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Originally posted on the eBay AU forums and found thrown out with the rubbish.

If anyone can supply the missing posts, please do so. It will perhaps stand as a memorial of one of the funniest threads that ever raised a guffaw in the eBay RT forum.

And if someone wants to volunteer to clean it up (I know there's some doubling up of posts), you're very welcome.

grootynow (0) Vegan complaint re chicken box
22/02/2009 08:02

So I use recycled boxes to send my items. One of the boxes I used to ship a small vase was previously used to house bags of frozen chicken nuggets. The buyer emailed me complaining that as a vegan she didnt like the use of the box and that I should state in my listings that I use second hand/recycled boxes (including ex meat boxes) so that buyers are fully aware of that fact and can then ask for a different box.

I fully appreciate peoples personal choices but Im not going to add to my Terms just to satisfy this one buyer.

What next? ... I drive past a bottle shop that is always throwing out their boxes (very tough boxes too). Would I then have to take into account if i ship an item to a recovering alcoholic?

Does anyone else use recycled boxes? If you do do you state it in your listings?

putney32  (2675 ) View Listings | Report      22-02-09 08:09 EST      1 of 585
oh that is harsh!!

yes, i use recycled boxes, and NO I do not state it in my listings, however,, I would never use recycled food boxes.

'drygoods' boxes such as cereal, teabags, etc. but never boxes where the contents have actually touched the box itself.

however.... i think your buyer is being a bit 'precious'

not_an_eloi  (4 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 08:52 EST    2 of 585
seller here is bein' a "bit precious", should just take the information, and learn a lesson, about usin' packaging which could be seen to be controversial, offensive or provocative (although i'll confess, i did wrap a couple of items for a buyer in some Labor brochures, at voting time B-) )

recycled boxes ? what is it you ladies here say, pfftt !

foxette-in-sox  (400 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 09:03 EST    3 of 585
Thats probably taking their way of life to a whole new level of pedantic.

j*oono  (Private ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 09:25 EST    4 of 585
I wouldn't have thought a chicken nugget box would offer much protection to a vase. Unless it was the carton. I wouldn't use a meat box, but I have used a chocolate box before. I hope my buyer wasn't on a diet.

qualitycateringco  (1629 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:11 EST    5 of 585
There are so many things that could potentially offend so many people, any seller who took it all into account would never get his listings off the ground.

What if there was a yellow star on the box?
What if the box wasn't recycled?
What if the box once contained peanuts?

There's no way a seller can predict the sensitivities of every buyer. It's up to those with the neuroses to inform others beforehand, but preferably to get over what bugs them.

2barkingbeagles  (94 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:13 EST    6 of 585
What about if you use egg cartons for something? Do you need to make sure they were free range egg cartons?

Personally, I agree that I wouldn't use a box that food was stored directly in and honestly, I think that if you're using recycled packaging, its wise to note in your listings, for 2 reasons.

It may appeal to some people who want to protect the environment and it also will prevent people marking you down on the DSR's. Some buyers feel that if the packaging is recycled, they shouldn't be charged for it, or if they are paying for something it should be new.

I think someones being a little precious and taking petty to a whole new level.

karen4334_rock  (107 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:19 EST    7 of 585
Why didn't the buyer message you, on payment that they had a special request regarding packing, if they are that sensitive.

Good thing they are none the wiser about you using the vase for animal sacrifice rituals.:-D

abigneed  (2714 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:26 EST    8 of 585
... Abi

foxette-in-sox  (400 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:32 EST    9 of 585
Good thing they are none the wiser about you using the vase for animal sacrifice rituals

Or to store great aunt Bettys ashes:^O

When I've bought chicken nuggets,they are ALWAYS contained in a plastic bag inside box-as OP has also stated-so it shouldn't make any difference as to what was in the box originally-some people are just born to complain.

2barkingbeagles  (94 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:35 EST    10 of 585
Most chicken nuggets are beaks, claws and bumholes anyway aren't they?

beefy59111  (47 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:37 EST    11 of 585
Hello grootynow.

You have done nothing wrong, ignore the Morlocks response, it does not make any comments unless it can be derogatory.

I have nothing against Vegans, Vegetarians or even the Morlocks, but all are idealists whom choose to be what they are.

I personally love meat, glorious, scrumptious, and it apparently is a balanced diet of meat and vegetables that our species has devoured, for a very long time.

I can just imagine a person in the 18th century saying as they sit down at a table to eat, " No I can not eat any of this, I am a vegan " The roars of laughter would have been heard across the land.

Still, the guy who takes your parcel at the post office, more than likely eats meat, the airline pilot who fly's the box, more than likely eats meat, then the chap who delivers the box also more than likely eats meat.

So although you innocently packaged the Vase in recycled chicken nugget box, the Vegan at the end has supported the employment of several meat eaters to receive the vase.

OMG...I realised something:O The vegan is going to enslave a living plant in the vase.....Oh dear.


not_an_eloi  (4 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:48 EST    12 of 585
Hello grooty,

Beefy-one (obviously non-vegan) would appear to have a totally biased opinion, ignore her, too


sundrops2500  (1171 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:50 EST    13 of 585
I must be having a dyslexic moment but I read the thread title as "Vegan complaint re chicken pox" :O I though, OK... that's a new one...

I'd have to say this is the first time I've heard of such extreme ideology concerning packaging. There is just a little bit of irony in the buyer purchasing a vase (which is basically a vessel to hold plant reproductive organs) but complaining about a cardboard box.

thoughtful$poster  (Private ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 10:50 EST    14 of 585
A few years ago I used to use boxes I obtained from a Chemist's shop.

I sent one box off wrapped in brown paper - didnt read or notice what was actually on the box.

Got a reply from the buyer later (pleased they had a sense of humour) - Apparently the box itself was stamped/printed on it that it contained 1000 condoms.

The buyer just pointed it out - and thanked me for wrapping it in brown paper.:-D

I always check what is on the box before I wrap it now.

cattyindigo  (0 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 11:04 EST    15 of 585
I agree with both QC and karen R....

There are so many things people could have a problem with (sometimes a real problem, I remember a thread years ago where a sellers packaging, triggered a very rare allergic reaction in a buyer), or could take offence at, that its simply unrealistic to expect sellers to be able to take everything into account and to add a line or two about it in the listing... can you imagine the length of the listing.....

really I think the easiest way is for people with special requirements to let the seller know as sellers are not mind readers and cannot anticipate everything, in some cases may not even know, a potential problem exists if it is obscure or unusual.....

if the box was clean and had no contact with any chicken then the only scary thing is the label....

appleangel07  (360 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 11:05 EST    16 of 585
post # 10,LOL that explains why i've never liked chicken nuggets,but seriously whats next will we have tree hugging hippies telling us we should'nt be useing paper or cardboard to package our items.

beefy59111  (47 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 11:21 EST    17 of 585
cattyindigo (0 ) View Listings | Report

really I think the easiest way is for people with special requirements to let the seller know as sellers are not mind readers and cannot anticipate everything, in some cases may not even know, a potential problem exists if it is obscure or unusual.....

if the box was clean and had no contact with any chicken then the only scary thing is the label....

Beautifully explained cattyindigo, the vegan should have emailed the seller the following message.

Dear Seller,

I am a very sensitive person, and also need you to understand that I have very specific needs to be met, enclosed in the email is an attachment from my Psychologist, and several other attachments in regards to animal cruelty and a personal letter from paul McCartney.

The item I may or may not purchase from you, must be hermetically wrapped in a vacum, by qualified vegans, and at no time should the product, I may or may not purchase from you, have ever been touched by a meat eater.

The item must be hand delivered by a veganologist, who will ensure no ants or other insects are harmed in the process of delivery, I am hoping you can understand my specific needs, and can accommodate this very simple request.

Yours sincerely

robin*-*hood  (0 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 11:22 EST    18 of 585
I suppose you could put on your TOS:

"I use second hand boxes to send my items however, if you are a Vegan, Recovering Alco, On a diet or have any other diversity to me using a second hand box I am quite happy to add the cost of a pretty new white one from Australia Post to your postage charge"

mnapl  (834 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 11:41 EST    19 of 585
I sincerely hope that some people in their life never have to deal with a real problem. Personally you should have replied that the energy that was wasted sending the email was a great contribution to green house gas. What a load of you know what.Interesting what things upset people. Had they not got their article you can imagine it would have made world headlines. At least you did not say "Do you want fries with that," and then "have a nice day." Cheers.

ozpokerhq  (3300 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 11:54 EST    20 of 585
Not to jump on the bash the OP band wagon, but... There is an issue which can affect a buyer when it comes to recycled boxes that have had food/organic contents in them previously.

I ordered some items from overseas, the seller shipped within 24 hours and after 2 weeks I hadnt received. The seller sent the tracking details and it was in Australia. I rang the AP they put me through to customs. The box had once had plants in it and was now being held by customs quarantine for 3 months for decontamination and fumigation (or some such thing).

In the end, customs destroyed the box, made my items sit in quarantine (after being fully pulled apart to check there were no plants inside them) and then repackaged and a lovely bill for $50 from memory for doing all that for me before I could collect the goods.

It was something I personally had never thought of, the seller apologised and has never used a recycled box for me since and all is good. But it does show that sometimes there are issues with using food/plant boxes and recycling them for packaging.


aussie_smurfette  (834 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 11:54 EST    21 of 585
I wonder if they would prefer to pay for the packaging if you purchased a suitably sized box purchased from the Post Office, probably not.

Some people are never happy, I guess if that is the biggest grumble in their lives they are lucky.

tamsy72  (1440 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 12:05 EST    22 of 585
Excellent point Ozpoker.

My partner got some trains once, nicely boxed, lots of that puffed rice packaging stuff that you find now in place of the styrofoam ones.

We thought we'd keep the stuff so that we could reuse it for posting breakables in the future. We popped it into a cupboard in the kitchen, in the same box, and forgot about it.

A few weeks later, I was getting really annoyed with these bugs that were appearing in my kitchen, little brown things, everywhere. They just kept coming and I couldn't work out where they were coming from. I tore apart all the cupboards looking for the source of them and found the box with the little rice thingies, teeming with them :O

Sometimes recycling boxes and packaging is just not worth it. Sure the OP's buyer was a little extreme, but it does bring up the fact that real care must be taken when using it :)

decadencedoll  (132 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 12:14 EST    23 of 585
How pathetic,its all too funny really.Last week or so,I sent an item in a box from my local store.The store name was abreviated to CUNJ however the hook appeared to be missing from the capital j.I of course covered it with the postage label but for a brief moment was tempted not to]:).Hope I can sell something to the pope,in which case I'll be on the lookout for a used condom box.:^O

nifty_sven  (94 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 12:30 EST    24 of 585
The chicken (and chicken related parts) is already dead

What of the environmental waste? The whole reduce resuse RECYCLE is generally considered a good thing...more so you expect from a passionate vegan?

meth400  (42 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 12:46 EST    25 of 585
i think this is a job for P eople
E ating
T asty
A nimals


putney32  (2675 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 12:53 EST    26 of 585
meth..but we are not talking about T asty Animals... we're talking boxed chicken nuggets!!]:)

decadencedoll  (132 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 12:56 EST    27 of 585
meth :^O

9701deborah  (54 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 12:57 EST    28 of 585
What if the box once contained peanuts?

While I agree the buyer is taking her beliefs to the point of absurdity, I do think the 'peanut' scenario is one that should be taken very seriously. The minutest traces of peanuts can be quite literally deadly for those with an extreme allergy. I'm not suggesting people should have to track down the history of every box they recycle, simply that if you know a box has contained peanuts, don't use it.

EM  (466 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:06 EST    29 of 585
Love it, beefy :-D

I will agree about the peanut issue though :)

Reading the OP: One of the boxes I used to ship a small vase was previously used to house bags of frozen chicken nuggets. It sounds like the cardboard carton, if it was holding the bags of frozen chicken nuggets, not the actual chicken nugget box with a few crumbs left in the bottom.

s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:10 EST    30 of 585
Hello OP. Let me state I am a Vegetarian. My choice.

Having said that, I would not complain if the item I received (in a meat product receptacle) was securely packaged and there were no residues of odour or product, and plus? in this case, I doubt chicken nuggets actually had any chicken in them.

If the packaging was durable, and did its job, you cannot be held responsible for the receivers' life choices.

Good Luck!

nouveau_retro  (572 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:11 EST    31 of 585
We're vego, and to us it doesn't really matter what an item is delivered in- external appearance means zilch if a seller has gone to the effort of sourcing recycled materials- its the actual item inside that matters.

That being said, almost a year ago I received a parcel with two live redbacks amongst ancient packing filled with cobwebs- it does pay to check the packing contents a little before sending.

bliss*charms  (1785 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:23 EST    32 of 585
#14 :^O

And how many of the thousand condoms do you have left?

19becky65  (698 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:26 EST    33 of 585

I agree wholeheartedly on that youngest is anaphylaxic to peanuts and is horrendous,it changes the life of the whole family.

I often let her open parcels for me (if I know the contents are not breakable)she gets a real buzz out of it!....

and you know what...although almost every aspect of our lives partly revolves around what she can and cannot touch,taste or even be in the same room with....that is one thing I have never thought about.

boxes used to ship peanuts being reused for my never even entered my mind.

We have epipens handbag,in the kitchen,her classroom and the office at school......yet you still worry the one time you need one it won't be there or work well enough to get her to hospital for treatment in time.........having nearly lost her years ago it stays in your mind always..

I think I will open any boxes myself from now on.....sincerest thankyou deb.

countessalmirena  (121 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:29 EST    34 of 585
Nouveau_retro, how horrible...!

I like the idea of recycled packaging. It's not just a reduced cost factor but it should be a help for the natural resources of our earth.

Mind you, there are some forms of packaging that I'd be rather annoyed to receive. If someone sent me an antique clock packaged in some x-rated packaging, who knows what my response would be...?

Would you agree that, whatever the packaging, it should be covered up with brown paper? This would remove the possibility of an eBay-won item being mistaken for a box containing foodstuffs or forbidden imports.

bliss*charms  (1785 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:30 EST    35 of 585
If something arrives in a recycled food carton or supermarket box, I usually open it outside & then dispose of it.

