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Ron Tello Culley
Jesse Ihrcke What say we introduce ourselves and let me meet your friends? House Party or street meet. I am good for a whirl at new friends. The old ones died and moved away... 🙁

Paige Renfro
Ron Tello Culley
They died ...and moved away?
Like ghosts?
Or like Zombies?

Ron Tello Culley
Paige Renfro It's my way of saying that ppl vanish but life moves sideways and deal widdit. Life is fun. Reality, not so much. No reason to quit our night job

Russell Renner
So u would feel the same going to the beach? Full understanding of the ocean, amazing swimmer

Ron Tello Culley
Rip tides, sharks, parking fees?

Dorothe Snow
Don't forget sunburn. And sand. Sand gets Everywhere!

Ron Tello Culley
In So. Cal. Mickey says:
And now... a mask moment, with hair. Lots of hair... and fire!
Jesse Jackson
There's plenty of locals that act like idiots and need to be "educated".

Ron Tello Culley
Anybody I know or shared a bus with? This conversation is meritorious of a Congressional Investigation. Or a Tribal Pow Wow.
Dorothe Snow
So my idea has a few flaws, but lets toss around other mountain preserving thoughts. There must be some way to reduce fires, trash and accidents.

Mike Freemaan
Sounds great.... But what about the small business that rely on those "Flatlanders" you are willing to lose more
And that gate will swing both ways. You realize that you won't be allowed off the mountain right?

Ron Tello Culley
Randy Newman/let's drop the big one now - Bing

Dorothe Snow
Ron Tello Culley I've always liked Randy Newman😀

Ron Tello Culley
I'm here for the intellectual amusement, and willing to be helpful as far as my tools will take me. Cheers!

Ron Tello Culley
Oh, so it's Midnight and everybody clocks out now? Yeah, it is a school night. Peace off.

Ron Tello Culley
If anybody asks, tell 'em that I've never been to oz, but you can marginally detect my digital teethmarks here:
The Tello Files. (All things strange, witnessed, verifyable and/or credible (?)


Dorothe Snow
2h  ·
I have a thought...
Put gates up at mountain entrances with cards for locals or cabin owners to get in.
Before flat landers can come up the hill, they have to be educated about fire safety,  driving in the snow, leaving trash behind, and hiking safely. As well as interacting with wild animals.
Before they can come up, they need to prove they've been informed and educated. Just like any dangerous undertaking.
Any other ideas to protect our mountains would be welcome. Lets brainstorm.

Will Hrehniy
one big giant gated community , I love it . Ive never lived in a gated community.

Rhea-Frances Tetley
you are aware aren't you that the gates you want already exist and can be closed by Caltrans anytime necessary

Jesse Ihrcke
Sounds like you should move to a private community instead of living in a vacation town..

Ron Tello Culley
The Plot thickens!

Jesse Ihrcke
Ron Tello Culley I’ve lived up here 30 years. It’s what comes with living in a vacation town. Best bet would be to start up programs like they have on beaches. Be proactive in your community..

Ron Tello Culley
I'm in Sugarloaf. Emphasis on "loaf". Being Proactive here is dealing with the new and unimproved CSD trash bins. I'm certain that I do live in a pathetic world.
Please help me. I do dishes and windows too!

Alicia Wallace-Medley
Do you know how bad the traffic would be?

Jared Haviland
Are your willing to submit to the same level of restrictions to go down the hill?

Ron Tello Culley
I'm drinking because of this thread. Cheers!

Jesse Ihrcke
Ron Tello Culley I’ve lived in Sugarloaf. A little positivity can go a long way. Being proactive is another. Also check them out
BIG BEAR JOB BOARD - Connecting Employers with Employees!

Ron Tello Culley
Jesse Ihrcke What say we introduce ourselves and let me meet your friends? House Party or street meet. I am good for a whirl at new friends. The old ones died and moved away... 🙁

Stacey Lynn Bokath
Ron Tello Culley I’m enjoying this thread in the bath with a beer myself. Cheers!

