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The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by *smee* on June 02, 2019, 01:24:51 PM »
Should a meeting eventuate
Best you leave your gun at home
The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on June 02, 2019, 12:54:14 PM »
Wow! An honest, unexpected reply:

Fulmer, Tina <>
Ron Tello

May 31 at 8:51 PM

Ron, I have received your email and I apologize, but I am not sure how I can assist you in your endeavor.  We have a process to obtain guest speakers on campus.   I watched your attachments and I am not sure how I could assist you at this time as BBHS is heading into finals and graduation.  If you would like to discuss your message with our district office personnel and get approval from the cabinet to speak, we would then need to see how it fits into the student's curriculum. 

Please now that I can not let people from the public on campus without going through the approval process. 

Thanks for your understanding and I wish you the best.
Tina Fulmer

:tello: "I'll need to get a suit and haircut and I'm all out of snappy shoes."


Ron Tello <>
To: Fulmer, Tina

Jun 1 at 5:59 PM

Principal Fulmer;
Thank you very much for your reply.
It is truly a FIRST for me here.

Can we pow-pow on neutral ground soon?
Then I can be more precise in describing my concerns without Campus Security
making me more nervous than I already am.  :cop: :badfinger:

I anticipate a positive experience.

Ron Tello Culley

The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on June 01, 2019, 09:43:10 AM »
Nevada is excluded from the map because they don't qualify for humanitarian recognition.
The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on June 01, 2019, 09:39:56 AM »
A new addition to the sedition:
The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on June 01, 2019, 08:59:47 AM »
I know what's going on: Americans are the Problem Child of Human Evolution.

They're spineless sheeples with NO clue about humanity and other related important social conduct.

Wankahs one and all.
They buy-in to saving the beached whales and the starving kids in third-world ghettos (Detroit, Los Angeles), but when Artists and Intellectuals are the topic...they are nowhere to be found. Flocking COWARDS!
"The Great Satan" moniker APPLIES!

Can I go to Oz now...sleep on Roo's garage sofa next to the freezers full of kangaroo meat???

Maybe play intellectual Grab-Ass with the 2 Amigoes! And Roady for Ingrid's next World Tour?
The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on June 01, 2019, 08:56:03 AM »
Exactly when things couldn't any more bleeding stupid and gone wrong or NOT at all...there is this lastest non-development:

I sent this email to the Principal and Video Arts Teacher at Big Bear High School on May 27...located in my neighbourhood.  Up to now (May 31) I have no reply. I called the front desk, left a voice mail to the Principal, hung up and popped another beer.

Here's that email in its pure form:

Ron Tello <>

May 27 at 12:21 PM

I am Ronald Lee Culley, alias Ron Tello, a 4-year resident of Sugarloaf. (google me. "Ron Tello Culley" on facebook)
My Hometown is El Monte, where I graduated Arroyo High School in 1976.

I appreciate education. I have learned many things in this land.
There have been many times in my life when having too much knowledge was a dangerous proposition
in the parlance of challenging authority for its mischief and misgivings. Follow me on this....

I have a true story to tell about repression and impression.
I've been telling it for years, only to find out that the adults in the Real World will not listen. 
I'm running out of options; I ask you now to help me to help myself.

I'm now taking a different tact: perhaps today's young people you have not lying around there will recognize a serious social issue and jump to get involved.
It's about my experience of the perils of free-spirit, free-thinking and free speech in America.
Consider for a moment what shall become of your young people if they follow their hearts?  Win, lose or draw is not the best of Life's Choices.
Personal choices are what we expect in life; so sorry it cannot be guaranteed by decree and policy of the Ruling Class. This is an issue that affects everyone's Civil Liberties, personal health and public safety. And my bottom line.

Please examine and share the enclosed TELLO link. It is self-explanatory. Although my writing style may be a bit unconventional, the facts hold true. Follow the evidentiary links.

To date, after sending this blog link around America, I have had NO responses. I can't even get hate mail.
There's something horribly wrong here.

Just as horrible as my circumstances, as they are told in my blog. Please read it; share it with your choice of students whom you may deem fitting to appreciate the gravity of it all, and a willingness to get involved. Maybe their parents and others are good for it...I'm reaching. How about you? Lend me a hand?

I need journalists, legal minds, computer geeks and a video production crew to get my project rolling and my life back on track. Read the blog.

Bear in mind that this info is a SUMMARY of events; the whole story is ready and worthy of publishing my journals. (A Prime Objective)

Since I became poor (and you'll read why) I ask for volunteers at this time. Volunteerism is what has made America great! Don't stop now....

I anticipate your reply before School's out. (I shouldda done this earlier. My bad I know.)
At minimum, I reasonably expect a respectful rejection notice with a plausible no-fuss explanation.
At maximum, we can be great friends!

Can we do this...just this one time before I finally fade away?

Thank you in advance.

Ron Tello Culley
662 San Bernardino Ave.
909 436 9544

The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread

Bonus Videos!
Live action at the Cowboy Bar, Montello, Nevada, just for kicks!

Too much pressure.   :drama:
Only what you bring here....
Oh yeah? What did you hear?

Still kickin' and screamin', I see.
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