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Forum down yesterday and today
« on: July 15, 2016, 06:44:00 PM »
Dear members,

You'll have noticed that the forum was down yesterday for some time. This was apparently due to the datacentre itself being down for some hours.

In the wake of the datacentre being down, this forum was additionally down for a longer period, due to a problem with MySQL (database for the forum) as a result of the datacentre hiccup.

This was fixed. But then again today, the database could once again not be accessed, and that meant the forum was down again.

The issue was apparently with disc space associated with the hosting server being filled with stuff that shouldn't have been there. You could say it was trying to wear a petite dress when it should have been shopping in the giant's section. At any rate, it was FULL to bursting, and the tech server guys had to get rid of the unnecessary files.

They've done that, and we're back online.

Fingers crossed... and my apologies.
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