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Here's another reason to storm the Castle Gates!

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As Americans Pay for Ultra-Expensive Thanksgiving,
Bidens Party at Wall Street Billionaire's Huge Mansion

As Americans gather with family and friends to enjoy a significantly more expensive Thanksgiving, President Joe Biden and his family are headed off to the exclusive estate of a billionaire friend.

The Farm Bureau reported that the typical Thanksgiving meal is up 14 percent from last year, while turkeys are now roughly $1.50 per pound or a 24 percent increase.

Other items that have seen a noticeable rise in price include dinner rolls, up 15 percent, and frozen pie crusts, 20 percent more.

“[It’s] important to maintain perspective about where our economy stands today. The fact is, America has a lot to be proud of. We’re experiencing the strongest economic recovery in the world,” the president said in a speech on Tuesday.

Not to sound ungrateful for the progress the country has made since the COVID shutdowns of the spring of 2020, but Biden’s statement is actually false.

China has experienced stronger economic growth this year.

"Biden is partying in a sprawling $30 million Nantucket estate this weekend, but he thinks Americans struggling to afford food need “perspective.” "

Ask Professor Ron

Q: Do Aliens, or Extraterrestrials or whatever watch International Movies, TV and Internet Videos?

A: Sure they do. Why do ya think they have not
unleased UFO Armageddon on us yet?
They see us as you are: a self-destructive species, hellbent on doing the job they have been planning on for Millenia.
What they are doing now is watching and waiting to send-in the Clean-up Crew.

So keep it up, Earthlings. Be kind to the Invaders
or they will kill you. And scramble your signals.
Archaeologists Uncover
Cool Whip Containers
Pilgrims Used To Hold Leftovers

PLYMOUTH, MA—Archaeologists have uncovered a "cool" new discovery: the Cool Whip containers used by the Pilgrims to keep their leftovers after the first Thanksgiving. The 400-year-old Cool Whip containers are reportedly "remarkably well-preserved" and still contain leftovers of mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, and cranberry sauce that are "as fresh as they were back in 1621."

"It seems after they were absolutely stuffed and couldn't possibly take another bite, the Pilgrim grandmas—who were the ripe old age of 37—started gathering the leftovers in these plastic tubs," said Dr. Hank Medverd, head of the dig. "While everyone was outside playing a pickup football game, the grannies gathered all the leftovers, making sure there was nothing wasted. Yes, even the yams."

"The Pilgrims had turkey sandwiches for lunch for weeks and weeks after the first Thanksgiving," he added, pointing to the remains of a delicious turkey and gravy sandwich one Pilgrim had eaten during his lunch break at the Pilgrim Store."

Experts believe that without the invention of the Cool Whip container, created by Bob Cool Whip in the 15th century, no one would ever be able to save anything from Thanksgiving dinner, causing trillions in food loss each year.

At publishing time, the archaeologists had also unearthed the smallpox rapid test kits the Pilgrims had made the Indians take before admitting them into the house.


Very little is needed to make a happy life.

Marcus Aurelius   

Marcus Aurelius (121-180 CE) was not only a wise ruler of the Roman Empire — the last of the “Five Good Emperors” of the Pax Romana. He was also a Stoic philosopher who espoused the enduring value of virtue, logic, and will. He believed that strong-willed people who cultivated inner peace and positive emotions could find happiness regardless of circumstance, and did not need fortune, fame, or material goods to achieve satisfaction in life. If we can seek out joy in the small things and feel gratitude for what we have, happiness is always within reach.
What Your Farts Are Trying To Tell You

What are farts, anyway?
The average person farts nearly every day, so what is it that we’re passing? Also known as “flatulence,” a fart is simply an internal build-up of gas. More specifically, farts are made up of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane and hydrogen. What a lovely little gaseous cocktail, eh?

Controlling Words, Controlling Minds
by Michael Knowles

“Every single American needs to read Michael Knowles’s Speechless. I don’t mean ‘read it eventually.’ I mean: stop what you’re doing and pick up this book.” —CANDACE OWENS

"The most important book on free speech in decades—read it!” —SENATOR TED CRUZ

A New Strategy: We Win, They Lose

The Culture War is over, and the culture lost.

The Left’s assault on liberty, virtue, decency, the Republic of the Founders, and Western civilization has succeeded.

You can no longer keep your social media account—or your job—and acknowledge truths such as:
Washington, Jefferson, and Columbus were great men. Schools and libraries should not coach children in sexual deviance. Men don’t have uteruses.

How did we get to this point?

Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire exposes and diagnosis the losing strategy we have fallen for and shows how we can change course—and start winning.

In the groundbreaking Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds Knowles reveals:

How the “free speech absolutists” gave away the store

The First Amendment does not require a value-neutral public square

How the Communists figured out that their revolution could never succeed as long as the common man was attached to his own culture

Where political correctness came from

How, comply or resist, political correctness is a win-win game for the bad guys

Why taking our stand on “freedom of speech” helps put atheism, decadence, and nonsense on the same plane with faith, virtue, and reality

The real question: Will we shut down drag queen story hour, or cancel Abraham Lincoln?

For 170 years the First Amendment was compatible with prayer in public school

How the atheists got the Warren Court to rule their way

To this day, there’s a First Amendment exception for obscenity. What exactly is the argument that perverts’ teaching toddlers to twerk is not obscene?

Read Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds if you want to learn how to take the fight to the enemy.

ISBN-13: 9781684510825
Published: June, 2021

I'm told it's cold in the room.

I create heat.

Now it's too hot.

Blame the Buddy.
What am I, a thermostat?
Jason Hanson <>
Fri, Nov 26 at 5:16 AM

Here’s an interesting conversation, and you may have had one of these yesterday too…

Like many folks, I’ve got liberal cousins that I spend time with during Thanksgiving.

How liberal are they?

Well, they wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t “cage free” and wasn’t totally environmentally safe.

So, I walked in with some donuts and made sure to let them know they were cage-free donuts.


One of my cousins brought up how he doesn’t have an Amazon Alexa or any smart speakers in his house.

I chimed in and said I don’t either because I value my privacy too much.

I kid you not, the liberals spoke up and said…

“We have these smart speakers in our home and the government would never use them to spy on us, Amazon is just making our life easier.”

I laughed and then told them the following true story about a CIA operation...

There was an ambassador of a European country the U.S. really wanted to spy on.

This ambassador had some valuable information that was critical to the security of our country.

We recruited an acquaintance of the ambassador to help us out.

This acquaintance gave the ambassador a very nice painting from one of his favorite artists.

Little did the ambassador know, this painting had a listening device in it so we could hear his conversations.

This might sound like a Hollywood movie, but it’s a true story.

It worked, because the ambassador trusted this acquaintance, so, of course, he would accept a nice gift from him.

And those who blindly trust big tech are foolish enough to put the equivalent of that painting in their house without thinking twice.

Not surprisingly, when I told my cousins this, they said our government would never do this and they wouldn’t listen to me.

It was like talking to a brick wall. (A cage-free brick wall.)

As comedian Ron White says, “you can’t fix stupid.”

So, while I know my liberal cousins won’t change, at least my conservative cousins are smart enough to not allow the government into their house to monitor what they say.

After all, a smart speaker is really just a disguised government intelligence collection tool. (I of all people would know.)

So, on this Black Friday, don’t buy a smart speaker or any other “smart device” that can be used against you.

Stay safe,
Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing
Editor, Black Bag Confidential
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