Enough is enough! I’ve already been in the works of disconnecting what I wish to do with others. Nothing personal but we are not alike in the direction I choose to follow.

I’ve taken in a lot and tolerated a lot to seek answers or information. It’s time I go in my direction that I choose to spread positive thoughts about for things I believe in and feel are important.

We all have stories, an experience, a life and it needs to be respected.

We can make a difference for the good.

I thank everyone for supporting the channel and the intentions that are heading in a better direction. If your aboard wonderful. If you are not well, thank you again and enjoy your life.

The best thing is learning from one another as well as listening!!!
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The Bank was not talking.
Yes. I did blow thru a million bucks.
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Tello says something....
The Round Table / Re: DYLAN ROUNDS: A Tello Files Special Edition
« Last post by tellomon on January 31, 2023, 05:56:48 PM »
Darn that link fails. Rewind it bit.
1 problem: the yt links are failing me.

There's no point to any of this, and yet...

Admin Loves me.

Very nice.

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I deliver.
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