As much as I'm into recycling, cardboard cartons brought home from food markets often contain roaches and or their eggs. Something I try to avoid bringing inside.

And Tamsy mentioned the rice foam - an excellent idea for environmentally friendly protective packaging. I've received it a few times, but won't store it, because I've been warned before of insects finding it delicious. Any I receive, goes straight into the garden & hosed, so breakes down into the soil straightaway

s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:35 EST    36 of 585
nouveau_retro. Congratulations on your choice! I'm sure you look and feel fabulous :-D

Good point about the recycling and even better point about the potential (if rare) dangers in sending "used" packaging. Cheers!

countessalmirena  (121 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 13:42 EST    37 of 585
It's something I hadn't considered, I admit - the dangers of infestation from used packaging or rice foam packaging material.

angels_08  (72 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 14:21 EST    38 of 585
19becky hi how are you? and 9701deborah - totally agree with the peanut situation my family also have anaphylaxis (peanut all nut) allergies which are life threatening. Although it sounds abit funny to post in what I would assume would be a damp (then dried out) frozen nugget box, the buyer is not happy but hey, shes still alive.

spindlespins  (1324 ) View Listings | Report    22-02-09 14:28 EST    39 of 585
not quite ontopic but follows on from points raised here - as allergy sufferes do you ask if your sellers have a pet-free environment?

cattyindigo (0) (45 of 739) 22/02/2009 15:58

Surely it comes down to using a little common sense when packaging...

certainly where there are health concerns with well known issues that are relatively commonplace and can have severe consequences such as the peanut allergy, one would hope sensible sellers will avoid packaging likely to have any peanut residue... similarly I believe few sellers would ship overseas using anything containing plant or food residue as its well known many countries have strict rules in place....

much packaging containing plant or food residue would be rejected by most sellers anyway for being grubby... (though there will always be exceptions such as ex drummers surviving on a subsistence diet of takeaway pizza...)..

but as there will always be the possibility of an occasion in which an otherwise reasonable seller just hasn't had the foresight, or some lousy seller doesn't give a darn, its probably safest for buyers simply to ask the seller to take care with the packaging, particularly where buyers may have little known or unusual allergies or problems that even the best seller would be unable to anticipate...

a vegans health however is hardly likely to be compromised by the use of a clean carton previously used for transporting packaged chicken nuggets... a few sleepless nights perhaps pondering the fate of the hapless chickens, but that could as easily result from seeing a fast food commercial on the telly...

I have however noticed that a lot of sellers advertise that their items are from pet or smoke free homes...................

I reuse cartons that i source from my local electrical appliance store, guess I'm just lucky that none of my buyers so far suffer from a moral aversion to large screen televisions or stainless steel refrigerators...

dadofmimi (1978) 1,836 (46 of 739) 22/02/2009 17:00

I didn't think vegans ate cardboard boxes..........?

phorum_junkie* (87) 6,685  (47 of 739)
22/02/2009 17:44

I think I must be vegetarian.

I love to eat grass, grain etc.

I do like it processed by a cow, sheep, pig etc though.

I doubt very much if a chicken nugget carton ever contained anything remotely like chicken, probably just more cardboard minced and crumbed :^O

2barkingbeagles (110) 812  (48 of 739) 22/02/2009 17:45

I can't believe how petty this buyer is.

I mean, honestly, even if they are vegan, a cardboard box shouldn't interfere with their beliefs anyway, should it?

I'm not prejudice, I'll eat anything. I don't do diets, I don't do fads, if its good, i'll eat it.

But, ITS A CARDBOARD BOX! Its got a picture of chicken nuggets on it. Its not made with chickens, no animals were harmed during the making of the actual box and its not an animal bi product.

Yes, it was used to carry dead animal meat, however, I don't see how the cardboard itself would be offensive.

You should have sent it in a vibrator box and if she doesn't like it, she can go screw herself, lol.

I can feel a slap coming on, that will offend someone, no doubt. :(
doll*obsession (418) 1,074 (49 of 739) 22/02/2009 23:15

I had a doll sent back to the UK once because the seller had packed it in a dog food box.. not the carton, the box from the dried dog food.. so she put that box inside another box and reposted it :^O
and a song for you all, just cos i love you all :-x :^O

thesoulofthings (0) 181 (50 of 739) 23/02/2009 08:14

Using old meat boxes is a bit off. I wouldn't be too happy myself. Whether there is any real danger or not I still perceive it as being unhygienic.

2barkingbeagles (110) 812  (51 of 739) 23/02/2009 09:37

Soul, every box of chicken nuggets i've bought has had a plastic liner in it containing the nuggets.

decadencedoll (138) 434 (52 of 739) 23/02/2009 09:55

barking #48 :^O:^O:^O.Yes I expect it to go too,just TOO good!

beefy59111 (47) 360 (53 of 739) 23/02/2009 10:04

The annual meeting of bovine, sheep, and chickens was held in Nimbin on the weekend.

They discussed many issues, but the most talked about subject was the continuing decimation of food stocks, apparently, all these Vegetarians and Vegans are grazing on food that baby cows, sheep, and chickens relay on.

Many are displeased at the thought that these groups of humans are in fact taking the food out of their baby's mouths.


bliss*charms (1798) 2,701 (54 of 739) 23/02/2009 10:06

The Ingham Chicken Tenders (crumbed breast fillets) boxes don't have a plastic lining - better for the environment, but does mean that crumbs & any defrosted juice could possibly work its way through the box cardboard into the larger cardboard carton

2barkingbeagles (110) 812  (55 of 739) 23/02/2009 10:16

Ok, but at the end of the day, you don't eat the vase.

At the worst, some oil, fat, crumbs may have stayed in the box and smeared onto the vase, which can be cleaned off. Although, the buyer didn't seem to have an issue with hygiene, more the thought the box was once a chicken nugget coffin.

God people are too easily offended now. Where has the Good Ol Aussie nature gone? The good days where you would see something funny or risque and laugh it off with a dirty smirk, or a wink and a nudge to your mate. Not now.

IT WAS A NUGGET BOX FOR GOD SAKE! I would have told her to go and eat a stake and grow up.

cattyindigo (0) 76 (56 of 739) 23/02/2009 11:00

Dear Buyers,

Please read my packaging policy carefully prior to purchasing any of my items.

Due to the high level of environmental consciousness in todays world, and in order to save you precious pennies, I use pre loved cardboard cartons rather than pristine new packaging when posting your purchase.

However due to the varied nature of this packaging which I source from a variety of local businesses it has been brought to my attention that some of this packaging had the potential to offend people of a very particular moral sensitivity.

Some pre loved packaging had been used to contain containers containing meat or animal products which may offend vegan or vegetarian members. Please note there is no actual animal matter on this material, just some potentially offensive printing.

Some pre loved packaging has been used to transport packets of vegetable products which could offend households with carnivorous members or small children with an aversion to eating greens. Please note there is no actual vegetable matter on this material, just some potentially offensive printing.

Some items may come wrapped in old political pamphlets of parties that I have not voted for that may offend people who either vote, or chose not to vote, for these parties.

Some pre loved packaging has previously contained bottles of alcohol which could be problematic for recovering alcoholics, teetotallers, or party animals who may prefer that the package contained its original content rather than the item purchased.

Other pre loved packaging may at one time have contained packages of condoms that could potentially offend people with an allergy to latex, practicing Catholics, or people who have made a vow to save themselves for marriage and who feel such packaging may lead them into temptation. Please note that when this packaging is used it will be wrapped in brown paper and free samples of the original content are not provided.

If you have problems with your purchase being posted in packaging printed with any of the above types of labelling please contact me prior to bidding and I will attempt to organise packaging with a label more suited to your sensitive frame of mind.

kind regards and happy bidding, Cattyindigo

19becky65 (735) 790 (57 of 739) 23/02/2009 12:06


s*b* (1677) 619 (58 of 739) 23/02/2009 12:42

Back on topic.

The issue for the receiver of the package was that it had previously contained animal meat, albeit heavily processed.

Vegetarians (and yes I'm a vegetarian) and vegans are very sensitive to, which I personally consider and many do, barbaric practices relating to killing, processing and eating animals.

This sensitivity is profound, to make light of it is unacceptable.

Having said that, as I have previously posted, if the carton was recycled (which it was), if it was odourless and unstained (which no doubt it was) and it was strong and durable and did its job of protecting the item, then I would overlook its origins.

The concept of "Australian spirit" does not mean that we should be willing and able to offend anyone that doesn't really fit in with what we believe is acceptable.

Invariably the very basic "Australian" is not.

thesoulofthings (0) 181 (59 of 739) 23/02/2009 13:10

Well said, all this stuff about telling an ethical vegan to 'lighten-up' is much the same as telling someone to lighten up about abortion or child abuse or murder or whatever.

s*b* (1677) 618 (60 of 739) 23/02/2009 14:09

vera*crew. Vegan is not irrelevant at all. This is two-pronged issue. Main point is offence was taken at the original contents of the carton and then, the potential (albeit highly unlikely) that it may be contaminated. The carton was, no doubt, the outer skin with many layers of protection between the contents and the cardboard.

May I suggest "bird flu" from extremely processed chicken nuggets can be discounted?

The buyer has a point, a right of comment and request.

grootynow (0) 59 (61 of 739) 23/02/2009 14:38

thanks all for your input. i have read all and acknowledge the issues of life threatening allergies with for eg, peanuts. as well as other allergies re cats and dogs. in these instances i would assume the buyers would let me know beforehand about the issue.

just to clarify if it wasnt clear the box contained frozen chicken nuggets that were already in sealed plastic bags and then within the box.

the issue of proximity to an offensive item is ridiculous. i also use old newspapers to bulk out my items after i have wraped them in either bubblewrap or new tissue/butchers paper. do i have to make sure no potentially offensive material is written on the newspaper?

what i felt when i received the email was that they were using the issue of the box to push their idealogical stance. to each their own but when it goes beyond what i consider to be reasonable then i switch off and if pushed further get annoyed. am i honestly expected to increase my already lengthy terms just because of this instance?

the only reason they knew it was ex chicken nuggets was because it was written on the box. when next you get a box that has nothing written on it at all are you still going to be bothered about what was potentially in it beforehand?

2barkingbeagles (110) 811 (62 of 739) 23/02/2009 14:46

Vegan is irrelevant.

Its a cardboard box. It was used for postage. The item that was posted inside it was not meant for eating.

If the seller posted foodstuffs I could see that a small part of the population may be put off by something they were going to eat arriving in a box that once contained food they would not eat.

I vote Labor, I had items arrive wrapped in propaganda for other political party. I did not complain. It was wrapping and it went into the bin. It was irrelevant to the item.

I have had items arrive wrapped in various newspapers and magazines. Some of the articles could be considered to be taboo, but, once again, i'm not buying the packaging, I threw it away.

I can't believe someone would be so petty to actually email the seller to complain and suggest they add terms and conditions to their items so that others aren't offended!

What is the population of Vegans (to this level) in Australia.

Being vegetarian is one thing, being petty and just out and out stupid is another.

There was no meat in the box. A chicken nugget box may be a pretty unusual type of box to post it in, but what if it was a box that contained party pies, or sausage rolls?

What if it contained quiche? Would they still be offended because quiche contains eggs which potentially came from a caged chicken?

Even if they were offended, I can't believe someone would bother to email a seller to complain. I'd think a seller was nuts if they had something in their listing saying
"To keep your costs down and care for the environment, I use recycled materials for postage. The packaging varies from used cereal boxes to chicken nuggets. If you are easily offened please let me know ahead of time so I can provide you with a box that will suit your religious/spiritual/cultural beliefs and also something that will match your curtains and drapes"

Get over it, Its a box. I bet the seller threw it straight into the rubbish bin to go to landfill.

*riff*raff* (2) 338 (63 of 739) 23/02/2009 14:48

I am of the opinion that the buyer is over-reacting to what is clearly a non-issue. Good on the OP for recycling. However, I would never use a recycled food related product carton as packaging.

I would suggest that the quality of packaging is directly proportional to a buyers perception of the sellers professionalism.

spindlespins (1346) 674 (64 of 739) 23/02/2009 14:52

Basically we need to understand that our actions affect other people, even if we are not aware of it, and that in some cases our actions can be offensive, no matter how careful we are. If we want people to treat us with respect, we need to treat others with respect, even if we think they are a bit odd. There seems to be a growing intolerance for anything that is different or strange these days and a total lack of respect for anything outside our own personal experience. Sad.

complete_it_now (853) 2,005 (65 of 739) 23/02/2009 14:59

I once had an article arrive from the USA. I received a letter from Australian Customs that there was an issue with the package and that AQIS were required to open it for inspection. As it turns out, they wanted to see what was inside, as the carton used for the packaging was for a product that may have contained unprocessed Chicken. The contents, along with the packaging, were immediately cleared by AQIS once they realised that the contents of the carton was made up of assorted children's clothing.

The moral of the story is this. Be VERY aware of the packaging you use if sending items overseas.

ubbrd (946) 486 (66 of 739) 23/02/2009 15:14

complete_it_now. #68.

Spot on. Australia has very strict quarantine laws and Food boxes (fruit & Veges) used to contain postal articles from certain countries will, if detected be seized. The contents are normally repacked & forwarded onto the recipient. Many overseas countries have similar quarantine laws & it is not a good idea to pack goods in fruit or veges cartons here to be posted overseas.

I am a great fan of meat & can't get enough into me. I do however, respect the right of vegans & vegetarians to choose what they wish to eat as I'm sure we all do.

I hate Brocolli, Broad Beans & Brussel Sprouts, especially Brussel Sprouts they are evil, but I would not be concerned if I received gear I had ordered packaged in a Brussel Sprouts carton.

countessalmirena (126) 1,359 (67 of 739) 23/02/2009 15:29

Vera*craw, nicely put.

