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The Round Table / Re: Tales From The Narc Side
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 11:10:59 PM »
What is behind a narcissist’s mask?

A narcissist is a broken human operating in emergency mode in which every now and then there is a short circuit and burnout of subsequent circuits. Narcissist is a broken robot who blames everyone for what he/she does.

Control, deception and manipulation are the essence of his existence. Behind the mask there is dirt, emptiness, a black hole, contempt, hatred, evil in its purest form.

An incomplete asymmetrical smile that a narcissist will give you at times when a normal person would not smile. Behind the mask is an absent, predatory blank stare without expression, dilated pupils like demon eyes. Behind the mask hides darkness, pain and suffering, the need to fit in with the crowd and spill the pain onto others.

Behind the mask is lack of love, lack of honor and respect. Behind the mask hides a monster, a demon. Behind the mask is insecurity, low self-esteem, abomination, complete lack of moral principles, lack of compassion, lack of conscience and lack of remorse, fear, shame, anger, sarcasm and irony, delusions, fear of abandonment and rejection, meanness, shame, madness , wickedness, envy, selfishness, lack of empathy, conscious choice of evil.

A narcissist is a parasite and over time you start to see him/her for who he/she really is and not for what he/she pretends to be.

I have spent the majority of my life amongst narcissists. Let me tell you what I learnt:

Sheer evil is definitely behind that mask

You will be played in a very unique way. Played so that this evil being extracts from you the required supply

Someone that will create unique damages to your health, emotions and mental well being.

Someone that will destroy your important relationships for you

Someone completely devoid of any moral values

Played for own advantage. And you will most probably be discarded in the most harshest of ways.

Become smart please. Cut them off your lives. That is only when you start to experience peace and start your healing journey.

It is crucial for each and every single human being inhabiting planet Earth to know this important information. The way planet Earth is devolving, we are all bound to meet narcissists one day or another.

A narcissist is someone who is broken inside and acts in a panicked and erratic way. Sometimes, their mind gets overwhelmed and causes them to break down even more. They blame others for their actions and don't take responsibility for themselves.

They thrive on controlling, deceiving, and manipulating others. Underneath their confident facade, there's darkness, emptiness, and a deep hatred. They wear an unsettling smile that's different from a normal person's smile. Behind their mask, their eyes show no emotion, like the eyes of a predatory creature.

Inside, they lack love, honor, and respect. They hide their true self, which is like a monster or demon. They are insecure, have low self-esteem, and lack moral principles, compassion, conscience, and remorse. They feel fear, shame, anger, and jealousy. They can be mean, selfish, and lack empathy. They make conscious choices to do evil things.

The Round Table / Re: The FAILURE FILES. A Ron Tello Studios Production
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 01:35:43 PM »
The Round Table / Re: Tales From The Narc Side
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 12:30:19 PM »
Are narcs scared to be alone?

:panic:     :mummy:     :badfinger:     :drama:

I would say so. Many are essentially scared/abandoned children living in adult bodies. Some do isolate, as they genuinely struggle with tolerating criticism, any form of rejection. Narcissists are painfully sensitive human beings. The external world presents a major threat to narcissists, yet they are highly dependent on the external world.

Some do carry a very strong fear of abandonment, and genuinely believe that everyone will leave them. Sadly, they sabotage themselves and bring on the very thing that they fear. The false self is a protective shield. Their attempts to avoid abandonment are entirely dysfunctional.

I believe that many experience a profound sense of loneliness, but they do not know how to do mature/committed romantic relationships. Their insecurity drives them. They do not possess the social/emotional skills necessary to function as healthy relationship partners. Their brains did not develop as they should have.

As a result, they must put on an act. They cannot bond, cannot connect in the ways that we can. They are developmentally arrested. I have some level of empathy for them, as I can only imagine what they feel within on a daily basis.

I believe that they deeply resent their dependence on others/the external world, but cannot do much about it. Some feel entirely empty without “adequate” narcissistic supply, so I imagine that their “good feelings” escape them very often. There is no stability.

Although this may be a rather unpopular opinion, I believe that they are controlled by the fear of abandonment once they have idealized someone. I felt a great deal of desperation in the covert’s people-pleasing/love-bombing behaviors.

I could tell that he was desperate to be liked, to be approved of. I do not think that he believed he could keep someone around, keep someone coming back without putting on a show of (fake) generosity. What I experienced was a frenzy of giving.

I experienced the child who was desperately seeking approval and acceptance, even if it meant pretending to be who he was not. The child who was frequently criticized and negatively judged. The child who felt entirely defective and inadequate.

I experienced his failed mirroring attempts, as they were very obvious when I was face-to-face with him. It really did remind me of a child who is desperately trying to fit in, imitating his/her peers, trying to gain approval.

