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The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on March 06, 2019, 11:16:56 AM »
I'm composing a brief Bio.
Proofreaders wanted.

Hello again my Friend:

Here's a Background Briefing of myself, to give you and others insight to my current situation...and things that need help from a select group of interested and concerned fellow Americans. That's who I want today.

I come from humble middle-class beginnings in El Monte, Ca since 1958.
The Mayor was my next door neighbour; the Hangin' Judge lived down the street, and across the street was Arroyo High School. It made for a volatile mix of American Culture in my wee Capricorn mind.

Counter-Culture was my favorite subject in the Classroom of Life. The AHS Campus was my Playground. The Janitors were my Teachers. The students were agitators, and I found Treasures in the trash and capitalized from it. (Supplemental income aside from my Paper Route. I had to feed my MAD Magazine habit, dontcha know?). And ultimately, I "knew the answers" to the trick questions that The System asked long before my Freshman year.

I was an ambitious lad, full of piss and vinegar, angst and disdain; rebellion and a fervent need to defect from the societal norm on the grounds of  intellectual & moral principles, and common sense.
And everybody was watching me. Mothers, Church, Nosey Neighbours, Admin and State. And that guy over there. He works overtime.

I evolved to be an Artist in my youth. Straight "A's" K-12. My talents raised suspicions in the Parlance of Admin.
One day, a Saturday, in 5th Grade I went Downtown and took a test. At the end, the man in white asked if I wanted to go to the 6th Grade come Monday. I declined, saying I would never survive past first recess.
  That put me on a Watch List.

After having failed keyboards, string and brass instruments in Elementary School and blasting Los Angeles AM Boss Radio from 1968 to 1972, I decided to play drums after banging my head against selected walls, and learning to believe the Message of Rock and Roll.
        The Saga of Remo Ron begins here.

High School was the formative years of an aspiring young: Drummer; Disc Jockey and an Advertising Graphic Artist.

I did it all.
My first flyer was for a local Car Club cruise on Hunnington Blvd. in 1974. The next day the Arcadia cops are on my phone, shaking me down for the What For. I said "It's advertising. I made the flyer. It has my number on it. You called me, right?"
  All the cops wanted to do was search and destroy the kids and their cars.
I was on another Watch List.

Now get this:
The first thing in September 1975, my Senior Year, I did something really big.
I proposed, produced and broadcasted on the Morning Announcements an LA FM Rock Radio-quality scripted spot for the Friday Night After-Game Dances. (Before me, they were nothing.)
  Personally, I went from an El Monte nobody drumming wannabe, to an Instant Cultural Icon in the Rock and Roll genre, all over the land. It happened in 60 seconds that fateful 1975 morning.
        That's when I was put on the Double-Secret Probation Watch List.

See, Authority, AKA Admin. does not like to share the Power and Control Spotlight with me. After 3 shows they shut me down, sighting "a lack of interest". Compare that lie to the Petition I distributed to get me on the air twice a week. 2000+ signatures in 5 days and it's still in my Evidence Archives. The older I got, the bigger the lies and I knew that Rebels are made, and not born. I had lots of friends then, and they were trouble; I was a reporter. I journaled. I still do.


The Round Table / Re: Free-Range Whinging: The truth of persuit.
« Last post by tellomon on March 02, 2019, 07:22:10 AM »
ATTN: Sheilas and Blokes: Older and Wiser...the Tello saga continues. I trust that you won't think this is easy, cuz it ain't.

:tello:  "word"
The Round Table / Re: Lawyers, Media and Others ONLY!!!
« Last post by tellomon on March 02, 2019, 07:18:59 AM »
ATTN: Sheilas and Blokes: Older and Wiser...the Tello saga continues. I trust that you won't think this is easy, cuz it ain't.

:tello:  "word"
ATTN: Sheilas and Blokes: Older and Wiser...the Tello saga continues. I trust that you won't think this is easy, cuz it ain't.

:tello:  "word"
The Round Table / Re: There is LAW and there is ANARCHY...
« Last post by tellomon on March 02, 2019, 07:17:08 AM »
ATTN: Sheilas and Blokes: Older and Wiser...the Tello saga continues. I trust that you won't think this is easy, cuz it ain't.

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The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on March 02, 2019, 07:15:39 AM »
ATTN: Sheilas and Blokes: Older and Wiser...the Tello saga continues. I trust that you won't think this is easy, cuz it ain't.

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The Round Table / Re: There is LAW and there is ANARCHY...
« Last post by tellomon on March 02, 2019, 04:50:02 AM »
The Round Table / Re: Lawyers, Media and Others ONLY!!!
« Last post by tellomon on March 01, 2019, 05:19:23 PM »
LOOKIE! A genuine nugget from an archive I found. Very relevant. And inflammatory.