Sellers might wish to be careful about not using packaging originally designed for foodstuffs, but I suspect that would cut down the available recycling material quite a lot. I agree the packaging is best not visible (particularly in some cases!), but as long as the packaging hasn't been imbued with foodstuffs and potentially been contaminated, the seller is unlikely to come across many buyers who'd take offence.

Perhaps the buyer really wanted a pristine box - can sellers offer both recycled and non-recycled packaging options at the checkout?

If the buyer's prepared to pay a postage cost that encompasses the cost of a new box, it could head off potential problems.

tassytrader (247) 2 (68 of 739) 23/02/2009 19:19

vegan! it must effect their brains.why don't some people get a life. they don't know the real world.

suemoki (11436) 85 (69 of 739) 23/02/2009 23:09

ROFL ROFL!!! I once sent a priest a box that had contained He thought it was hysterical! I hadn't realised that a) he was a priest b) box was for condoms. He thought it was so funny -and guess what?? he was in US - I felt silly but as his items reached him safely, we both laughed heaps.

Given how much sellers lose to PayPal and ebay fees, it seems to me that unless buyers want to pay for brand new boxes (or are we sellers supposed to swallow that too?), seems to me that you should simply not judge a box by its cover!! Although I must confess to avoiding any meat product boxes generally - just in case they have leaked.. But I rarely bother to look at what was in the boxes I trot around the supermarket, looking like a twit, gathering into my trolley, ignoring strange looks from the masses. I just think, perfect for trios, great for plates, handy for teensy thngs! Perhaps a little humour should attend here?

s*b* (1677) 618 (70 of 739) 24/02/2009 00:14

tassytrader. When people make their own life's ethical choices, why is it necessary to discredit them?

Does it make one self-important, better than or merely at a loss to give a better argument or option?

I congratulate those people having the intestinal fortitude to make decisions and stands based on their personal moral criteria and inner compass.

To all those that have spoken and acted no! to animal slaughter and cruelty, bravo!

smeeagain61 (14) 739 (71 of 739) 24/02/2009 00:34

Eloi that is an allegation which makes you an alligator
and the previous post a croc..

lionrose.7 (1989) 1,722 (72 of 739) 24/02/2009 00:36

not,:-D LOL caught them out so funny

s*b* (1677) 618 (73 of 739) 24/02/2009 00:43

three strikes you're out. So please continue.

Combing accounts I see. Nothing of the sort. I make my own personal, ethical judgements, and allow others to make theirs.

please take your harrassment elsewhere - for the very reason this forum will close in its present format, to eliminate, among other negatives, account combing and harrassment.

not_an_eloi (4) 1,044 (74 of 739) 24/02/2009 01:05

combing accounts, not likely
just a brief look to see if you sold the type
of tripe that you peddle on RT,
along the way i saw that while you MAY
claim to be anti animal slaughter, that
you in fact, profiteer from it

"No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is ...a part of the maine; ...any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"


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beefy59111 (47) 360 (135 of 739) 26/02/2009 12:05

countessalmirena (121 ) View Listings | Report 26-02-09 11:59 EST 134 of 134
That's one of the loveliest things about the RT - the richness of perspective.

Absolutely countess, similar to life, all doors should be investigated, it would be remise of one to shy away from all experiance's, simply based on other peoples opinions.

We all find our niche, our values, and our perspectives by opening our minds to all of what this wonderful world has to offer.

s*b* (1677) 624 (136 of 739) 26/02/2009 12:21

Wonderful thread. Keeps everyone busy for hours, not unlike scrabble.

holydooly6 (6526) 411 (137 of 739) 26/02/2009 12:22

Hi Becky, really sorry to hear that, I hope the results are great!:-x really are a "GEM":-x

Beefy, guess who is craving a steak now???:-p

flowersbutterflykiss (Private) 26 (138 of 739) 26/02/2009 12:25

Wonderful thread. Keeps everyone busy for hours, not unlike scrabble.

Is there ANY chance of remaining on topic?

19becky65 (735) 790 (139 of 739) 26/02/2009 12:27

holydooly...thanks...fingers crossed!

beefy...that steaks not here yet!! did send it express didn't^O..ha ha

I should not joke about that sort of thing...
read on boards while back about someones buyer who expected the parcel to magically appear on his doorstep within hours of winning an item....

would be funny if not so damn stupid.

complete_it_now (853) 2,005 (140 of 739) 26/02/2009 13:25

complete_it_now (853) 2,005 (141 of 739) 26/02/2009 13:27

What if a seagull bought something on eBay, and the item was delivered in a box previously used to transport chips?

complete_it_now (853) 2,005 (142 of 739) 26/02/2009 13:28

I believe that there is a game of scrabble going on over in the PowerSeller Board. Run along now.

complete_it_now (853) 2,005 (143 of 739) 26/02/2009 13:30

"...would be funny if not so damn stupid..."

I believe the correct terminology is "stipid".


putney32 (2732) 3,024 (144 of 739) 26/02/2009 13:52

now come on c-i-n... keep on topic.

I believe the correct terminologyfor a chicken nugget box is "stipid".

appleangel07 (363) (145 of 739) 26/02/2009 13:53

very good

*penelope*pitstop* (244) (146 of 739) 26/02/2009 14:00

Complete LOL :^O:^O

s*b* (1677) (147 of 739) 26/02/2009 14:19

Lynch Mob. yes. Rabble. yes.

complete_it_now (853) (148 of 739) 26/02/2009 14:27

"Lynch Mob. yes. Rabble. yes. "

I see you noticed them? I can introduce you. From Left to Right... meh, forget it! ;)

sexymillionaire (41) (149 of 739) 26/02/2009 14:46

Wouldn't it be good if you could tell the customer to get a life, :^O

We also use recycled boxes, on our selling ID we have done over 20 thousand transactions and no one has ever complained about the boxes we use, we have even used Tena lady ones etc

We have occasionally had a few complaints of over packing, so you can't win!

19becky65  (695 ) View Listings | Report      27-02-09 02:22 EST      178 of 434

got a parcel today...guess what the box was from....I cracked up and the postie must think I am nuts(well,yeh you got me on that one)............

it was

an Inghams chicken breast fillets would you be!

holydooly6  (6333 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 10:45 EST    179 of 434

Oh Becky, that's priceless:^O

tamsy72  (1439 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 11:04 EST    180 of 434

:^O :^O :^O :^O

Oh Becky :^O:^O

I have a little skit playing in my head now.....

You answer the door, the postie hands over the chicken fillet box, you start guffawing, slapping your thigh, the whole shebang. The postie looks askance at you thinking of ways to extricate himself quickly. You start screeching through your laughter "chicken breats fillets, a chicken breast fillet box, Inghams too, OMG, it's hysterical" insert that wonderful pig snorting sound that comes through in hysterical laughter here...... The postie then slows backs away from the door, turns and runs :^O

19becky65  (695 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 11:53 EST    181 of 434

just got a small parcel today...

plain box...........

where is the entertainment value in that?????? come on ..

the postie usually brings stuff up to my door on his m bike if my car is not in the he left it in the mailbox!...must have scared him me thinks:^O are ya?...had biopsy this week...fingers crossed!

complete_it_now  (724 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 11:58 EST    182 of 434


What a crack-up!

Wonderful thread!

I hope, in some twisted way, that the OP's buyer is reading all this!

cattyindigo  (0 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 12:01 EST    183 of 434

I wonder what the poor vegan does when watching telly, you know seeing the Inghams ads that have been on for a while suggesting there must be something wrong with you if you don't like chicken. I even saw one with a mini call centre showing people taking calls for orders of empty chicken boxes the other night... I wonder if they send off angry emails to the tv channels asking them to remove the ads out of respect for vegans... of lodge complaints with the advertising standards board...

tamsy72  (1439 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 12:17 EST    184 of 434

Fingers crossed her for you Becky :-x

Catty :^O I looooooooooooove those ads!!!!!!!! The latest one with the chicken scented room spray is hilarious :^O

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 13:12 EST    185 of 434

That ad is better then the Mcains veggie one where they are talking baby talk to a packet of veggies, drives me crazy that one hate it

****pro****  (6549 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 13:13 EST    186 of 434

Being illiterate, I take offence to your use of words to construct a sentence.

beefy59111  (47 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 14:05 EST    187 of 434

Billy Connellys Divorce song, with a twist :^O

Our little Vegan is sixty years old, and She's smart as any damn kid.
But when you mention the M.E.A.T. She damn near flips her lid.
Words like V.E.A.L. veal or B.E.E.F beef,
These are words which her G.R.I.E.F. grief.

Her Q.U.A.R.A.N.T.I.N.E starts today,
Because she bit the B.U.T.C.H.E.R and then She ran away.
She caused me and my wife to have a big fight, and then, both of them bit me.
And that's why I am gonnae get a D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

She shouted "get him Vegan," and she jumped over, and bit my L.E.G.
She sank her teeth in my B.U.T. and called me an effin B.
Well I'm telling you, that was my cue, to get O.F.F.-ski
And I'm going down to the town tonight to get a new B.I.R.D.

Oh yes her Q.U.A.R.A.N.T.I.N.E starts today.
Both my wife and my wee scabby Vegan will soon be hauled away.
That's why I spell out all these words, so as my Vegan can't hear.
Oh I must admit that Vegan is acting Q.U.E.R. queer.

Oh, I must admit that Vegan is acting Q.U.E.R. queer.


gcmc23wu5  (173 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 15:31 EST    188 of 434

"That ad is better then the Mcains veggie one where they are talking baby talk to a packet of veggies, drives me crazy that one hate it"

Hi LR, I'm right with you on that.

And many of the modern adverts for that matter. The one where people like cereal so much they get around with the bowl stuck to their face ..?

The one a few years ago for clearview superannuation.

All those adds based on being able to afford "sprouts" when you retire if you had your super with them ?

I think they're the ones who have the current ad with the women with ponytails in front of their head too ?

Current Australian adverising agencies are just nowhere. They used to hold their own with anyone and even win international awards.

I just can't imagine a company being presented with something like that and saying "yes, that's very good let's do it"

If anyone presented something like that to me I'd just say thanks for your time but please don't trouble yourself to tender for any more of our work.

They're just an embarrassment. What must visitors think when they see ads like this on Australain TV ?

I've never seen such ridiculous garbage anywhere that I can recall.

I honestly think you'd get better if you ran a contest in a primary school.

Makes me cringe.

da_ewok  (125 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 15:43 EST    189 of 434

Anyone seen the drumstick ad - with the budgie smugglers?


BUT.............Like the chicken box - I suspect someone took offence to it - the budgie has been removed :(

Saw the ad several times and it made me stop in my tracks just to watch it!

happyroo_bunji  (346 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 16:05 EST    190 of 434

Anyone seen the drumstick ad - with the budgie smugglers?

That was funny! I take more offence at the sunburnt bottoms in that add compared to the budgie smugglers

countessalmirena  (121 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 17:01 EST    191 of 434

I can't recall any vegan or vegetarian getting up in an offended walk-out when looking at an advertisement for meat products.

I can perfectly understand a vegan or vegetarian not wanting to receive a chicken nuggets box... if it contained chicken nuggets. As long as the nuggets never touched the cardboard, though, it's hard to know why a vegan would be so terribly offended by the packaging, which is just... packaging.

Wait! Is it possible the vegan in question is under investigation by NBV? If so, having a suspicious-looking chicken nugget package arrive at her door might be enough to have her sanctioned.

all_my_eye_and_peggy_martin  (Private ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 17:42 EST    192 of 434

whether you are vegan or not it is not appropriate to package items in boxes that once contained perishables, yuk. i wouldn't be happy to receive a parcel that was used to store vegetables or fruit either. these boxes could easily contain bits of yuk.

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 18:13 EST    193 of 434

I have a the occasional dead bug in a box but it has never worried me, thing happen I store my boxes in the spare room and always check them But things happen that's life

countessalmirena  (121 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 19:02 EST    194 of 434

Feedback: "A+++ seller; he even included free dead bug in box!"

gcmc23wu5  (173 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 19:39 EST    195 of 434

"it's hard to know why a vegan would be so terribly offended by the packaging, which is just... packaging."

Hi countess, yes, I think it's hard to understand. I think most here have decided that it's not the vegan in the buyer that prompted the complaint - likely another part of her persona.

Maybe even just the memory of a nice tasty chicken nugget that she can't get out of her mind.

And LOL - as far as the free bug - yeah - as long as it doesn't come with an invoice and is a smallish bug that hasn't significantly inflated the postage cost ....whoopeee !

Times are tough and we usually celebrate getting something for nothing.

Maybe you could give it to your cat ( if the cat's still a carnivore of course ) Otherwise the offer may offend.

m*o*  (2658 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 19:51 EST    196 of 434

Might be a dumb question but can someone tell me the difference between a vegan and vegetarian please.

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:02 EST    197 of 434

I have been told vegetarians will eat & drink some bi-products of the meat, dairy, seafood & poultry industries but I don't know what.

Vegans won't touch anything from the above industies

I'm also told there are some very strict vegans who won't even eat any vegetable produce & fruit unless it falls from the vines, trees, out of the ground etc naturally ie, anything picked, plucked, harvested or dug up is taboo.

da_ewok  (125 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:04 EST    198 of 434

vegetarian - will eat the products of animals as long as it does NOT harm the animal (ie eggs, cheese, milk etc)

vegan - will eat NOTHING associated with animals, (therefore NO eggs, cheese, milk etc)

thoughtful$poster  (Private ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:06 EST    199 of 434

I am so suprised that so many people have taken a vegetarian seriously.

I know one! I feel sorry for vegetarians. I reckon it is a sort of disease or illness that should receive medication.

When I saw the OP I thought........"this is a wind up - no human could be that stupid".

Obviously I was wrong.

*harmonyemporium*  (112 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:06 EST    200 of 434

Here is a fact for your Margo:

Approx 30% of the worlds population are vegan or vegetarian.

People may be a vegan or vegetarian due to health or dietary reasons, religion, environmental or ethical reasons.


ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:10 EST    201 of 434

thoughtful$poster. #199.

I don't take them seriously & reckon they are missing out on some of the great foodstuffs available.

