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About the Coinees' Coin Forum
« on: October 17, 2009, 02:31:34 PM »
The Coin Forum is an informative and enjoyable sub-forum on OzRT. Posts in the Coin Forum should be specifically coin-related, with any other threads welcome in the various other forums on the OzRT.

Please note: the Coin Forum is not visible to guests. If you can't see the Coin Forum, you should check to see whether or not you're logged in.

The general Forum Posting Guidelines apply.

Discussion of possible frauds or errors or scams is not forbidden; on the contrary, informative discussion about instances of fraud are welcome. However, please use the following guidelines:

1. Be careful to avoid making an outright accusation if what you have is vague suspicion. Include the words "in my opinion" or "it is possible" or "it seems to me" or words to that effect.
2. Please do not use seller names or item numbers in the thread topic/subject heading.
3. Please, if posting on a controversial issue, focus on the argument/topic itself, not the person. Courtesy is a basic expectation here, and please do not be afraid of admitting to an error if it turns out that is the case.
4. Coinees are welcome to use the message system to communicate private concerns.
5. Coinees can contact Mandurahmum or the admin if they have any questions.

Coinees are by no means restricted just to the one forum; they post in all the forums here, just as non-coinees are welcome to post in the Coin forum to join the discussions or start new threads that are coin-related.

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