The Continuing Saga of the "A Street House Crime Scene"
December 17, 2010 at 8:24 PM

From: Ron Tello []
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 10:38 AM
To: James Mathes
Subject: Duke Brown case


What is being done about this matter?

I would like a case #, and information on what has been done, what will be done.
If you and the Sheriffs Dept. fail to perform on this case, I shall take it to a higher authority.
What can I expect?

Please reply ASAP.


From: James Mathes
Subject: RE: Duke Brown case
To: "Ron Tello" <>
Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010, 7:58 PM

This case has been forwarded to the Elko County Sheriffs Office Detectives unit.  There is evidence that a crime has been committed, but you may get more satisfaction from a civil suit against Mr. Brown.  I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you, but I was on vacation for two week and have been ill and off of work.

Deputy Mathes


RE: Duke Brown case
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3:21 PM
"Ron Tello" <>
James Mathes

 Better late than never as your delayed response goes. Thx for that, I suppose.

 Let me tell you what I got:

> There was a Detective here on October 20th. I didn't catch his name. He said he's on the Duke case; Had interviewed Duke & Duke admitted to taking my property but refuses to return it.

  The Detective told me he didn't know where Duke lives, I told him where he lives, plus he works at the Store.

   He informed me that the Case was on the D.A.'s desk, it was his next move.

   I asked the D.A. for Case Number, he said he didn't have it with him but would email it to me. I gave my card with my em addy & he went away.

  [An after-thought soon occurred to me: "Where did he interview Duke if he didn't know where he lives & works?" This appears very suspicious to me.]

 I never heard from him or ANYBODY from the Po Po ever again, except for this here, your email to me.

 > I called the D.A.'s Office:

 Nov. 16 : Spoke with Darla, she issued the "Runaround".

 Nov. 18 : Darla again; says the DA sent to Sheriffs a request for more info, namely Duke's DOB.

 [ WHAT? Stall Tactics? Subtle hint that no action will be taken? And what about Standard Procedure--
 DOB is ascertained during THE BOOKING PROCESS! ]

 I gave Darla Duke's cell phone #. She gave me the Case # 11206.

 Dec. 14 : I called the D.A.'s office again. Got Darla's machine, I left a message asking for case disposition.

  Then I called Rob Lowe. ( I dealt with him several years ago when he let Curtis & Leslie Head get away with B & E at my Rental Property, same one Duke looted. )

 I connected to Rob's machine, left message.

 > To date: Duke has threatened me with vague hostile intent. Tried to pick a fight with me on my porch
 and is generally hostile towards me--his damaged mind has him convinced that I am the Bad Guy.
  Imagine that?

 I did comment in my Incident Report that Duke is a Danger & Menace, but who cares about that, or
 ANYTHING about this case, my Rights or Law & Order in both Spirit and Letter?

 This is what I got:
 > A known criminal did a known & REPORTED crime.

 > Elko County Law continues in their fine tradition of corruption, incompetence, indifference, neglect & Breach of demonstrating to me ONCE AGAIN.....that they "just don't care".

 > Perp roams freely in this town, unrestrained from commiting further acts of lawlessness and rude

 > I didn't have my stolen property returned. Police inaction translates to "Double Victimization".



 And NO! I won't calm down. I refuse to continue living in a land where lawlessness is normal and Justice
 is an antiquated metaphore for "Whatever, dude".

 >Excuse me...what is your Job Title & Description? I'm not clear about who to trust and who to avoid.

 > This shite is getting old and intolerable.

   You said you were going to help me, as IF you were really dedicated to DOING REAL POLICE WORK.

    I'm not "satisfied" --your word in your message herein.

   Furthermore, you suggest that I take my Grievance to Civil Court.

   That is typically a "Playbook Strategy" of The Elko Sheriffs.

   According to it, MURDER is a Civil Matter in this town.

   So how about I test that Lame Policy?

   I'll confront Duke, call him out on his shite....and shoot him dead.

   What's the Cops gonna do--arrest me?

 Herein belies my Legal Theory: If the Law insists upon failing to work towards my could it logically, respectfully and Legally act towards my Detriment????

   Can you say "Conundrum" ?

   No disrespect to you Personally, Sir, but I find your email message to be faulty, inconsistent with Procedure & Protocol, is an affront to American Justice & Values; is demonstrative of the Truth about the Department's double standards (which I profess daily) and quite simply stated: "Bullshit! Wrong answer. No prize for you..thanks for playing our game".