My brother in law was a vegetarian until he got ill, sought & medical advise & consequently gave up being a vegetarian.

gcmc23wu5  (173 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:21 EST    202 of 434

Hi Margo - I think many of us likely can't answer that definitively but I think it is actually just separated by degrees of nutbaggery.

I think it is vegans who won't eat or have anything to do with eggs or milk or lard or anything else associated with ( or which formerly lived next door to ) an animal that we carnivores are so happy to gobble up in and every form presented.

I think vegatarians are only obliged to avoid a nice, juicy, perfectly aged piece of beef ( or even a lesser cut )

I can be of no more help with identifying or separating them in person because all of the skinny bu***rs seem to have that grey, pasty, anaemic and mildly annoyed look as they wobble out of the health food shop.

Finally, I really am posting in jest but even as I execute the "post message" button, I know that is unlikely to save me.

Oh, P.S. I have also been warned about the dangers of posting after a couple of amber transfusions - but here goes .....

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:23 EST    203 of 434

I may be able to give up meat if I really had to but Cheese I LOVE CHEESE. Cheese on Toast, cheese in salad, Cheese in Quiche, Cheese in a omelet, Onion soup with a thick layer of Cheese, YUMMMMM I could never give up CHEESE

tigerposs  (1023 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:32 EST    204 of 434

Well, I think all those posting so strongly (and in a seemingly narrow-minded manner) against Veganism and Vegetarianism, are in the same league as the Vegan talked about in the OP.... ie you are all Very passionate about what you believe in which can make you also Very one-eyed about your own beliefs and agenda.

m*o*  (2658 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:34 EST    205 of 434

Thank you everyone that is very strange is it not?

Those vegans must get very hungry I think, there is not much left to eat.

aka-deb  (177 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:39 EST    206 of 434

Margo -

Extract from above link "Veganism is a diet and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose. Vegans endeavor not to use or consume animal products of any kind. The most common reasons for becoming a vegan are ethical commitment or moral conviction concerning animal rights, the environment, human health, and spiritual or religious concerns. Of particular concern to many vegans are the practices involved in factory farming and animal testing, and the intensive use of land and other resources for animal farming.

Various polls have reported vegans to be between 0.2% and 1.3% of the U.S. population, and between 0.25% and 0.4% of the UK population.

Vegan diets (sometimes called strict or pure vegetarian diets) are a subset of vegetarian diets. Properly planned vegan diets are healthful and have been found to satisfy nutritional needs. However, poorly planned vegan diets can be low in levels of calcium, iodine, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. Vegans are therefore encouraged to plan their diet and take dietary supplements."

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:46 EST    207 of 434


I don't consider myself passionate or narrow minded. If a person chooses to forgo animal food products good luck to them.

I choose to eat animal food products, good luck to me!

m*o*  (2658 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:49 EST    208 of 434

Thank you Deb I do not think I would like to become one of those vegans you would need a lot of self control would you not?

So do either of those races drink alcohol?

tigerposs  (1023 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 20:57 EST    209 of 434

Hi Margo--there is tons left to eat when you start exploring. When you think about it many (not everyone) who is a meat eater doesn't eat everything that is available to them--they usually tend towards a staple few things in their diet.

Why would Vegans go hungry? Some are thin some are tending to overweight. My sister is Very Very thin but she eats meat and she doesn't go hungry. I know a few Vegans and some are thin, some aren't, but I doubt any of them go hungry.

BTW-- Vegans also won't eat honey--it is the exploitation of animals that they care passionately about. It also goes with the territory that when you are so strong in your belief, maybe new to it, you want to try and have as much influence in teaching people about it as you can.

And lets face it maybe a new person to this belief system hasn't thought everything through Very deeply especially about the other way of thinking. Maybe many have though, haVe been there and are perverted by the way they were--nothing wrong with that--we should all have the personal freedom to go there. Cruel comments, uninformed thinking, stereotyping and prejudice does not help if ever we ourselves want to explore a new belief or lifestyle.

I admire Vegans for their conViction and self discipline. As for their problems in old age--is it any different to the problems that oVereating of meat does to one's health?

Did anyone read the Heralds Good Weekend last weekend? It had a great article about 3 people with Very strict diet regimes. One fellow eats all his food raw and it mainly consists of raw meat, raw butter and milk--but does have some Vegetable matter. Another person is a fruitarian--eating only fruit--not including Vegetable fruits (although some do) and the third was a Chinese herbalist who basically lives on rice, Vegetables and fish. All confess to optimum health and have been doing this for a long time. So maybe our body is more adaptable than we like to think especially of we do it from a well informed perspective.

gcmc23wu5  (173 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 21:00 EST    210 of 434

"So do either of those races drink alcohol?"

I didn't realise they were actually races in themselves, but if alcoholism isn't preclusive I am rather more negotiable. ( for the noble purposes of research and for the greater good of course )

aka-deb  (177 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 21:01 EST    211 of 434

Alcohol doesn't involve the harming of animals Margo, so it's OK. Though there are vegans/vegetarians who would avoid alcohol purely for health reasons.

m*o*  (2658 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 21:09 EST    212 of 434

thanks tiger I have a much clearer picture now,
I don't mind what anyone wants to eat really guess it depends what your taste buds enjoy.

I don't like vegetables very much so would not make a good vegan, unless sitting down to a meal of Kettle chips and a few scotches counts, that is my favourite fare,and I suppose potatoe's are a vegetable are they not?

aka-deb  (177 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 21:53 EST    213 of 434

what flavour of kettle chips if your fav Margo?

m*o*  (2658 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 22:22 EST    214 of 434
I love the original deb tried them all but they are my favourite.:-D

s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 22:28 EST    215 of 434

harmonyemporium. Thanks for the post.

tigerposs. Well informed. I am a vegetarian - for health reasons among other concerns. If one is to believe the blood group diet, me being a Type A, I am supposed to naturally be a vegetarian and gravitated to it many years ago. I am in optimum good health. My diet consists of mainly fruit, vegetables, grains. I am not vegan, I am known as a lacto-vegetarian, a diet predominent in the Hindu culture.

Diet is a very personal choice - as posted - tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you who you are.

We are all the culmination of our life's choices to date. Mine has been to be a vegetarian.

Good luck to those who have made different choices.

Respect for all.

6101fe  (84 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 22:41 EST    216 of 434

a well worded post s*b* congratulations one of your better ones

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    27-02-09 23:41 EST    217 of 434

s*b* #215.

"lacto-vegetarian". Is that a vegetarian who will consume milk, cheese, butter & other dairy products?

I'm curious!

*riff*raff*  (2 ) View Listings | Report      28-02-09 00:14 EST      218 of 507
Do a vegans' children get to eat meat? Or are they forced into the lifestyle from birth?

Do vegans ever own dogs?

I once heard that vegans won't touch anything that had a mother. Do vegan mothers breastfeed?

aka-deb  (177 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 00:32 EST    219 of 507
Margo, I'm a S&V girl myself :)

Riff, i would imagine that as with any 'religion', a vegetarians child is brougt up with the beliefs of the parent/s.

My husband is type A Blood grouop Barbara, if a meal doesn't contain meat then it isn't a meal in his eyes.
Really though, there aren't that many different blood groups. I would imagine that there are more type A's in the world than there are vegetarians.
Out of pure curiosity though please tell me who i am - i do eat meat of any kind except pork (and i have no aversion to eating our native meats either), i don't like sugary foods, & i do very much enjoy fruit & veg.
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2barkingbeagles  (94 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 06:46 EST    220 of 507
My Gawd, I can't believe this thread is still going! Has the OP even been back to communicate further?

Sheesh! Anyway, its fun.

For the record, I've nothing against vegos or vegans, despite the fouls smelling methane they seem to emit on a regular basis.

I've had some lovely vego meals, there tends to be a lot of flavour and everything is lovely and fresh and crisp, just lacking meat.

I don't think I could manage being a vego seriously, I mean, salads are nice, bubble and squeak are nice, but so is a damn good meat pie.

Each to their own, but when they get as pedantic as this one, you question their sanity.

At least it was a chicken nugget box, white meat seems to be regarded as the lesser of two evils.

It may have been a short term moment of unpleasantness for our great unwashed friend, but i'm sure they got over it. And to be honest, its quite amazing they bothered to put fingers to key and tap out an email that wastes energy on a machine that emits ozone depleting gasses and contains toxic substances like mercury.

vintageartyfarty  (1135 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 08:30 EST    221 of 507
In answer to *riff raff*

I am going to use V for vegan or vegetarian to save typing it over and over LOL

- Some people bring their children up as vegans or vegetarians, some don't. I dont think its 'forced' on them. Some parents give their child the choice. For instance if the child goes to another childs place they may tell the parent their diet choice. Or they may not. So the child may try meat etc. From the people I know they have given the choice but the child once tasting those foods is not interested. Just like some people are V and their partner is not. There are vegetarians that have been so since birth and some decide later in life. Some people become V very late in life. I have known people in their 70's who have done. I also have known people that have been together for over 30 years and only one of them is V and its not an issue for them.

-Yes vegans do own dogs as it is possible to buy dog food that is vegan. ( If you ever see the movie 'Seven Pounds' the dog that belongs to one of the main characters is vegan. Its harder however to feed a cat a vegan diet.

-The issue with not drinking milk from a cow is completely different to breastfeeding as you are sustaining life to your own child. You could say that you would not drink the breastmilk of a woman you know ( I hope) but we think nothing of drinking the milk of a cow which is there to sustain life of the calf.

Its really not that weird a choice at all. Its a very healthy choice if you plan properly and make sure you get all the right vitamins minerals etc. Alot of the publicity about needing meat and dairy is untrue as you can get the same vitamins and minerals from fruit, vegetables and nuts. A friend of mine gets vitamin b12 from her doctor ( she is seventh day adventist ). She is a naturopath so knows what she is doing and has been living this way for about 30+ years.

And no I would not call myself a vegetarian or vegan but I don't eat alot of meat. Have never really liked meat to be honest and I grew up in a household with meat and 3 veg every night. I was vegetarian for about 3 years and the healthiest I had ever been. I used to cook meals for meat eaters and not tell them it was vegetarian and they loved it. Then I would tell them and they would be shocked. After a short time of going vego you honestly do not miss meat at all. If I go to someones house and they cook meat for me I will eat it and my husband cooks it I will too. That is why I no longer call myself a vegetarian.

I became interested when I was studying naturopathy and learning nutrition. I went to a health expo and the vegetarian society was there and I took home lots of info and it made sense to me.

Most vegetarians you would not even know they are, they dont shove it down your throat. There will always be people who are more vocal about it, which is great. It takes all types in this world. Just like some people like to shout from the rooftops they love meat, or beer or whatever. Its their choice and I respect that.

There is heaps of celebrities that are V too like Leonardo da Vinci was one and Ellen Degeneres recently became one, Daniel Johns ( Silverchair), Alicia Silverstone etc.

If you are interested this site has more info:

tigerposs  (1023 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 09:05 EST    222 of 507
For the record, I've nothing against vegos or vegans, despite the fouls smelling methane they seem to emit on a regular basis.

This is the uninformed thinking I was talking about barking--I know what you mean--lots of lentils will do it for you but so do meat eaters eat lentils, there's also onions (plus many other Vegetables) that will have that effect. So many people I know won't have a sausage sandwich without the onions. So many meat eaters also eat Vegetables.

It's also the sulphur based preservatives that will give off methane which is found in most sausages and preserved meats like ham and salamis. Too much meat in your gut sitting for too long will also give off smelly gases both ends, as will most dairy products. Basically any dense protein will create higher levels of sulphur based compounds.

Also having the right bacteria and in correct amounts in your gut to digest these quickly is what's important. People who are lactose intolerant will also haVe problems with dairy digestion and so release more methane.

So being Vegan or Vego doesn't mean that you are the only types giving off smelly gases on a regular basis.

Also, who is to say that meat eaters are not "forcing" their children to eat meat?? And talking from a Vegan's point of View--breast feeding is completely different of course--we are not exploiting another animal--just doing what nature intended.

2barkingbeagles  (94 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 09:09 EST    223 of 507
Everyone frats, but from my experience vegos are able to peel wallpaper and they do it more often than non vegos.

As I'm married, im not allowed to frat anymore.

a-book-amore  (45 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 09:10 EST    224 of 507
Aka-Deb Post #211

Don't wish to confuse the debate, but some wines, especially red, are now filtered through casein, a milk by-product. If a winery uses this method, it has - by law - to mention on the label that the wine contains traces of a dairy product. Not just for the vegetarians, but for people with lactose intolerance.

*riff*raff*  (2 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 09:12 EST    225 of 507
Thankyou vintage. Very informative.

I'm still struggling with the idea that someone who would complain about receiving a chicken nuggets box would allow their child free choice their diet (I understand that not all vegans would be as fanatical).

I can't see that person offering their child the choice or cooking some meat to see if they like it.

Here's a question for you vintage, as you have studied nutrition. Is it true that we can get all of our nutritional requirements to sustain human life from an egg and a tomato? (I don't mean one egg and one tomato either LOL).

I just realised I look like I'm on a vegan diet :^O if Daniel Johns is anything to go by.

s*b  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 09:48 EST    226 of 507
aka-deb. Worth browsing the Blood Group Diet book. It was flagged for me when a friend's son was suffering severely with allergies and lethargy. After eliminating a few items from his diet based on his blood type, in a few days, he was a different child.

We are creatures of habit and of justification. Our bodies TELL us what's good and what we need. We are usually too entrenched to listen.

2barkingbeagles. no affect if the diet is suitable.

vintageartyfarty  (1135 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 11:07 EST    227 of 507
Hi riff raff, you are right. Not many V's would probably cook meat for their child. I dont really know as I am not a parent and I have not thought about what I would do in that instance. Guess its a matter of personal choice.

Not sure about the egg and tomato thing, I studied nutrition quite a while ago and not really an expert. Sounds interesting though so I will check it out.

And the person complaining about the chicken nugget box doesn't mean that all V's would do that. Some people are more uptight than others, whether they are a V or a meat eater. When we stayed with my mother in law she complained about the amount of 'poison' in her fridge, she was talking about the fruit and vegetables! :-D

I remembered when I first read this thread that something I once bought arrived in a paddlepop icecream box. The seller had written ' sorry, I ate the icecreams' on the box which I thought was hilarious.

