Author Topic: How To 'SEARCH ALL' in eBay  (Read 17785 times)


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How To 'SEARCH ALL' in eBay
« on: June 26, 2009, 04:46:26 PM »
Since eBay implemented the new 'improved' search in April there is no longer a global wildcard that you can use to search all items in all categories.

Using a * or . or $ shows all listings but you can only see the details of the items on the first page. If you click to go to the 2nd page you are taken back to the category summary.

Seems the only way to find the maximum number of listings if you want to search all items in all categories is to use Advanced Search and list as many words possible, or use part words (min 2 letters) followed by *.

You need to think of any and all words that may be included in the listings you are looking for.

Separate the words with commas, no spaces, and surround the lot with brackets. The brackets around keywords separated by commas acts together as an "OR" parameter.

Tick 'Include Title and Description'.

Enter your distance filters.

Once you get the results you're looking for make sure you save your search!

Using the following in a search returns approx 99.7% of the listings, but still not 100%!


eBay Help Page - Using Search Commands

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