   Don't insult my intelligence with that "Civil Suit" jazz. We both know he has no assets to "satisfy" anything, AND...he refuses to return to me my property...which he UNLAWFULLY took from me.

   I'll say it again: Law Enforcement won't go after the Thieving Perps....why the felafel would it come for me after I have finished dispatching a lovely round of FRONTIER JUSTICE???

   This is a serious question.

   I anticipate your serious answer.

   That is all.
   -Ron Tello Culley
   (This email is being monitored for Quality Assurance.)

                      <END TRANSMISSION>


Re:your e-mail to Deputy Mathes
Friday, December 17, 2010 9:10 AM
"Kevin McKinney" <>
"Ron Tello" <>
"James Mathes" <>

 Mr. Culley:

 It has come to my attention that you sent a vaguely threatening e-mail to Deputy Mathes recently.  Thank you for your concern about the workings of the Sheriff’s Office, however I assure you that at no time has your case been ignored.

 I did conduct a telephone interview with Mr. Brown in reference to your allegation of theft, and so your suspicions regarding the interview should hopefully now be put to rest.  I did submit the report to the Elko County District Attorney’s Office for review and charging.

 Unfortunately, I misplaced your business card, and so was unable to send you an e-mail with the case number attached to it.  I will correct this oversight now.  Your case number is: 10-11206.

 I did not receive the original request from the District Attorney’s Office about the necessity of Mr. Brown’s date of birth.  I received an e-mail from the District Attorney’s Office on 12/14/10 at about 4:55 p.m., asking for Mr. Brown’s date of birth and I provided a supplement report to them that contained Mr. Brown’s date of birth on 12/15/10 at about 8:30 a.m.  As you can see, there was no stall tactic involved in this case, just a technological glitch whereby I did not get an intended message.

 I believe that your accusations that the Elko County Sheriff’s Office is corrupt, incompetent, indifferent and neglectful are without merit.  Your report, along with the other 15000+ calls for service that the Elko County Sheriff’s Office has received over the course of this year have been prioritized and investigated. 
 Unfortunately, The Elko County Sheriff’s Office does not have the resources to devote an investigator to your case full time.

 In October of 2010, I was the only deputy assigned to the Investigations Division of the Sheriff’s Office.  I worked on a total of 47 cases in October.  I believe that you would agree that your report and investigation should not be any more important than the other 46 cases that I investigated just as  it should not be any less important than the other 46 cases that I investigated.  With only 160 hours in a work month, not counting overtime, I was only able to devote an average of 3.4 hours to each case.  As you can see, this time restraint does not allow me to spend the amount of time on your case that would normally be spent.   This is the sad fact of a department that is perpetually shorthanded, due to budget and personnel restraints.

 All of the name calling, threatening  and blustering that you have done so far to Deputy Mathes has probably done more harm to your case than good, since these e-mails will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office as evidence.  You would probably agree that when a person gets on the stand to testify, their credibility is in question.  If and when you were called upon the stand to testify  against Mr. Brown, his defense attorney will probably use the e-mails that you sent to Deputy Mathes to impeach you and paint you to the jury as a person who is dangerous and not credible.  The jury might believe the defense and therefore acquit Mr. Brown based upon your actions, and not those of Mr. Brown or of the Elko County Sheriff’s Office.

 I would suggest to you that you cease with the threats, and take no action whatsoever against Mr. Brown.  At this point your allegations against Mr. Brown are being reviewed by the Elko County District Attorney’s Office for possible criminal prosecution. 
 Deputy Mathes was correct when he advised you that you could also file a civil suit against Mr. Brown for damages and lost revenue.  At this point, these are the legal recourses that you have against Mr. Brown.  Any other actions taken against Mr. Brown by you would probably be illegal.

 If you would like to have a conversation regarding your case, I would be happy to speak with you.  I will not however take any verbal abuse from you.

 Again, I would like to thank you for your concern and want to assure you that we are trying to help you in your allegations against Mr. Brown in every way that we have a legal ability to do so.

 Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

 Sgt. Kevin McKinney
 Investigations Division
 Elko County Sheriff's Office
 Elko, Nevada
    This is what I say about that^:

 The FIRST thing to strike me as SUSS is......"What about the past 5 case reports I made, where I was ripped off for over $25K USD???"

 The Second thing: ONLY after I rattled their cage with my EM to Mathes did I get a response. And WHY didn't the Lackey at the D.A.'s office return my phone messages requesting the case #?????  I got that # by going after them. And see in the above EM that only now does McKinney give me the #....

