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PayPal and your conversion options
« on: June 05, 2011, 02:04:54 PM »
I just noticed when paying for a recently won item in the UK that PayPal has changed the screen in which one used to be able to specify the conversion options for the payment.

I can't say when it changed. I can only say that it wasn't all THAT long ago when the screen
     1) stated that the conversion for this payment would be performed by one's card ... OR ... that it would be performed by PayPal


     2) offered the option to change the conversion method on that same screen.

The button for changing the conversion option was greyed out - which was certainly misleading.

I'm not sure whether the current change is much better, though.

Unless you click onto the link leading to another screen, to actually CHANGE your method of conversion, you can't see which option is preselected for you. In other words, you've no way of knowing whether it's PayPal who'll be doing the conversion or your card provider/bank who will be doing the conversion.

I clicked onto the link ("Other conversion options", as shown in the image above), and a new page opened in which I could see that my usual method (conversion by my card/bank) was selected.

For those who assume that the conversion option is their preference, you may have to un-assume it, though.

To be sure that the options are what you want, click onto that link and make certain.

I'm not too happy that the ability to even SEE which option you've chosen has been removed - unless you deliberately go to the trouble of clicking a link for CHANGING the option.
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