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All items and parcels under 500g are a flat rate anywhere in Australia so you just need to use the flat rate option.

Under 250g is $4.20

250g to 500g is $5.40

You can add a bit for any packaging materials you use and a small handling charge, anything between 50c and about $2 is generally acceptable depending on how much time is needed to package things.

You can use 500g red pre paid satchels if you want but they are slightly more expensive.

For items over 500g you have 2 choices. You can use a 3 kilo red satchel which costs $9.60 as long as what you are posting weighs no more then 3k and it fits in the satchel or instead of using the flat rate you can choose calculated postage from the drop down menu and input the weight, dimensions etc and then anyone who looks at your listing will see the correct postage to their postcode.

You should keep all receipts:

  • Postcode receipt if you post over the counter,
  • Receipt for purchase if you use pre paid satchels especially for any item up to $50 in value as, if a parcel goes missing you can refund the buyer and claim compensation from Aus Post.

If an item is worth more than $50 you should send it by registered post. This costs $2.75 extra over the stamp or satchel cost but includes up to $100 worth of 'free insurance'.

What a lot of people don't realise, is that COD is an Aus Post service and does NOT mean cash on pick up? It is also a most unsafe method for buyers and sellers if you did want cash on delivery.

Unless something is too big or heavy to post then offering pick up is a bit dicey, as if the buyer pays with Paypal you cannot prove delivery.  There is nothing to stop the buyer from saying that they never received the item and this then leaves you open to Paypal removing the money paid, back from your account and giving it back to the buyer.


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A couple of additional points...

Firstly, any item up to 20kg (or equivalent cubed weight) can tranvel 50km for $7.20 - this is termed a "local parcel"

The eBay postage calculator and Australia Post websites automatically allow for this when you use them. So, some clients will see only $7.20, yet others (on the other side of the country) will see a much higher price.

This actually gives the seller a significant market advantage over sellers who use "Flat Rate" postage - because local buyers will see the lower P&H price in the calculated listings... after starting to use ebay's calculated postage my local buyers increased significantly.

When you use the ebay Calculated Postage option, you CANNOT check the postage yourself. The reason is because you are checking the postage cost between your own postcode and your own postcode - so it always shows $7.20  ;D

The solution is to scroll down to the postage area of the listing and alter the postcode in the respective box. But make sure to change it back afterwards or the postage will be incorrectly shown on things that you purchase from other sellers.

After hundreds of transactions, I can assure you that the ebay postage calculator is accurate. What you need to do is ensure that your input data is correct (but allow a little extra on the packaging size and weight), and also make sure that the Post Office doesn't rip you off.