 It's ALL LAME, and what--the cops are angry at me cuz I used harsh language??? It may be used against me in court???
 You know something Mr. Po Po: I DINT COMMIT ANY CRIMES! LOL!  I'll pull out my Heavy Artillery of the Past Reports I've filed..the one's ignored, and then we'll have a dummy spitting contest! Lord have Mercy!
Your Comments Welcome, please!

Ron Tello Culley: Please post Intelligent Comments; ANYTHING that makes more sense than the Po Po writings. THX!

Ron Tello Culley: LOL! "vaguely threatening". Go ahead, build a "vaguely solid case" against me. Oh, and nevermind that the PERP roams free, and he's got my fucken Sofa & stuff. NOT a crime in Elko County. ...just a "misunderstanding".
*cop DERP*

Ron Tello Culley: McKinney wrote: " If and when you were called upon the stand to testify against Mr. Brown, his defense attorney will probably use the e-mails that you sent to Deputy Mathes to impeach you and paint you to the jury as a person who is dangerous and not credible."
I say:
#1: I'm not on Trial. I dint do any crimes, and my Record proves it.
#2: Sure, and while yer bizzy ripping on me, why not ignore the Case Facts that Duke failed to keep up with the $ he owes me; he failed to complete the chores on the Property; he had NO written agreement; he cut the lock on the electric meter (submitted as evidence) and he posted two (2) nasty, threatening messages on my phone machine (submitted as evidence) and he looted the house as the photographic (submitted) evidence does indicate. He owes $ all over town; is a known drunk; he's selling pot out of his new flophouse, and there's no shortage of testimony in town stating that he's an "unsavory character and they don't like him being around here"; and, his ex-wife ain't digging on his shite, either.
Fuckyeah! Let him walk. And his next caper may be YOUR HOUSE.

"When I took the oath of office in 2007, I promised several changes within the Sheriff’s Office. I told you that I would return Leadership and Integrity to the Sheriff’s Office, Reduce and Prevent crime through Teamwork and Collaboration and be fiscally responsible. The three greatest accomplishments in this term have been to increase information sharing, improve drug interdiction and investigation strategies, and raise the level of professionalism at the Sheriff’s Office.
Since taking office I have implemented new policies and procedures throughout the Sheriff’s Office. I take all complaints seriously and investigate all violations of policy or the law. Employees are held accountable for intentional violations or mistakes."

-Sheriff Dale Lotspeich
Tello: DAMN! Why can't I just get HAPPY about this?
John Wreckmaster: Lets try this. Hi I work at McDonalds. I serve 240 meals a day, which means I have 2 minutes per meal, not counting overtime. So once your 2 minutes are up, I guess you don't get your meal?

  Oh boo hoo they are under-staffed and under-funded. Tell them you will put the small claims court fees into their widows and orphans fund if they get your property back. Either you have sufficient evidence to charge the thief or you do not. If you do then action is expected!
  Whoops hazardous waste tanker rolls over on the main drag in Elko! We have a major disaster on our hands, but sorry the deputy is only going to be around for the first 3.4 hours- I guess the town is on its own after that?
  The rest is purely automatic responses by 'the man'! They threaten you so you will back off. Reverse the situation so suddenly you are in the wrong? When you are a civil servant, there is no such thing as customer service. You don't listen to your clients (the public) or your masters (again...the public)!
Power without control, constraint or discretion... Its a sick sad world!
Ron Tello Culley: A different take on the same theme [thx to Tessa of the OzRT, writing for me]:

 Dear Sir,
 Thank you for your communication dated December 18th, 2010.

 I appreciate the time you have taken to reply to me; however, I feel I must address certain points of inaccuracy, lack of context and skewing of perspective in your communication. I say this with all due respect.

 Firstly – I must ask you to explain what you mean by “vaguely threatening e-mail to Deputy Mathes”. What was it I threatened? I am also not sure that “vaguely” as a qualifier to the adjective “threatening” makes logical sense, as either something is a threat or it is not. Is it possible you have misread the very natural frustration of a man pushed to his limits by what has seemed to him to be inaction from the forces on the law in respect of his report of a criminal act?
I do ask you to consider this point, and I will be happy to hear from you in explication if you do honestly feel I have been “vaguely threatening”.

 Secondly – thank you for informing me now that you have indeed conducted a telephone interview with Mr. Brown and that you have submitted the report to the Elko County District Attorney’s Office for review and charging. You mention that you misplaced my business card and that this is why you were not able to send me an e-mail with the case number. I am at a loss to understand why what I can only describe as professional carelessness in losing the business card of a complainant concerning a criminal act excuses you, though, from contacting me. Mr. Mathes has my contact information. My phone number is on file.
 Can you explain to me why you did not phone me in respect of this information, as per procedural requirements? You call this an “oversight”; I am not sure that you ought to be so blasé about this. Being careless with the contact details of people who report crimes to you is certainly not something that is in your job description, and I must ask you to admit that I had a right to feel concerned that I was not contacted.