I experienced the adult man who is angry with the world, angry with how he was made to feel during his childhood, angry with women for overlooking him and rejecting him, obsessed with trying to prove himself.

The adult man who is ashamed of his deficits/shortcomings, his lack of accomplishment. The adult man who is far too hard on himself. The adult man who is consumed with envy, always comparing himself to others.

He claimed superiority over me when I rejected him (the rejection was well-deserved), which demonstrated that his grandiosity was truly a defense. I believe that his destructive defenses protected him as a child, helped him to cope with an emotionally painful childhood. I am not inadequate. You are inadequate. I am not defective. You are defective. I am not inferior. You are inferior.

Deep down, he is still carrying the negative voices of those who brought him down as a child. He is carrying negative core beliefs. He anticipates rejection and abandonment. Vulnerability was dangerous as a child. He was frequently emotionally invalidated.

I believe that the narcissist very often engages in projection. The narcissist is essentially dumping his/her shame, insecurities, childhood pain, negative core beliefs onto you. The narcissist is essentially labeling you with his/her negative and unwanted traits/qualities.You become the parts of the narcissist that he/she desires to disown.

I once felt a sadness in the room while I was preparing to go back home. I looked over toward him. He was in a fetal-like position with his eyes closed. I sat back on the bed and gave him a hug, reached out and touched his hand. He grabbed onto my hand with an intensity that felt very genuine. It surprised me at the time, and I genuinely felt bad for having to leave.

I could feel an intense desperation when I chose to close the door on him for good. I could feel the pain of his inner child, the pain of not knowing how to get his needs met, the pain of his childhood. Our last conversation may never entirely leave me. I sometimes regret accepting his phone call, but the conversation helped to strengthen my decision to abandon ship.

I really had to fight myself after that conversation, as I was very aware of what was going on within him by that time. He unknowingly confirmed all that I had sensed, all that I had picked up on. How can you trust someone who will always put themselves, their feelings, their needs ahead of you? You cannot stay open to someone like that. You must protect yourself, your heart. Put your compassion to the side and preserve your mental/emotional health.

In my experience, narcissists do not like being alone.

Narcissists have lots of demons inside, more than most people. Narcissists are unable to face these demons, come to terms with them, and shift them into a better place by doing inner work and healing. They simply are incapable of doing this.

These demons are running loose inside the narcissist, out of control.

Instead, narcissists try and suppress their demons. But suppressing the demons can cause a lot of internal pressure to build up. Hence, they need a target to project these demons onto.

The only way the narcissist can relieve the pressure of the demons, is through projection. Otherwise the narcissists implode from the pressure, and obviously they can't have that.

Therefore, narcissists struggle being alone, because being alone means they are without a scapegoat to project their demons onto.

They need someone to take the pressure off them, and absorb this. In other words, they need someone to take on their pain… their demons. (HINT: new supply)

And this person should always be at their service.

The Round Table / Re: Tales From The Narc Side
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 11:56:32 AM »

6 hours ago
Narcissist as a wolf in sheep's clothing.:
"If you feel sad, I  can eat you."

6 hours ago
New supply or supplies were sat in the wings waiting. Probably totally unaware they are about to enter one of the most toxic abusive relationships of their life. I have to accept he will be destroying more lives... women and children....I feel desperate for them.

6 hours ago
God bless the new supply as they unknowingly encounter the eventual toxicity!! Andrew -Thank you for these educational sessions!! All folks please heed Andrew's unparalleled knowledge, wisdom and instruction about these narcissistic topics!! Love and encouragement to you Andrew and all community folks!!
The Round Table / Re: The FAILURE FILES. A Ron Tello Studios Production
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 11:29:08 AM »
:mobbing: :castle: :sniper:
The Round Table / Re: Tales From The Narc Side
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 11:22:52 AM »
A Ron Tello Studios Production

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The Round Table / Re: The FAILURE FILES. A Ron Tello Studios Production
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 11:08:43 AM »
:smee!: "Snipe!"
The Round Table / The FAILURE FILES. A Ron Tello Studios Production
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 11:02:46 AM »
 :tello:   They're out there. You know the ones...people who tell ya "Yeah, ok!"
and come up with NO.

This is not about Trust anymore.

Now it's about Evidence...and the hours of entertainment it can be.

In this Blog, we shall explore the deeper hidden meaning of Tello vs. everybody.

That's how they want it, fine. Game ON!

People are Content, full of themselves and rich in No Team Enzymes, many flavors to choose from and non-habit forming.

[EDITOR'S NOTE] Everything is true, except the parts that are not.
The Round Table / Re: Tales From The Narc Side
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 10:14:32 AM »
The Round Table / Re: Tales From The Narc Side
« Last post by tellomon on June 21, 2024, 10:05:48 AM »
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