But even alot of meat eaters would be a bit grossed out having something arrive in a box that contained meat. I asked some friends and they said 'yuck' to it. Don't know if I would complain about it though ?:|

vintageartyfarty  (1135 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 11:07 EST    228 of 507
Oh yeah, I am the same person BTW ( Harmony Emporium )

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 12:08 EST    229 of 507

Pleasing to see you contributing in an informative way even if it IS somewhat off the topic of the OP. It is an interesting discussion and one which highlights the benefits of permitting the chat on the Round Table to stray from the topic from time to time.

Well done!

holydooly6  (6341 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 13:59 EST    230 of 507
Help...does anyone have this recipe:

It's a Delia recipe and it is a non-meat meatloaf using lentils. I cannot find it and it is really nice.

No, I'm not a vegetarian but do enjoy some meatless meals.

Hi s*b, I tried the blood-type diet but found I couldn't stick to it. Mainly no tomatoes, which doesn't sound too bad but when you love pasta and there are so many products which contain tomato, it made it very hard. I know it is possible (from memory) to combine grains, legumes and seeds to supply the necessary protein. "The Experts" have decalred it a fad diet but as I said I didn't stick to it so I am unable to comment from a personal angle.

Great thread!!

aka-deb  (177 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 16:24 EST    231 of 507
Thanks for that a-book-amore. I didn't know that :)

tigerposs  (1023 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 17:19 EST    232 of 507
Hi Holydooly,
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with Delia but this link came up first in google when I typed in Delia Lentil Loaf. It has heaps of different loaf recipes there...,1-0,lentil_loaf,FF.html

I also think a big problem with many Vegetarians, probably more those starting out, (and maybe the perception of meat eaters) is that they seem to want to copy meat food, and use meat names for things. It's like they need to justify their recipes in some way to meat eaters or be seen to be acceptable. And that is why people say stuff like earlier in this thread--about how silly it is to haVe a pretend meat substitute, when really all the food is, is food made only from substances other than meat. Food like Vegetarian sausages are not meant to be a meat sausage substitute. A sausage is just a bunch of food in a casing of some sort--or eVen without a casing.
Just more of my thoughts--and I agree--a Very interesting thread.

holydooly6  (6341 ) View Listings | Report    28-02-09 21:11 EST    233 of 507
Hi Tigerposs, thank you for the link, I think I just have to accept I'm not going to find 'the one' and try some of the others, they do sound good. Thanks again.

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 11:21 EST    234 of 507
Todays paper QLD Sunday
At Capalaba super Market a women of evidently a rigid Vegetarian beliefs objected to the next customer putting her meat too close to the shopping divider.
When her protests brought no response she picked up the divider and whacked the other women shopper over the head with it.
Funny this turned up today gave me a good laugh.

s*b  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 11:49 EST    235 of 507
lionrose.7. It's the people who take matters to the extreme that make lives miserable for others.

Take RT for instance. mtnlane giving me the "well done" for contributing.

Through my "contributions", most but not all of the significant problems of excessive, eccentric and exclusivity has been eliminated - allowing reasonable freedom of discussion.

Moderation and respect? works well.

j*oono  (Private ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 11:54 EST    236 of 507
Really Lionrose? LOL, that's a bit extreme. I wonder if they cater for vegans in the prison system.

*riff*raff*  (2 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 12:04 EST    237 of 507
Through my "contributions", most but not all of the significant problems of excessive, eccentric and exclusivity has been eliminated - allowing reasonable freedom of discussion.

Moderation and respect? works well. changed the way you post, in that you stop insulting others and now you're a respected member of the eBay community.

Yes......I can see how that would work.

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 12:06 EST    238 of 507
I suppose it is better then America where a guy shot a guy for jumping the cue and actually got the WRONG guy.
Think I would rather be hit on the head with a divider.
I would have unwrapped the meat and rubbed her face in it LOL

s*b  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 13:20 EST    239 of 507
Fact is I haven't changed the way I post at all.

Fact is I am able to post.

Ocean of difference. and again? I rest my case.

If there is no ability to join a constructive discussion, but posting is borne out of compulsive behaviour, boredom and point scoring? Then the rights of all individuals are compromised.

The case of hitting the person over the head with a divider because of the proximity of meat, was possibly borne from frustration and anxiety the perpetrator felt against the industry and consumers as a whole.

I don't condone violence. I understand her sentiments.
"No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is ...a part of the maine; ...any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"


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All sorts of missing posts here... Why did I suddenly start talking about spelling errors? No idea...

countessalmirena  (121 ) View Listings | Report      01-03-09 21:23 EST      280 of 433

Let us ignore spelling errors (including those in French)... I don't like correcting others, so I will avoid it unless driven beyond the brink by an avalanche of leetspeak or something unspeakably horrible.

I received a parcel on Friday which used rolled-up socialist newspaper. I wonder whether the seller thought solemnly before using it that he might be offending people of different political opinions. It wouldn't have occurred to me to even think about it - except for this thread. It then brought a smile to my face...

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:23 EST    281 of 433

Enough is enough. Stop telling everyone what they can and cannot write about.

You have no authority on thread or any other thread.

post #277 "Hang off my every posted word, everyone else does".

Yeah, only to read & laugh at more disturbed ravings of the babs.

wheels2spin  (103 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:25 EST    282 of 433
After 27 years of marriage, my husband still gets cross if I use his toothbrush.

Thing is, we don't own anything else that's good at getting all the chook poo out of my runners.

complete_it_now  (724 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:30 EST    283 of 433

At times, the choice to ignore should be exercised. Please do not feed the seagulls.

6101fe  (84 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:33 EST    284 of 433
C_I_N its very hard not to feed the seagulls when your spitting chips!

bliss*charms  (1785 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:33 EST    285 of 433
Would you like to play hangman instead Complete?

beefy59111  (47 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:35 EST    286 of 433
I wonder if I sent Chicken nuggets in a vegetable box, would the meat eater be offended?

Another thought crossed my mind, can you imagine relying on an army of Vegan warriors to save us?...they would all look like Twiggy riding a hamster :^O

complete_it_now  (724 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:38 EST    287 of 433

So much waffle, and so little time!

complete_it_now  (724 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:40 EST    288 of 433

6101fe  (84 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:47 EST    289 of 433
C_I_N #287 thought for a minute riffs favourite hair piece had come back from the dry cleaner.
#288 hope thats not suggesting you are well hung.
any way back to topic . I once used a recycled box that had contained a rescued injured rabbit and the buyer accused me of trying to save a "buck"

s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:49 EST    290 of 433
All that time spent sourcing, practicing and posting pretty pictures on HTML have served you well.

inbrrd. I have every authority. It's my right! My privilege!

and despite the lament to stop feeding, what else would you all be doing on a Sunday night? any night for that matter.

eBay should pay me a retainer.

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:49 EST    291 of 433
It did not take long to revert to type. It appears that you believe yourself to be on a higher plane than others and believe you are the moral arbiter of what is a justified or non-justified post. Get over yourself BS and stop your unjustified arrogance. If you cannot contribute in a more pleasant way on this thread - then why bother? I suspect it is YOU who cannot resist posting, despite your frequent 'orders' to previously to 'stay on topic'. It might be a good idea to go and file your nails elsewhere!

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:53 EST    292 of 433
what else would you all be doing on a Sunday night?

Perhaps you would be well advised to find something else to do as since your return the tone of the thread has gone downhill very quickly. Pity because it was quite an interesting discussion.

wheels2spin  (103 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:54 EST    293 of 433
This Thread Is Worthless Without Pics

d*s*  (12948 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:54 EST    294 of 433
Hi s*b*

I love your posts and it is great to see someone post the truth about this forum, take care and all the best :-x

s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:57 EST    295 of 433
mtlane. you were the very person who disrupted the thread and thought it pertinent to praise my contribution. he giveth and he taketh away.

May I suggest to you mtnlane that you are not in a position to comment or direct anything. or anyone in RT.

As I've repeated many times, no-one asks ANYONE to respond to my posts or even read them.

Everyone has a right to an opinion, no-one is forced to agree.

debra9275  (1473 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:58 EST    296 of 433
I once received an item in a wine cask, but that was OK with me. I always save boxes so that I can recycle them, not food boxes though.

Small boxes are harder to come by, so maybe that's why the seller used a chicken nuggets box, in an attempt to keep the postage cost down for the buyer. I wouldn't recommend it though. Many sellers will take out a pair of scissors and snip a box right down where possible.

A bit more work, yes, but definitely a cost saving exercise.

*riff*raff*  (2 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 21:59 EST    297 of 433
Ok Babs. You earned it. I haven't given one away for a while.

We have a winner!!!

complete_it_now  (724 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:00 EST    298 of 433
Oh, peggy, we missed you!


lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:03 EST    299 of 433
Boy if being a vegan make you arguenmentive, I will stick to meat LOL.
Are Chicken nuggets really food that is the question, I thought they where just rubber coated with saw dust and I do not consider that food

alex*kye  (588 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:04 EST    300 of 433

6101fe  (84 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:10 EST    301 of 433
#294 d*s*, is it coincidence that she happend to attend one of your Ebay couses perhaps ?

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:10 EST    302 of 433
Are you going to mail it in a chicken nugget box *riff*raff* :^O

s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:10 EST    303 of 433
d*s*. thank you.

thank you riff*raff.

I doubt there is much chicken meat in chicken nuggets. My compassion is equally divided. The chicken donating its flesh and the consumer donating good health.

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:11 EST    304 of 433
d*s* #294.

It's a bit late to try to come to Bab's aid. Babs has done irretrievable damage to her credibility but, I guess blood is thicker than water!

dhill237  (514 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:11 EST    305 of 433
Lionrose! Iw as thinking that...chicken nuggets taste nothing like chicken anyhoo! Rubber chunks...with crusty floor crumbs as coating!:^O

Also-Is it just me..or a few posts back, did I notice a trouble stirring comment? I won't mention names, I'd get slapped into infinity!! LOL!!

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:12 EST    306 of 433
its a 'matter of a pinion' ;)

alex*kye  (588 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:14 EST    307 of 433
#294 d*s*, is it coincidence that she happend to attend one of your Ebay couses perhaps ?

Where is that?

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:15 EST    308 of 433
sorry did not spell check LOL

leggiadro_viso  (0 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:17 EST    309 of 433
I wonder what could possess someone to continue to post in a forum that holds them in unanimous contempt. Surely that's the epitome of psychosis.

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:19 EST    310 of 433
DEB YOU know by now any one we disagree with, the lurker troll these days will side with that party, so transparent LOL

alex*kye  (588 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:20 EST    311 of 433
Who or what are you referring to please leggiadro?

I haven't read all the posts here.

dhill237  (514 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:22 EST    312 of 433
#309..Signs of a sad, lonely, non-eventful life I would say...

As far as the boxes go- as long as my item gets to me in one piece, then I don't care what the box started out as!

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:23 EST    313 of 433
legg that is the beauty of freedom of speech, we dont have much of this on ebay LOL Let them go I say, get it off their chest, that way they may not hit someone over the head in the super market

s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:26 EST    314 of 433
inbrrd. Here I was thinking that you'd have been satisfied on the homefront, with all that talent, but you still insist on spending time in front of a computer.

No-one is coming to "my aid". Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Even on packaging and chicken nuggets.

unanimous contempt? no not all of them, there were in fact some very intelligent and thoughtful responders earlier on.

alex*kye  (588 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:34 EST    315 of 433
Did you attend a course of d*s*'s s*b*?

Someone earlier said you did??? Confused.

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:35 EST    316 of 433
babs. #314.

"unanimous contempt".

You have addressed the above post to me but I do not see, in any of my posts, where I have used the words "unanimous contempt".

Get your facts right!

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:37 EST    317 of 433
Or Glasses

complete_it_now  (724 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:42 EST    318 of 433
Looks like the recruitment drive has been in full swing.

Nevertheless, I would hazard a guess that someone 'forgot' to log out of their PowerSeller ID and into their posting ID.


s*b*  (1665 ) View Listings | Report    01-03-09 22:47 EST    319 of 433
you're right inbrrd. that was 6121fe. All insignificant posts and their authors blend after awhile.

Well that explains it anyway.

s*b (1677) (345 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:00

Really complete_it_now. But you didn't recognise his product? Seems strange. and your partner? Did he buy any from Richard?

mtnlane (82) (346 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:01

doubtful on all counts fluffy*duckee :^O:^O:^O

Have no fear though - you will not end up in a chicken nugget box!

complete_it_now (831) (347 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:02

Yes, actually he did. We both purchased for our wives, s*b.

s*b (1677) (348 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:04

Oh I see complete_it_now. Of course you did. Only travel companions. *winks*

complete_it_now (831) (349 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:06


Yes, that's right.

6101fe (87) (350 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:07

C_I_N dont mention his name is BEN DOVER or she will get the wrong idea

fluffy*duckee (Private) (351 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:11

mtnlane. Of course not. It would have to be a duck nugget box!! :O

Come on Saint Barbara. You must be doing/saying these things as a windup. No-one would say the things you do and actually mean/believe them?

s*b (1677) (352 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:11

I'm sure I don't have the wrong idea. His interest in makeup and jewellery said it all. It's alright. He's in the spirit of the season. *smiles*

Nice name for the "partner", now isn't it?

lionrose.7 (1986) (353 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:12

Moo ]:)

s*b (1677) (354 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:13

fluffy*duckee. My posts are subject to interpretation. If you believe they are for wind-up? Fair enough.

I'm not asking for commentary, criticism, praise or even responses.

6101fe (87) (355 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:13

His previous partner was Phil Mccraken
a-llama (Private) (356 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:17

Yes it IS uncanny, eh?

Happy 2008

mtnlane (82) (357 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:20

The 'spitting' image llama :^O:^O:^O

bliss*charms (1797) (358 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:21

Hello my lovely LLama :)

s*b (1677) (359 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:21

I just wonder if that will be enough to "push it over the edge". I can only try now can't I? With intent should do it.

