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Title: A little advice on stepping back into the Selling foray needed!
Post by: LiisaSx on April 20, 2009, 05:06:52 PM
 Ok so out of sheer frustration I need to start listing again, this week I have effectively condensed another household into the 1.5 households I currently store and live with..I am seriously starting to feel like an Aussie version of Steptoe and Son and it is driving me insane, I detest clutter, and I have clutter up the wazoo currently, did I mention I detest clutter?.....how did this happen...  ::)

 I have copious amounts of furniture new to antique and everywhere in between so they will go into the pick up only category, I have vintage and antique linen, vintage 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's knitting patterns, nicknacks, glassware, collectables, so right there some pick up some post.

 I have books.. so many books.. and then more books.. by my calculation I am looking at well over 600+, then there is the exercise equipment, walker, step trainer, Ab master and others.. so again pickups..ugh

 Then the miscellaneous.. including CD's, various computer console games...arghhh ok not even going to attempt to think about that right now.

 My Question or questions are as follows, firstly do you think it is wise to have separate selling and buying ID's, in light of recent saintly events I really do not want my regular ID trashed.. if I did start a new ID, how do I go about doing so, I have two email addresses but oddly both paypal and ebay notices currently go to both..Now I could go in there and fiddle.. I am not usually such a numpty but I'd prefer to get it right the first time lol.

 Secondly I was thinking about a garage sale first to sort of clear the way somewhat, having never had one before I have no idea if they are worthwhile, i really don't want a bunch of dealers turning up at 7am and haggling with me to offer $5 on grannies antique dresser or 50 cents for the 50 Video games, I want them gone but not THAT badly lol.

So any advice would be very much appreciated.
Title: Re: A little advice on stepping back into the Selling foray needed!
Post by: Primaryaim on April 20, 2009, 10:18:40 PM
Hi Liisa, sorry you haven't had a reply yet. I don't sell on eBay anymore so am probably not the best person to answer. I think there are so many people setting up FAQ etc. they have overlooked your post. Go and protest somewhere and use a violent smiley on them. that will get them in here :)
Title: Re: A little advice on stepping back into the Selling foray needed!
Post by: *CountessA* on April 21, 2009, 12:00:06 AM
Lisa, I think you definitely best off having a separate selling ID. If you don't already have one, it may be a little tricky building up enough feedback to garner some buying trust, so you might want to think about selling smaller items first, in order to establish yourself as a reputable and reliable seller.

To set up a new eBay ID, you'll need a separate email address. Have you thought about using either a gmail or a hotmail account? Quick, easy, free.

Make sure your contact information is correct, though. You're permitted to have various IDs on eBay as long as the contact information is accurate. To preserve your privacy, you may want to consider having a PO Box and a mobile phone rather than a landline.

You can use your existing PayPal account, but then make sure when you set up the selling account that you enter the email address you want to use as your PayPal account. (If you don't do that, it will default to the email address you used as your sign-on email address. You can also link that email address to your PayPal account.)

Your second question... about a garage sale... I think that might be a good idea. Can you whip up some A3-sized poster things and place them in strategic places to gather some interest? I think there are online sites where you can list garage sales... Your local supermarket will probably let you put up something about it as well. Balloons tied to trees in your surrounding area, with a note nailed into the trunk of the tree...? Or a sign fluttering in the breeze?

I've heard a few people say that their garage sales weren't too bad, but you might want to check your local paper and surrounding area to see how garage sales are going locally. That will give you a better idea about whether it's worth it.
Title: Re: A little advice on stepping back into the Selling foray needed!
Post by: qualitycateringco on April 21, 2009, 01:42:24 PM
Hi Lisa.

I recently sold off my collection of Wilbur Smith books - 31 of them - and was surprised when bidding exceeded $100. 

I think selling them might be easier if you sort them into bunches or sets. For example, your VHS tapes of The Bill might fetch more as a set than individually.

Also, you might find it easier to list, say, twice a week, so that they finish on days that are convenient for you to process in bulk.  Scanning the covers of your CDs all on one day, and listing so that you can use a basic template for them all, and simply changing the description to suit.

With pickups, I make sure that payment is received prior to pickup address being given.  You then get them to specify an appointment time for pickup (as opposed to a time window or a vague "I'll be there about lunchtime).  If you list all the pickup items at the same time you might be able to coordinate the pickups to happen together.   
Title: Re: A little advice on stepping back into the Selling foray needed!
Post by: LiisaSx on April 21, 2009, 01:57:48 PM
Great advice as always!,

I think I will start with the small items as advised and work my way up from there, as previously mentioned I agree that a 'selling" ID would indeed be wise and I can rebuild some feedback, not only that but it will help keep some peeking Relly's from monitoring my sales lol
Title: Re: A little advice on stepping back into the Selling foray needed!
Post by: *CountessA* on April 21, 2009, 02:12:36 PM
QualityCatering, your advice has given me an idea.

I'm not a seller... but I do have some books I want to get rid of, as they're what I call "oncers". (Most of my books - and I have far, far too many! - I read many times over...)

I should sort them into lots by author, and see whether it's worth selling them. Actually, I might ask a friend who has a selling account that's been dormant for a while to list on my behalf - otherwise I'd have to follow my own advice and get a selling account!
Title: Re: A little advice on stepping back into the Selling foray needed!
Post by: Did647 on April 25, 2009, 09:34:38 PM
I tend to see selling my books as the best form of recycling . Not a profit making venture.  I do sell them singly simply because I get rid of more. When I tried bundles hardly sold any.  I sort into sizes , and scan heaps at a time using the same template then let GarageSale schedule them in 3 min intervals. Let's people snipe easily if they want to. There is time and effort but it beats putting good books into the recycle bin.  ;D