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Trading Post - latest announcements
« on: May 26, 2009, 11:55:02 AM »
List for Free promotion still current. (Announcement 2/10/2008)


Get into Auctions at Trading Post® where you can list your basic Auction and Buy Now ads FREE!
Take advantage of FREE listing & experience the thrill of online auctions. Pay a success fee only when you item sells.

How to sell by Auction or Buy Now:

Step 1 – Click on the ‘Sell’ tab
Step 2 - Follow the steps to list your item for Auction or Buy Now
Step 3 – List your item as a basic listing.

Advantages of listing with Auctions or Buy Now

    â— Experience the thrill of selling by auction or
    â— Set a price for immediate sale with Buy Now
    â— Target 1.9 million potential online buyers monthly^
    â— Sell to buyers anywhere in Australia
    â— Choose from a range of payment options
    â— Sell your item 24/7, no need to negotiate or talk to the buyer

^Omniture SiteCatalyst average based on April-June 2008.

Stand out from the crowd!

Want to draw more buyers to see your ad? From as little as 50 cents you can take advantage of the extra features and enhance the appearance and positioning of your ad.

    â— Display more details in the search results
    â— Bold your title
    â— Highlight your ad
    â— Priority positioning in search results
    â— Feature your ad as a hot deal

Find out more

Get into Auctions at  - START LISTING NOW!

The Trading Post® Team

With no new announcements having been made since October of last year, it all seems relatively quiet on the TP front.
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