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Where is Tello in this current crisis? ;D :missing:
And we still have bigger and better fires than america
Ah.... I don't mean to be alarmist, but there's something growing out of your head.
Hairy Christmess and Happy Tooth Year from your favorite Underground under-rated Counter-Culture Advocate and Political escaped-Prisoner!

(This is not about a bogus life-experience rant or the painful delineation on the duration and effects of aging....
This is about the MOP!
This hair is nearly 62 years going on and most of you young people are NOT half that way. My cronies can't compete!
Respect my Authoritay!
And hire the Old Mook of your choice, depending on how they hype their profile! Geezers can be Cannibals, too!)

... and a Happy Holidays to you, too.

(We say Merry Christmas down here .... for the most part ... for the time being ... )
Well, at least we know it's you - and that your account hasn't been hacked.
100 % Optimism
Zero results.

You have officially nullified my faith in humanity, south of the equatedor.

All of you, every one.

12-12-2019: Can we get serious here, now?
When? You go first.

Then, me?

I was already spoken for about 10 years ago around this site.

Don't recall the details, but it was cheeky!

Something about "My YES" going head to butthead with the American people, government and their bloody pagan gods.

I'm not retired from riteous conflict yet.
Hot blood is quicker than cold liquor.

I specialize in a curious combo.


:tello:   "Crissy sucks only if other wankahs allow it to pour upon yer head. Give up lest ye be a victim of the symptom."
                                       :xmasinside: :sniper: 
We have fires too

Anything they can do we can do better
run for the hills
California is on fire

What if I run to you? Can I crash out in your flat? Feed me, gimme chores and allow my vices?  :sam2gun:     :drummer:    :biker:    :beerontap:     :drinkwine:
   :bubbly:    :arrg:
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