6101fe. I don't doubt it.

bliss*charms (1797) (330 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:39

It's uncanny

complete_it_now (831)(331 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:41

I honestly tried applying it according to the directions...

cheer make up gone bad!! Pictures, Images and Photos

lionrose.7 (1986) (332 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:41

strange do we have another drinker here, someone would have to be tipsey to be so nasty, disrepectful and just plain feral

complete_it_now (831) (333 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:44

Just one thing, BABS...

Did you get those beads on the Jerry Springer Show?

Oh i just got sum jerry beads and never put my shirt back on lookin ass Pictures, Images and Photos

s*b (1677) (334 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:48

bliss*charms. Wonderful posting, and so topical given Heath Ledger's win at the Oscars.

All he really needs, is some cheap jewellery to make him truly grotesque. *winks*

mtnlane (82) (335 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:48


Seems to be a Sunday ritual complete_it_now! I wonder whether vegans would object to listening to this ;)

fluffy*duckee (Private) (336 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:51

I feel like I'm having a schizophrenic experience. I alternate between laughing and irritation.

:^O :_|:^O :_| ?:| :O :( :^O X-( :-D :^O :) :^O :^O :_|

complete_it_now (831) (337 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:52


I recognised a few faces running down the road, too.


s*b (1677) (338 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:53

Aren't I beautiful complete_it_now. Everyone seems to think so. Thank you for taking the time to admire me. I'll post a new "image" every day for your viewing pleasure.

The "beads" (although I don't expect you to know) are Paspaley pearls. About the largest they "make". Google.

mtnlane (82) (339 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:53

Helllllllo fluffy*duckee

I doubt it was the thought of a chicken nugget box that caused that either! :^O

fluffy*duckee (Private) (340 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:54

s*b. I don't know why you think you are the example of the ultimate poster on the RT. My experience with you is that you pick on little defenseless duckies.


bliss*charms (1797) (341 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:55

Oh ok SB

I'll BRB

lionrose.7 (1986) (342 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:56

fluffy :^O

complete_it_now (831) (343 of 739)
1/03/2009 23:58

I actually know Richard personally. My partner and I met him when we were last in Darwin not all that long ago.

s*b (1677) Posts: 547 (344 of 739) 1/03/2009 23:59

fluffy. If you say so. you may well be beefy for all I know. Now if I could trust you to be a new and genuine poster? I'm sure I could be pleasant.

Anyway. Hopefully RT in its current form, will be long gone in the near future and BRB constituting a post will somehow not be incorporated into the format.

mtnlane (82) (360 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:24

My posts are subject to interpretation.

Undoubtedly YOU would know all about INTENT

bliss*charms (1797) (361 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:33

Many would view racist & homophobic comments as harrassment too

- it's some feat, to be able to dig your own grave & fashion a noose at the same time, but you're nearly done

tahns710 (75) (362 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:37


Most folks assume that a chicken nugget is just a piece of fried chicken, right? Wrong! Did you know, for example, that a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget is 56% corn?

lionrose.7 (1986) (363 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:39

saint For a person that thinks they are being harassed you have certainly egged people on and have been nasty.
I am sure many here fell harassesd by you.
You have said aleast 10 reportable things and know one here has reported you.

lionrose.7 (1986) (364 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:40

Really corn and i thought they tasted like rubber.

ubbrd (946) (365 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:41

bliss*charms #384.

Spot on. It's call defamation & in this case Libel as it's the written word as distinct from slander which is the spoken word.

Defamation is dealt with in court to the civil standard of proof, balance of probability, unlike criminal matters which require proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the libeled poster wants to take legal action it would be advisable to take a copy of the pages containing the defamatory posts as I think Ebay will remove them pretty quickly.

tahns710 (75) (366 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:42

Rushing off to check what the corn is made of now.......:-p

a-llama (Private) (367 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:47

Tut tut tut X-(

You all must fear the wrath of...

Who's the GO7 - that's the $64,000 question

s*b (1677) (368 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:47

tahns710. thank you. Very interesting link regarding the level of corn additive/fillers in foods. Corn and by-products are prevalent in nearly every processed food, including syrups in drinks. 38 ingredients (including synthetic) to make a "chicken nugget".

Fresh is best.

smeeagain61 (14) (369 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:50

McDonalds chicken nuggets do contain a small % of actual chicken albeit the feathers and occassional piece of comb

s*b (1677) (370 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:52

bliss*charms. I call it as I see it. You have had the option to ignore, which would have been your best course of action.

smeeagain61 (14) (371 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:53

and anyway BLISS my dads bigger than your dad
so na na na na nah

gralbow (5931) (372 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:54

Sb - it must be all those little voices you hear - we do not.

You have been the only poster repeatedly advocating the closing of the Round Table.

The Power of One only works in novels - sorry :-x

bliss*charms (1797) (373 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:54

#393 Smee - it was just in the past 12mths or so, that McDonalds started advertising their chicken meals, as being made with 'real chicken',
which did give a great deal of thought of what on earth were they made from before

tahns710 (75) (374 of 739)
2/03/2009 00:54

Want to find out what's in those Maccas the kids are eating:(


mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report      02-03-09 19:04 EST      440 of 742
It sure has been causing you a lot of problems today it seems m*o*, judging by another thread on the RT.

Back to the topic ........
If I had any issues such as those expressed to the OP by their buyer, I would certainly email them BEFOREHAND to enquire politely what sort of packaging they used. Forewarned is forearmed but I would not expect them to include any preferences peculiar to an individual in their terms of sale.

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 19:09 EST    441 of 742
s*b* #460

I see you are persisting with the not so subtle misspelling of my user name.

Others have expressed concern (to me) that it is "hate speech" & in poor taste.

ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 19:50 EST    442 of 742
G'day Beefy #461.

Very interesting, could explain a lot.

fluffy*duckee  (0 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 20:07 EST    443 of 742
Beefy!!! #443. Yummmmmm.

Sounds wonderful. Us ducks are very partial to lamb.

Bliss. I love your emoticons!! Fav is the manicure one yesterday.

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 20:24 EST    444 of 742
I keep coming back to this thread in the hope that someone will get this thread back on topic,silly me hey.
OP,Does anyone else use recycled boxes? If you do do you state it in your listings?,
all of my packaging is recycled,i source boxes of all shapes and sizes where ever i can,as long as it is good clean strong cardboard i don't care what it's previous use was.
no i do not put this in my listings and i always get great feedback for my packaging.

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 20:29 EST    445 of 742

Would you consider a request from a buyer to refrain from using a particular type of box for their purchase reasonable? Seems that if a request is made a seller would generally make every effort to meet a buyer's request if it is reasonable.

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 20:44 EST    446 of 742
yes,i would make every effort to please the customer,that is just good business practice i would think,infact since i have been reading this thread i am considering adding in my listings something like,if you have any special needs or requests for packaging please contact me and i will do my best to accomodate your needs.

all_my_eye_and_peggy_martin  (Private ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 20:54 EST    447 of 742
Some questions don't need to be asked, if you find it acceptable that eBay purchases be posted in boxes that once contained perishable goods then this ultimately degrades the site.

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 20:56 EST    448 of 742
at the start of this thread i just thought "pftt" what a joke,but after reading all the for and against debates i can see both sides of the debates points of view.
most people don't like things they don't understand but once they are educated on them,they can understand them.

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 21:11 EST    449 of 742
I should have added to post 472 that i don't use food cartons or boxes.

abigneed  (2714 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 21:18 EST    450 of 742

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:18 EST    451 of 742
Peggy I find that shocking, we don't do that here, If you do not like complete it now posts don't read them. Shane is trying to get rid of malicious reporting and I feel that is what you did, in fact it looks like you are trolling him TTT

all_my_eye_and_peggy_martin  (Private ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:26 EST    452 of 742
It is not malicious

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:29 EST    453 of 742
Yes it is i hope complete sends your post to shane and reports it as such, I am disgusted with this sort of reporting

putney32  (2680 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:47 EST    454 of 742
I too used recycled cardboard boxes but I try to stay away from foodstuffs, and definately never perishables. Sometimes I use breakfast cereal boxes, I get good clean, boxes from the chemist too, many with NO writing on them at all, just peelable labels (cosmetics mainly), Bunnings and Mitre 10 Hardware are also good sources of smaller size, sturdy empty boxes.

(some even the size that fits in a 500gr satchel)

gralbow  (5839 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:49 EST    455 of 742

Idiom Definitions for 'All my eye and Peggy Martin'

An idiom that appears to have gone out of use but was prevalent in the English north Midlands of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire from at least the turn of the 20th century until the early 1950s or so.

The idiom's meaning is literally something said or written that is unbelievable, rumor, over embellished, the result of malicious village gossip etc.

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:51 EST    456 of 742
gralbow how appropriate

beefy59111  (47 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:52 EST    457 of 742
Little tip for good boxes for posting small to medium items.

Get talking with one of the local shoe shops, you will find they have supplies of empty shoe boxes you can use for postage. B-)

Another good place for boxes are those $2 cheap shops, they have many varied sizes you could use.

All it takes is a little friendly conversation with the right person.

brumbymg  (81 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:52 EST    458 of 742
Back to the subject at hand....


(Technically, we are actually RE-USING here. Recycling entails re-manufacturing from pulp.)

After checking aeveral supermarkets in the area for suitable cardboard, I have located an excellent source. Fortunately, the choice material is in the form of outer cartons and trays holding toilet paper, tissues, paper napkins and disposable nappies, so product apprehension is minimal.

Also, the store staff are VERY happy for me to take as much of it as I care to - it saves them the work of clearing it up.

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:55 EST    459 of 742
I find the post office boxes are just the wrong size, they are never high enough, I got a gtreat one from NZ which was square and a great size, i think the post office makes them like that so you have to buy the bigger boxes and use more stuffing

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 22:56 EST    460 of 742
I am a Bubble wrap and Box squirrel LOL

brumbymg  (81 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:00 EST    461 of 742
... and pray they don't CUBE the postage on you.

19becky65  (702 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:01 EST    462 of 742
just keep it under a kilo;)

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:02 EST    463 of 742

Given that shoe boxes could have contained leather products would you feel the need to check with the buyer to establish whether there would be any problem in using them for those vegetarians who may be offended by them?

I have no idea whether vegetarians would object to leather in shoes and handbags! I know that is taking it a bit far - but one never knows ;)

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:06 EST    464 of 742
I pointed out to a vegetarian once that she wore leather shoes and had leather handbags, she was not happy

beefy59111  (47 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:06 EST    465 of 742
lol mtnlane.

I suggest any vegetarian who complains about shoe boxes that contained leather shoes, should be given the option of recycled chicken nugget boxes.

I'm really tired of these vegans and vegetarians, I think I'll go eat one now. ;) between wholemeal bread of course.

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:07 EST    466 of 742
That is why I asked lionrose.7 :-D

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:08 EST    467 of 742
lol beefy
Sounds like a good idea - enjoy!

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:10 EST    468 of 742
Sheep skin car seats to, poor sheep had to die for that LOL

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:11 EST    469 of 742
complete_it_now, post # 477 there are 2 sides of 2 different debates going on in this thread,the first was very interesting and informative and very funny at times,the second very quickly turned into a S**t slinging match,as the OP said in a earlier post (around the mid 430's) very disapointing.
putney32,post 483,i source most of my cardboard from used packing boxes and most of my smaller boxes from family,inlaws and friends.

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:33 EST    470 of 742
i should add that the second debate was also interesting and informative and also very funny at times,but in a very different way.

fluffy*duckee  (0 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:53 EST    471 of 742
When I first read this thread, I didn't think the issue of recycled boxes applied to me, because as a seller, I have never used recycled, but charge for supplying new packaging, which in the line of business I am in, people are willing to pay. As a buyer, I have only received items in new packaging. However all items bought and sold have been smallish, so there has been no need to look for a suitable cubed or larger volume container.

I then thought about would I like to receive a used chicken nugget box if I bought something. The answer is as long as it wasn't defiled by chicken or crumbs, I wouldn't mind, as long as the postage cost and wrapping reflected the packaging. In fact, I would be very happy because I had received my goods in good order, well wrapped and hey I made a saving on the postage.

I am not a vegetarian so I have no issues myself with receiving such a box. However, if I had the need to supply such a box to a buyer, as a seller, I think I would maybe wrap the box in plain paper if I could and leave a note in the box, that the chicken nuggets had not touched the actual box for the buyer just in case they were a bit ataken back by the box. If after all this, the buyer was offended by the box, I would apologise to them, to keep the peace, but would secretly think they were being a bit precious and probably come and tell all you guys about it.

What do I think about people being easily offended by such things? Well I think to some degree we must try to be a little bit sensitive to others differences, but believe that they in turn have no right to shove their self righteous beliefs down our throats whilst still being entitled to their opinions, just like I am entitled to mine. :)

fluffy*duckee  (0 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:54 EST    472 of 742
Snipe!! 500!!:^O

countessalmirena  (121 ) View Listings | Report    02-03-09 23:59 EST    473 of 742
Can I ask people with packing experience a question?

Is newspaper of any use at all in packaging, to protect an item? I've often wondered.

lionrose.7  (1961 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:15 EST    474 of 742
I get lots of stuff wrapped in newspaper, as long as it has bubble wrap as well i don't mind and if the news paper is from another state or country I enjoy reading it.
I find newspaper is often used for stuffing the box to stop movement, my pet hate is shredded paper , as i unwrap it goes every where usually when i have just vacuumed

19becky65  (702 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:17 EST    475 of 742
countessa...I have found scrunched up paper is pretty good(as long as fairly firmly packed and totally surrounding the item )but if you just wrap the item it provides next to no protection.....bubble wrap is my first choice..

