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Comedian canceled by venue for 'inappropriate jokes' gets last laugh

Stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz was set to appear in Toronto, Canada, for a stop in his comedy tour. However the venue he was allegedly booked at decided to cancel the event because he tells "inappropriate jokes." Schulz not only recovered from being canceled, but he went and sold out an even bigger venue multiple times.

Schulz – a comedian known for his hilarious and biting crowd work – is currently on his "Infamous Tour." Schulz said he was booked at the Massey Hall in Toronto – his only tour date in Canada.

Schulz claims that management for Massey Hall had second thoughts about hosting his comedy show at its venue.

Schulz said in a video posted on social media, "Massey Hall hit me up a few weeks ago and they said, 'Hey we have to cancel your shows. We looked you up and you tell inappropriate jokes. And we no longer want inappropriate jokes on our stage so we have to cancel your shows.'"

The politically incorrect comedian also said that the board for Massey Hall found his 4-part Netflix comedy special "Schulz Saves America" to be controversial.

Schulz told blogTO – a website devoted to Toronto culture and entertainment – that he received the notice of the cancellation of his comedy gig at Massey Hall only a week before tickets went on sale.


He was great in Hogans Heroes
We watched the Space Shuttle Challenger together that one fateful morning.
Bob wasn't too surprised. He knew the jokers behind the NASA Curtain.
Had inside info.
Cold temps did it; it was a foolish, pre-mature launch.
And Reagan politics drove it to oblivion.

And there were Bob's Tall Tales of how he
"drank the Russians under the table".
That's how and when ya steal trade secrets.

Cold War, warm beer. That's how Bob lived, in those days.
One day at the house, I answered the phone.

"Hi, may I speak with Bob, please?"

"Yes, may I say who's calling?"

"This is Buzz Aldren".

It was a *ZING* moment for me.
I used to share a Topanga flop house with this guy.

In his head, he’s designing rockets.

Robert J. Salkeld has sold copies of The Santa Fe New Mexican at the corner of Alameda Street and Don Gaspar Avenue since Sept. 23, 1991.

He’s been creating single-stage shuttles, dual-fuel engines and reusable spacecraft much longer than that. He holds seven patents and expects the U.S. Patent Office to award his eighth this fall.

“It’s a hobby,” he said, during a recent interview.

Designing spacecraft used to be his living.

Look what I found in my eDumpster....

[Lawmen or Suspects. -Admin]
What--me Christmas?
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