Ron Tello Culley
Stacey Lynn Bokath Wow! That's special. Can we share a few cold ones outside the tub? I'm discreet.

Stacey Lynn Bokath
Ron Tello Culley why your gotta discreet? Are you trying to be sneaky??

Ron Tello Culley
In Oz, it's called "Cheeky"

I wanted to build and construct. Challenge the elements and the odds. Show the world I can make Art out of trash, Sense out of Kaos and a fool outta you!~

:tello: "Start the Presses! Dontcha say that was brilliant in a Hepster, Counter-Culture kinda way?"

"You might wanna rethink your neckties".  -Erin Brockovich
Would you believe not ALL of us blokes are aging gracefully?
That blokes got a face like the north end of southbound camel
Given the intimidating girth of his cigar AND face, I could be afraid to ask him if he remembers me. And vital details about the skirt. And the peaceful outcome. And who's mom's party was it that one night?

My bet: "Everybody in the Class of 1976 remembers Remo Ron. I made sure of that!"
It was inevitable.
After 5 years of being without my own PC/Lappy I finally score thru secret means....

After 4 weeks on line, give or take a session, I do the facebook boogie. I look, not touch, mostly.
When I do extend a writer's digit, I poke prod and point out a valid point of view, especially if I plagerize it.

So, facebook is good. Bad. Indifferent.

Me too!

I found Steve Thorne.
We scrapped over a skirt in High School, c.1976.
I do believe that's the story, cuz see: I was young and Aware: I played drums, read all about it in Rolling Stone Magazine (Cameron Crowe was nearly my age), and I delivered MY poems to every chick I cared about.

Cue the Jock itch Crew: "Hey man, what's this shite you honing in on my girl!!???"

It was an R. Crumb scenario every time, every day.

We are rumored to be an evolving species, allegedly on the top of the food chain, and we have this groovy Opposing Thumb thang going on which makes Vacations, Chores, Science and Industry operate at maximum capacity, whatever that is....

I was advocating Contemporary Rock and Roll (Now known as "Classic Rock"_) , Bilbo Baggins and Frank Zappa Music, along with the abolition of the Draconian Anti-Marijuana Laws thru out the Land....yeah that was me... Here then comes America in it's true deviant form: Jocks and Blocks.

And I was popular on many Play Lists in that society and land.
Big Brother and his Bridgewater Tip Rat sister were working my hood and house.
Schools Admins was their Mule, Rat and Slave....
My local neighbours liked me very well in all my years there and NEVER called the cops on me.

( The Mayor El Monte was once my next door neighbour, and the City's "Hangin Judge" Ed Nitch lived 6 houses away. Upper Middle Class, ya dig? )

As such. one time, this Jocko homo and his tools give me grief...I told their Mothers and they got "Pinched".

Conversely in my house-hostage world:
The Parental Unit, in cohootz with organized religion and a poor understanding of Humanities were my first obstacle in this amazingly dissappointingly bogus journey, in the flesh upon Earth.

I wanted to build and construct. Challenge the elements and the odds. Show the world I can make Art out of trash, Sense out of Kaos and a fool outta you!~

The others did not ( and even unto now do not) agree, approve or encourage any of it.
It's the Classic Class Warfare/Family Feud Syndrome.

Not "LIKE" then. Not now. Ever.

So put my brain in the oven and set to simmer for 62 years at 65 miles an hour..and POW!

Mass Media.
Mass Murder. Hysteria on wheels.
Prophylactic crowd control and poopy Politics as usual.
Skullduggery is not a faux finish on a wall surface or automobile.

As the world spins, biting its own ass, here I am again, on the Outside Looking In.
I found this mug:
fb says it's Steve Thorne.
This data is public and legally subject to scrutiny and defamation, just like my load is.

This is not fun anymore.
It's a gateway to harder, more intrusive philosophical aspirations.


I like to share!
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