I had a decorative plate arrive in an envelope once(yes...not a envelope....not even a tuff one)just 2 layers of newspaper wrapped around the plate and the paper envelope.
big crack right through the middle.....totally stuffed.

seller was very "surprised".......I was surprised it was only in 2 pieces not 6.....unbelievable..:| .

s*b*  (1667 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:24 EST    476 of 742
So wonderful to see you all on topic and enjoying the packaging debate.

smeeagain61  (12 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:24 EST    477 of 742
I think the packaging really depends on the fragility(if thats a word) of the item you are posting.
I sell mainly china or collectable glass etc and to ensure it gets there in one piece I use bubble wrap to individually wrap each item and then use foam or screwed up paper to stop rattling, moving , rubbing against each other type protection. However I have also sold metal belt buckles so the same amount of protection is not required. The main thing is all reasonable precaution and protection is taken to get item there in despatched condition and the buyers obviously appreciate it as that is their main objective also.

fluffy*duckee  (0 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:31 EST    478 of 742
I agree Smee. It is really horses for courses and at the end of day, the buyer just wants their item to arrive in the condition they are expecting and what it is packed in is second to how effectively it is packed.

Becky it is hard to imagine how someone could image an item would arrive in one piece if packaged like that. Common sense says it wouldn't survive.

19becky65  (702 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:34 EST    479 of 742
fluffy....yep...common sense is a rare commodity at times:^O:^O

ooohhhhh...your little ducky is sooooo cute:-x

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:34 EST    480 of 645
I once received a piece of carnival glass (that the seller did not want to sell to me because of the price she got)wrapped in one layer of bubble wrap in a plastic prepaid sachet, I could not believe it arrived in one piece, strangely i was put off the bowl and resold it

19becky65  (700 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:35 EST    481 of 645
did you get more than you paid lionrose?

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:45 EST    482 of 645
fortunately my partner is a bubble wrap freak,she has boxes and boxes of it,i have at least 2-3 big cartons of small boxes,sheets of cardboard etc so we never have any problems packaging well.

appleangel07  (361 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 00:59 EST    483 of 645
SB step away from the computer,take 3 deep breaths and say gggooooosssseerrraaarrrbbbaaa,anger management,good movie that,chill out.

gcmc23wu5  (173 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 01:10 EST    484 of 645
It was pretty clear that this one was headed south days ago but it's amazing how out of shape these things can get.

Probably time for it to go as suggested. There's some nasty stuff here but I think it's the perceived captive audience that is the attraction.

Folk at large are likely too fleet of foot and keen of eye to be trapped so an outlet is required.

I can imagine the "OH jeez, not again" and the ducking into a shop front or behind a bus until the danger passes.

Strangely, I can still feel some sympathy for these types even in spite of the elevated position they afford themselves and the nasty nature that they can actually be quite proud of.

I think mainly because it is born of some type of rejection or abuse and I know that they are always going to be the biggest victim of their own persona and behaviour.

They are really only damaged souls of varying degree but I must admit the sympathy does tend to wear pretty thin at times.

And are we having posts reported now by new members with (private) dodgy unreciprocated feedback all collected ( within 10 minutes ) on the member's first day by purchasing 50c items from several cross dealing feedback generator type sellers ?

Are these IDs still used regularly for mischief on the boards as well as in their main role as tools for dodgy dealing ?

Just trying to keep up to date with current trends is all.

llama-spit  (Private ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 01:30 EST    485 of 645
And are we having posts reported now by new members with (private) dodgy unreciprocated feedback all collected ( within 10 minutes ) on the member's first day by purchasing 50c items from several cross dealing feedback generator type sellers ?

Just an old hand, attempting to hide themself.

Many have noticed the blatent feedback manipulation, and I'd reckon that most IDs displaying such attributes are destined for both of the "uses" that you suggest, gcmc.

Who's the GO7 - that's the $64,000 question

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 02:49 EST    486 of 645
SB 03-03-09 00:38 EST 507 of 512

Please stay on topic. Failure to do so may well result in your post being reported.

cq_tech  (111 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 04:53 EST    487 of 645
Crikey, seems we've lost another 5 posts just in the last 2 hours alone. :O

I have kleptomania, but when it gets bad I take something for it.

primaryaim  (1926 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 07:00 EST    488 of 645
As a buyer I always found it annoying to open a box and have shredded paper or foam peanuts spill everywhere.

Therefore as a seller, whenever I need to use these I put them very loosely in a plastic shopping bag, or two or three, and manipulate them around the article. Voila, no mess for the receiver (excuse the French).

I source my boxes from the large hardware stores. They have wire cages at the front of each store and hundreds of varied sizes. Plus, they smile as you take them away.

If the boxes are printed I don't waste resources covering them in brown paper, I turn them inside out. This does not take long and gives a plain, more professional looking exterior.

Although I understand some sellers might feel the need to use recycled food boxes and some buyers won't mind, after receiving an item in a used pizza box, no food or stains but I could smell it, I decided I would never send anything in a food related box.

putney32  (2678 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 07:59 EST    489 of 645
I had a parcel 'go missing' once. I told the buyer to check at PO, she said she had. I said, please ask again at the PO today and tell them its a SHOEBOX, wrapped in brown paper.
she emails that afternoon... all good, parcel was at the PO.!!!
the PO clerk said I usually get satchels with my ebay purchases so he only checked out the back for a red and white satchel!!!!!!

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr PO staff

countessalmirena  (121 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 08:04 EST    490 of 645
Sending an item in a box imbued with the smell of foodstuffs (or of anything - I imagine some boxes that had contained ink might have a noticeable smell) would not be a good idea, especially when sending clothing or books (both of which readily become infused with the scent of whatever is near).

I cannot imagine that a carton in which sealed food in a plastic bag was contained would have anything of a smell, of course. But a pizza box, yes - definitely a no-no!
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ubbrd  (946 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 08:23 EST    491 of 645
G'day Beefy. #483.

Good one, except I don't like wholemeal bread.

On another note, I have never cared what sort of box or carton my gear was packaged in as long as it was packed well enough to avoid damage in transit. I still don't care.

complete_it_now  (732 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 08:29 EST    492 of 645
Flight Q666 to eBali, now boarding.

Sorry, missed the plane!


debra9275  (1474 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 08:41 EST    493 of 645
Nice to see you Complete ?:|

and I think it's important that recycled packaging which I try to use as much as possible, needs to be absolutely spic,n,span, clean.

llama-spit  (Private ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 09:02 EST    494 of 645
Sorry, missed the plane!

I sure hope that you have "reported" that, Complete. :^O

Who's the GO7 - that's the $64,000 question

complete_it_now  (732 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 09:06 EST    495 of 645
I will roll up the Chicken Nugget box into something resembling a trumpet (I like to recycle packaging) and self-report. ;)

bliss*charms  (1787 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 09:34 EST    496 of 645
Good to see the nice posters are still here :)

Complete, I doubt you'd get a seat. Hopefully sanity has prevailed in the Liveworld offices, & that flight was a special charter for a passenger of one.

I made my monsters chicken fillet burgers on the weekend - opening a box of frozen pieces - debated for a quiet a while whether to save the carton for ebay items.

Whether to be EC & not be PC,

and whether it would improve my DSRs, if I enclosed the jewellery gift boxes within chicken fillets or tender boxes

tamsy72  (1442 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 09:45 EST    497 of 645
I'm so sorry you missed the plane complete :( Don't stress, there's another flight out tomorrow morning :)

If you post innocent, yet opposing opinions on any topic at around 10pm through till approx 2am, you'll be sure to get a seat ;)

putney32  (2678 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 09:49 EST    498 of 645
I just hope the Patron Saint of Prisoners is able to assist our friends in need.

everyone needs a Saint in their lives, but I think I'll just stick with Christopher and Patrick,
one guides my travelling
the other keeps the snakes away!


complete_it_now  (732 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:08 EST    499 of 645

Yes, it was quite distressing to say the least. ;)

Although I did use my Chicken Nugget box that I now carry around with me. I turned it inside out and ran it through my printer (I even recycle my printer cartridges and refill them with quality ink) and printed out a painting of our patron saint of prisoners. It would appear that she was, indeed, a prisoner herself at various points in her life.

llama-spit  (Private ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:15 EST    500 of 645
Effective immediately, all sellers are required to only use this form of packaging...

Who's the GO7 - that's the $64,000 question

bliss*charms  (1787 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:19 EST    501 of 645

That's shocking Llama. Chicken nuggets are actually made of Vegetarians - eewwww

Extra frightening, if you ever find a whole or piece of Paspaley pearl in one

complete_it_now  (732 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:22 EST    502 of 645

bliss*charms !

tamsy72  (1442 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:23 EST    503 of 645
Yes, I did read that Complete :) Very obvious 'father' issues also :(

Llama :^O

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:26 EST    504 of 645

Great to see your friendly faces around this morning :)
Talking about recycling - there are some things which definately should NOT be recycled lol

As long as I get my purchases in good condition I really do not mind what anyone uses to package them up but think I might draw the line at used pizza boxes for sure.

Pearls are for tears bliss - but I for one am not crying lol ;)

llama-spit  (Private ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:38 EST    505 of 645
Extra frightening, if you ever find a whole or piece of Paspaley pearl in one

It's generally only the diamonds and sapphires that remain undamaged by the mincing process.

Who's the GO7 - that's the $64,000 question

putney32  (2678 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:46 EST    506 of 645
It's generally only the diamonds and sapphires that remain undamaged by the mincing process.

oh no they survive mincing, and turn up on tv in ads for 'quality jewellery' $199 for a diamond ring type ads!!!

bliss*charms  (1787 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 10:48 EST    507 of 645
:^O Given the gall displayed, what about those stones?

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 11:08 EST    508 of 645
Sorry I am late as well, had to read all my emails from ebay mads, enough to fit in to a chicken nugget box. very interesting to see how people bait then report.
I sometime raid my boxes from the back of shopping centres in the big wire carriers.
so if you see a little blonde hanging over the side of one of these it is me.

lionrose.7  (1960 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 11:09 EST    509 of 645
mads=mods now there is a slip LOL

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 12:25 EST    510 of 645
Maybe they were 're-cycled' becky :^O

complete_it_now  (732 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 12:27 EST    511 of 645
Cart some of their posts away? Yes, it appears so.

Goose...gander springs to mind.

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 12:30 EST    512 of 645
Frozen goose nugget boxes??????? ;)

mtnlane  (82 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 12:31 EST    513 of 645
hahahah complete - just noticed your pic - love it!!!!!!!
an 'incomplete' meal!!!!!

19becky65  (700 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 12:32 EST    514 of 645
stop teasing and fill me in!

ooohhh that sounds rude...I mean what did I miss??

jaaatz5  (Private ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 13:10 EST    515 of 645
I had a box situation happen to me.

Think it must have been around 8-9 years ago, at the height of the BSE (Mad Cow Disease) time in Europe. I purchased an item from a seller in Germany, they posted it in a dry dog food box, Australian Quarantine, unpacked it, repacked it in another box, destroyed the dog box and sent me a formal letter to inform the sender that no food boxes, no fruit and veg boxes can be sent into Australia.

I'm really not sure how a frozen chicken box can be used, I looked at mine and they are still awful and they have been in the freezer and get moisture in them.

did647  (221 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 13:15 EST    516 of 645
Well I'm shocked by how many people buy frozen chicken meals !!:^O

I'm a big recycler, I don't buy new packaging. I use what I have received, actually got a great lot from someone moving into the area recently. :) I do use newspaper but not in direct contact with anything. Egg cartons are great !! Really small thing can go in them and broken up they make great insulation.
I do use shredded paper but might have to rethink that one. I am a little wary of using food packaging after seeing a post about breakfast cereal and allergies.

19becky65  (700 ) View Listings | Report    03-03-09 13:23 EST    517 of 645
just to clear up any confusion.

the op used the outer packing carton that holds the "presentation" bags of nuggets not the actual packaging from a box of chicket nuggets....the hard brown cardboard outer packing box (that the truck driver would handle....)

Inghams and Steggles package most of their nuggets in bags for sale not so many in boxes nowadays.....some are very nice 100% breast meat with tempura batter....yummy:-D.

you can fit alot more in the freezer if things are in bags instead of boxes...

da_ewok (125) (570 of 739)
3/03/2009 23:48

don;t forget the batteries - not covered under insurance AND only a life span of 5-7 IF looked after correctly

How are they going to re-use those?

No recycled packaging in that unfortunately and people think that green is always better - sometimes not - only the idealogy behind the idea!

da_ewok (125) (571 of 739)
3/03/2009 23:49

5-7 years! - I was meant to go bed - just shows why doesn't it? LOL

Night all

bentsuz105 (665) (572 of 739)
4/03/2009 08:39

I've heard of a new car underway. It uses a totally different power source - hydrogen. It mixes with oxygen and the residue that comes out is H2O. I believe they're having trouble compacting the hydrogen for storage and filling. Don't know anything about the greenness of their manufacturing though.

mtnlane (82) (573 of 739)
4/03/2009 11:42

It appears that packaging and recycling are of considerable interest to eBayers:


I do hope this thread remains as there have been some enlightening and amusing perspectives on this very topic.

countessalmirena (126) (574 of 739)
4/03/2009 11:49

It's an informative and often very funny thread, agreed. I don't like threads like this being used as an agenda-bearing assault weapon, but it's good to see it's been kept on track for the most part.

What do you think about the issue of business image, though, with regard to recycled packaging? Would using a chicken nugget box, for instance, affect the perception of a seller, if the seller is a business?

(Of course I am not referring to the hobby sellers...)

gcmc23wu5 (173) (575 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:02

"I've heard of a new car underway. It uses a totally different power source - hydrogen. It mixes with oxygen and the residue that comes out is H2O. I believe they're having trouble compacting the hydrogen for storage and filling. Don't know anything about the greenness of their manufacturing though."
Yes, they are already on the road. Honda have one and I think BMW are there or close. They are on the road in the US and Japan also I think.
Hydgogen reaction is used to charge lithium batteries to drive the electric motor. It also used kinetic energy capture by collecting and storing the energy generated by the car's braking.

mtnlane (82) (576 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:04

I have no objection to the use of recycled packaging from either a business or a hobby seller - both in their own way are doing something positive to keep the costs down whilst caring for the environment. As long as my purchase arrived in good condition I would not object, however, I would not particularly like residual foodstuffs included in the parcel. My response would be predicated on the individual transaction rather than making a blanket judgement on all such matters. At the outset, if I felt particularly strongly about something I would contact the seller to establish some ground rules before the completion of the transaction.

ubbrd (946) (577 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:04

G'day. I don't think a professional seller would be wise to use a food carton (fresh foods) unless of course the seller was selling food.