 Thirdly, you state that you “did not receive the original request from the District Attorney’s Office about the necessity of Mr. Brown’s date of birth.” Was this request sent by email? Are you saying that an email from the D.A.’s office went missing in transit? I would be very concerned by this; what other emails have you failed to receive? In your position – investigating crimes – the failure of communication becomes not merely annoying, but possibly life-threatening if the information is in respect of dangerous crimes.
 However, is it possible that you may simply have overlooked the email in question? Is it possible that this is not a “technological glitch” but rather a second example of an “oversight” as with the business card you misplaced? Is it perhaps even possible that it is a second example of your failure to follow through with appropriate action, such as your not looking at the file and phoning me with the case number?
 Forgive me if I appear sceptical and somewhat fed up. But as you can see, so far there were TWO failures to either communicate or act on communication in respect of this case.

 You have taken issue with the notion that the Elko County Sheriff’s Office is corrupt, incompetent, indifferent and neglectful. I certainly understand your perspective. Perhaps you can understand mine – as you have already shown by the two points above that there is a degree of indifference (failure to check the file to contact me), incompetence (loss of complainant’s business card; “glitch” with original request from the D.A.’s office), and neglect (I was not contacted by ANY means, and the request concerning Mr. Brown’s date of birth was not acted upon until 12/15/10). I accept that these may give the APPEARANCE of corruption while not actually being corrupt. Perhaps we can agree on this?

 Fourthly, I am sorry to hear that the Elko County Sheriff’s Office is poorly resourced. I don’t expect a full-time investigator to be assigned to my case; just an email or phone call to advise me on the case status would be appreciated, and if you could possibly make sure that requests from the D.A.’s office are replied to in a timely manner, that would be wonderful.
 I hope there are sufficient resources for that.

 Fifthly, I am sorry to hear that a crime reported to the police might be adversely affected by the complainant’s honestly expressed exasperation at hearing nothing of the case. I do hope that my e-mails (including this one) are indeed submitted to the District Attorney’s Office as evidence; they do demonstrate that I have not been kept informed, have been given the run-around, have had cause to feel ignored and neglected, and in general to feel that nothing was being done in respect of this case.

  I am also sorry to hear that a person’s exasperation at feeling ignored in respect of a criminal case could possibly lead to him being depicted on the stand as “dangerous and not credible”. Are you sure you want to go down that path? Does not my legitimate concern at being neglected and having my complaint ignored (legitimate because I was not contacted, not kept informed even once) actually depict the Sheriff’s Office in a rather bad light, as having failed in respect of its duty towards me? You have already admitted to professional carelessness.
  I am prepared not to take that issue any further, but I wonder whether you are prepared to admit that this behaviour has CONTRIBUTED to my exasperation.
  It would a shocking and sad thing if America’s laws involved the complainant being required not to be annoyed at being ignored, not to feel exasperated at the lack of evidence that his case is being pursued.
  Are complainants required to take a vow of meek and wordless suffering? If so, it’s the first I have heard of it. If, for example, a complainant’s annoyance (to put it no stronger than that) at his wife and children being murdered were to prejudice the jury against him in favour of the defense, my goodness! Are you sure about that?

 Sixthly, we return to the issue of threats; you have not explained what threats I have made. If I have indeed made any threats, please outline them to me and of course I will comply with your suggestion that I “cease with the threats”.

 Seventhly, you reiterate Deputy Mathes’ advise that I could file a civil suit against Mr. Brown. I must advise you in return that I can see no good outcome in a civil suit against Mr. Brown for damages and lost revenue, as Mr. Brown has no assets, is in debt to many in the town, is an habitual drunkard, is on record as an unsavoury character, and I strongly suspect is involved with selling marijuana from his current abode. If you can see any point in my filing suit against Mr. Brown in light of this information, by all means, please advise me to go ahead.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Ron Tello Culley

Ron Tello Culley Ya heard of "Cyber-Crimes".... This is CYBER EVIDENCE! And I'm out to nail those Blue Lackeys, BIG TIME!!!!

I'll bet you steal babies from candy, too.

Well at least I don't sit on the TV and watch the sofa!

Can anyone believe this?  :lmao: :lol: :muffled: :banana: :bowboy:

The Round Table / Re: Blatant hijacking - into the "Sin Bin"
« Last post by tellomon on March 01, 2019, 12:40:35 PM »
Darn right I am! No charge.

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