Author Topic: PayPal's latest glitch - mistakenly double-billing customers  (Read 8021 times)


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As reported in The Australian :link: :

PayPal says sorry to customers mistakenly double-billed

Banks and financial institutions are warning customers to carefully check any transactions made with PayPal after thousands of people were mistakenly double billed by the online payment system.

All banks and financial services that accept payments through PayPal have been affected.

PayPal said it was aware of the error, which occurred when customers only completed one transaction through their PayPal account.

It is telling customers they will have to wait between 24 and 72 hours before receiving a refund on any transactions that were double-billed.

“We understand that impacted customers are concerned and will ensure all customers affected are reimbursed. We apologise to those that have been impacted and are actively working with our tech team to resolve this as quickly as possible,” a PayPal spokesman said.

The error led to PayPal’s Facebook page being inundated with complaints, as hundreds of irate customers said they were unable to get through to the service’s helpline to rectify the fault.

The double-billing has also left some customers unable to pay bills for other services.

“We are aware that some PayPal debits have duplicated,” the Commonwealth Bank said in an alert to its customers.

“This is due to an error from PayPal and we’re working with them to rectify this as a priority. We apologise to our customers for this inconvenience.”

The error comes at a troubling time for PayPal which has just agreed to pay $US25 million in fines and compensation in the US after being accused of deceiving its customers.

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau denounced the company for signing people up for its credit arm, PayPal Credit (previously Bill Me Later), without making them aware of the fact.

Of the total $US25m penalty, $US15 million will be used to reimburse PayPal customers, with the other $US10 million issued as a fine.

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