Some buyers may form a "cheapskate" perception of the seller.

I personally don't care what any gear sent to me is packaged in as long as it is securely & safely packaged.

ubbrd (946) (578 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:21

Further to my comment at #591 I remember the days (I was only a kid then) when plastic bags didn't exist in supermarkets or grocery stores. Purchases were generally packed into cardboard cartons.

These cartons could have originally carried any type of product from meat products to fruit & vegetables. I don't recall anyone complaining then.

mtnlane (82) (579 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:25

Bring back the old 'string' bag!!!!! ;)

appleangel07 (363) (580 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:32

Yes i agree this thread has been informative and funny,i think most full on businesses would not be game to use recycled food stuffs packaging as their professionalism would be scrutinized,but if they used non perishable(food stuffs) recycled packaging i think people would see the good in that.
this thread did go into melt down for quite a while,genuinly interested posters were just being completely ignored in most of the last half of this thread while others just went about(it seemed ) their own private little group discussion.

bliss*charms (1798) (581 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:33

You can't sneak choccie bars & potato crisps past the kids in string bags.

Secret treats have to be well hidden in an opaque bag under the vegies or cleaning supplies

ubbrd (946) (582 of 739) 4/03/2009 12:43

appleangel07 04-03-09 12:32 EST 594 of 595
"this thread did go into melt down"

I agree. I, like many others became fed up with the nature of the posts of one particular poster. We were wrong to retaliate & should have ignored the antagonistic posts. I'm normally a much more tolerant person but I let frustration get the better of me in this case.

mtnlane (82) (583 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:45

hahaha bliss*charms - very true. But I have seen more modern 'string' bags with an opaque lining obviously designed for just that purpose. The wonders of 'advanced' thinking eh?:)

countessalmirena (126) (584 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:50

New Advanced String Bags - with lining!

mtnlane (82) (585 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:51

ubbrd - is 'turn the other cheek' considered 'recycling'? When there is obvious baiting such as I observed on this thread, particularly in relation to the intentional mis-spelling of your name, to let that post remain is offensive to you and other users.

Anyway - back to the topic! Remainder food-stuffs in packaging, whether animal or vegetable is obviously careless and unacceptable to most!

mtnlane (82) (586 of 739)
4/03/2009 12:59

:-D - is a smile of lesser value if it is 're-cycled'?

saint_phoebe (1043) (587 of 739)
4/03/2009 13:05

Only if you're inhaling finger-nail dust while you do it, Mtn:-D

mtnlane (82) (588 of 739)
4/03/2009 13:25

:^O :^O missphoebe61

I will remember that thanks! I will also make sure none of the residual dust ends up in packaging as it would no doubt be offensive to many buyers! That is taking re-cycling to the extreme I think although the DNA could prove of some value for those who may be interested in 'voodoo dolls' ;)

bentsuz105 (665) (589 of 739)
4/03/2009 13:33

Thanks for confirming the car gcmc23wu5. It's very exciting. We'll be looking for a new car in the next couple of years, maybe we'll be able to buy one I won't be cringing about.

phorum_junkie* (87) (590 of 739)
4/03/2009 15:50

I am going over to meat only diet.

All this has reminded me of an old gramaphone record (yes it was that long ago) of my mother's that went something like:

Don’t be cruel to a vegetabule;
Don’t forget—a lettuce has a heart.
If you please, don’t split peas
Just because they’re tasty to the tongue
And when you're eating Brussel sprouts
You’re robbing a cabbage of its young.

ubbrd (946) (591 of 739)
4/03/2009 16:54


I was reading a fly fishing forum & came across this comment

"Vegetarian" is an Indian word for "bad hunter"

I think it is a funny comment & worth sharing.

appleangel07 (363) (592 of 739)
4/03/2009 17:30

ubbrd 04-03-09 12:43 EST 596 of 605
I can totally understand your anger at said poster,misspelling your ID was rude,insulting and very childish,i to have had problems with said poster in the past,under a different ID to here,i got very frustrated with it and earn myself a couple of slaps for it,pulling post and reporting-very un-cool.
When i was about 18 i worked at a meatworks(that will upset the vegans & vegetarians),i was just a knife hand and one of the butchers was always giving us young blokes a hard time,another worker noticed this and came to us at smoko time and said if you can just smile at him and ignore his stirring ect,by the end of that day he was so angry that we were totally ignoring him i thought we were going to have to defend ourselves,anyway the next day we went to work and the butcher was fine and from then on he did not give any of the young blokes a hard time.
i know it is hard but it does work.

complete_it_now (853) (593 of 739)
4/03/2009 18:06

What are we recycling these days?


m*o* (2677) (594 of 739)
4/03/2009 18:11

Ah complete did you have a parachute :-D

complete_it_now (853) (595 of 739)
4/03/2009 18:37

Yes, bailed out as you suggested m*o*, except I didn't realise until said plane was over the Gulf of Carpentaria. Saw a few snappy friends, but managed to swim back to shore. Found a camel, jumped on and got back to Weipa in time for the flight out to Brisbane. Landed in Newcastle not that long ago.

Quite an ordeal - can't speak for the other passenger(s) though.


m*o* (2677) (596 of 739)
4/03/2009 18:41

Ha Ha complete a couple more bailed out with you their parachute opened too maybe they ended up in a different destination to you.:-D

beefy59111 (47) (597 of 739)
4/03/2009 19:15

Recycling is very important, here is something I recycled earlier.

Flight of the Vegans.

Six days into the ordeal, four recycling military experts, and two veganologists, are stranded deep into desert country, food is low and captain McGrooty calls a meeting of the military personal.

In attendance are, Captain Veal, Lieutenant Almirina, and Sergeant Bliss, McNugget hands behind back, paces up and down, and speaks, " Chaps...I don't need to tell you were in a touch of bother what? " Lieutenant Almirina,Capt Veal and Sergeant Bliss sit silently and just nod.

McNugget places a hand to his chin and says " We have done quite nicely so far, what with Captain Veal's expertise in preparing several delicious meals out of empty Chicken nugget box's, but I must admit, I'm starting to notice my ribcage, as each day passes, any suggestions chaps? "

Lieutenant Almirina speaks " Well Sir, we could consider eating one of the Veganologists, although lacking any body mass, they should provide at least one cup of soup for the four of us "

Captain McNugget nods " Very true Lieutenant, what's your thought Captain Veal? "...Veal, walks up and down, thinking....." Well Sir, possibly, if we combine say 30 empty chicken nugget box's with both of the veganologits, we may last another week or so. "

Sergeant Bliss puts his finger to his lips, the others look around and see the Veganologists walk pass, with their evening meal of dried tofu and Pine nuts, the Veganologists look at the military men with the usual contempt, and start devouring their meal, with murmurs of mocking laughter.

Sergeant Bliss glares back at them, with his top lip quivering, and mutters, Well Sir something has to give, the chill of night engulfs them, and they drift off to an exhausted sleep.

What will tomorow bring, thinks Captain McNugget to himself, as he closes his weary eyes.

complete_it_now (853) (598 of 739)
4/03/2009 19:23


did647 (234) (599 of 739)
4/03/2009 19:53

This thread is so depressing:( Those green bags are the biggest con of all time. Fossil fuel derived plastic advertising material made in china which WE pay for!! The supermarkets are laughing all the way to the bank. !! They can be re used but the material is not recyclable . And there are now millions and millions of them heading for landfill:(. We don't need plastic bags, I haven't taken one in years! I use calico bags and I have a trolley. Even with a dog to pick up after , I get enough plastic bags with the packaging I have to take to pick up after him.
Food scraps go to compost , recycle all papers, plastics, glass and tins etc. The very small amount of non recyclable rubbish I have doesn't need to be wrapped. No nasty smelling rubbish bins either.
It's so easy!!

qualitycateringco (1669) (600 of 739) 4/03/2009 19:54

Given his military resourcefulness, will Captain Veal mince the veganologists to use as burley to catch goannas, crows and other, more tasty morsels?

did647 (234) (601 of 739)
4/03/2009 19:54

Btw, I actually think that plastic has some fabulous uses, but flimsy shopping bags is definitely not one of them

bentsuz105 (665) (602 of 739)
4/03/2009 20:15

I was going to say I recycle old jokes, but I suspect I was beaten to the punch.

mtnlane (82) (603 of 739)
4/03/2009 20:54

Maybe commonsense has been recycled complete_it_now ;)

m*o* (2677) (604 of 739)
4/03/2009 21:04
beefy you are overstepping the boundaries of decorum with your foolish tales.

In my opinion

ubbrd (946) (605 of 739)
4/03/2009 21:05

Beefy. 04-03-09 19:15 EST 611 of 617

When is episode 2 due? I'm sitting at my desk top waiting in eager anticipation.

I haven't read such literary genius since studying Voss by Patrick White in high school.

Actually, Voss was dead boring, your writing skills are of a much higher standard.

I have a good idea who the main actors will be when the scouts grab Flight of the Vegans and make it into a movie.

complete_it_now (853) (606 of 739)
4/03/2009 21:09

I believe that even commonsense is able to be recycled, mtnlane, yes. It must have been the Chicken Nugget box that I packed as carry-on luggage. I was pushed out the door of the plane over the Gulf of Carpentaria - I thought I used the 'chute, but I now realise that it was that old Chicken Nugget box that allowed me to slowly drift down into the sea. Lucky there were none of those Sydney sharks about.


complete_it_now (853)(607 of 739)
4/03/2009 21:13

Flight of the Vegans


Could be interesting.

We have a person of the cloth, a mobile phone salesman, a Chicken Nugget box, a large beefer...

Anything else we can recycle?

bliss*charms (1798) (608 of 739)
4/03/2009 21:23


countessalmirena (126) (609 of 739) 4/03/2009 21:28

I was thinking perhaps we could use some tofu as bait - to catch some vegetarian fish.

Perhaps for the fibre in our diet, cooking up some Vegans' Clothing Tagliatelli with Pine Nuts and Herbs...?


My cat has an interesting way of dealing with parcels. He bites them. He particularly knows if it's a parcel or box that is valuable or highly valued by me, because that's the box on which he'll focus his attention.

And the strange thing is that the parcels/boxes are NOT chicken nuggets!

Hmm... is that another issue to consider for sellers? Should they state in their listings: "I use recycled packaging from a smoke-free shop; this recycled packaging has never been near a cat or a dog so contains no pet fur for allergy sufferers to fear; this recycled packaging is also safe for your children to chew upon, as it is completely non-toxic"...?

ubbrd (946) (610 of 739) 4/03/2009 21:30

"this recycled packaging is also safe for your children to chew upon,"

Good one!:^O

balibelli (155) (611 of 739) 4/03/2009 22:25

Tonight, I did what any red-blooded Aussie man would do - in honour of this post.

I had a WORKS burger for tea from the local grease shop.

Beef pattie
Bacon and

with BBQ sauce.

ubbrd (946) (612 of 739) 4/03/2009 22:31

balibelli. 627

Excellent feed. all the known food groups that we need are covered!:-p
complete_it_now (853) (613 of 739) 4/03/2009 22:36


I hope you actually had a bun with all that in between, balibelli.

And grilled onion as your vege group!
Go on. Hit the button. You know you want to!
smeeagain61 (14) (614 of 739) 4/03/2009 22:38

did we wash it down with diet coke we dont want to get fat now
"No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is ...a part of the maine; ...any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"


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I remember that thread. Vivid memories!!!!

“I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, because I'm not myself, you see”  Lewis Carroll


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I don't know if there is anyone who was around then, who wouldn't remember that thread and have a laugh every time they remember it.


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There were so many threads that had me in stitches and ,of course, others which made me growl. Glad I have those memories ;D
“I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, because I'm not myself, you see”  Lewis Carroll


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As I watched this thread grow in increasingly beautiful and/or bizarre ways, I thought it was a superb example of a thread taking you in directions completely unexpected.

Who could have guessed a simple chicken nugget box question would turn into a Vegan War, a saga, a landscape full of quips, as well as an exchange of views about packaging?
"No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is ...a part of the maine; ...any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"


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I thought it was a superb example of a thread taking you in directions completely unexpected.

Here's a little exercise if you've ever been in a group chatting away and the conversation peters out... Find out what the last topic was and ask "How did we get onto that subject?". Keep trying to go back, but I'll guarantee the conversation will fire off in a different tangent before you get too far!

Just a word of warning - if you do get back to the opening topic at the start of the get-together and just end up staring at each other - it's time to go home.


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"No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is ...a part of the maine; ...any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde"


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I remember that thread, it was hilarious, and got extremely was one of those threads where you go looking for it specifically because you KNEW there would be a good laugh waiting.

*Ubbie Max*

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G'day everyone.
Yeah I remember that thread. there was a lot of clever humour within it, generally it was very entertaining.


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I have a laugh at this thread again just a few weeks ago, when something I bought on ebay was delivered in....  a chicken nugget box.  I couldn't believe it.....


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that was the best early Sunday  coffee enjoying thread I have ever re-read.. ;D


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Re: Chicken nuggets - the nitty, the gritty, nuggety. A "Remember This?" thread
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2014, 06:59:09 PM »
I did some shopping at Aldi
guess what they had the audacity to put it in


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Re: Chicken nuggets - the nitty, the gritty, nuggety. A "Remember This?" thread
« Reply #16 on: September 30, 2014, 12:29:26 AM »
Not the dreaded Chicken Nugget Box!!!

There will be blood in the streets!!!!!


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This long thread was the result of a chicken nugget box? :onitsway: :socks:


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Have you not heard of the eBay saga regarding ... The Chicken Nugget Box! ...?

It caused an uproar.

For the customer involved it was not at all funny - and the seller got slightly singed .... but just about everyone else thought it was hilarious!


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It has been endowed with it's own little dose of immortality.