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Marc Bynum
15 hrs ·
You may disagree with my point of view and you may be offended by it, but I am always willing to listen. You present your point of view, I present mine. But, nothing will ever move forward unless we both listen. Until that happens, everyone will be enemies and nothing, and I mean NOTHING will get better. Your choice. How people treat YOU is what matters. What they think is always up for debate. Without some kind of mutual respect, regardless of opinions, we'll be doomed to a tug-of-war in which there are no winners, only losers.

Charles de Young Exactly. Always been a good conversation or even debate that was exactly that. Whats changed is the amount of emotion attached to the subject. Some things are at an extreme now. So the feelings are as well. We are not in a time where an exchange of ideas and opinions is taken lightly.

If someone has an opinion, for example, to support some political ideas or some politicians, and voice those opinions or support to me, I have to ask why or try to explain my position if it runs against that politician. Because I made my decision to dislike that particular politician based on his agenda and how he votes and what he is doing.

If I have that level of dislike for a politician he has done something that directly effected me and my life negatively.
Not like the 80s when laws were passed and good or bad they didn't create a direct problem for me or my family.

Now the laws are felt.
One example is healthcare. I'm not talking about seeing a doctor every few months for a checkup, I'm talking about my M.S. and a real disability, me and a million others with disease or injury are directly affected by some politians agenda and policy.

With that said. An opinion supporting a politician is an emotional thing.
And depending on your stance is seen as a disregard for basic human needs or an attack on my quality of life.
Opinions and beliefs are more emotional now than ever before for those who lose quality of life because some politician is voting based on corp sponsorship.
The U.S. is losing to corp greed and the citizens are paying for it socially.

MaryWitchie Hall and it is totally irrational to expect everyone to agree with you....the beauty in our world is our diversity...we're not supposed to be the same.
Who can we trust?

Ashley Risnes is looking for recommendations.
3 hrs
Who do I contact for a possible campfire/campers in the forest? Arrowhead area.

Christina Chumley should know...NO campfires here in the mountains

Ashley Risnes Christina Chumley well apparently they don’t 🤷???

Christina Chumley Ashley Risnes I know that's why I was informing her. If your not from here one could very well not know 👍🙂

Brenda Steinert Christina Chumley other than all the signage all over the mountain.

David Starinieri You want to have a fire or you see someone having a fire? Either way it’s illegal! If you see someone having a fire call 911.

Ron Tello Culley Stoke up a microwave oven instead, you can still make Smores.

Steven Michael King shared a post.
Yesterday at 3:24 PM
How about lets bring this bat to our mountains to increase the diversity!
It will be both fun and interesting....dont ya think?

Historical Pictures
July 28, 2018
This is a hammerhead bat. It's a real creature, and it is exactly what nightmares are made of.

Patricia Calcott No thank you

Mon Maynor NO!!!

Ron Tello Culley NIGHTMARE FUEL: your tank is full.


Ron Tello Culley  Of all the things to say that are gonna make us say "we're doomed", THIS just may very well be it.
Here is this today:
Ron Burt
20 hrs · since 7:40pm PST
Now DirecTV can't broadcast channel 9? Worst cable service I have ever had, and I've tried them all. Makes my decision to cut the cord that much easier.

Teresa G Maze  We had them years ago I absolutely hated them and their customer service, Kirk actually got into a yelling match over the phone with them. We have had dish for the last 7 years and I absolutely love love love them. They fix things right away never had a problem great customer service.

Gail Burt  DirecTV was good for years, but man when they started going downhill, it was a gay ride to the bottom. We're happy with DISH, too

Steve Sirotnak I heard they might be losing cbs too. Get spectrum

Steve Sirotnak Or just get good internet and stream live TV on everything.. that's the way the world's headed

Starr Zerrenner Vorck Look into YouTube TV. It's all casting through wifi but its half the cost and I've never had issues with any channels. It also has local channels

Debbi Paul Kramer Unversed also dropped these channels.
Why do they do this? We pay enough. Every cable company has their problems. Time to cut the cord.

Sandy Rose Miller Direct is awful. Their installers are lazy. Rick got into it with their installer , Rick told him to get off the property. The guy was to lazy to put the dish where we wanted it, and wouldn't run fresh coax and install it under the house . He wanted to make lines run outside and too visible.

Kirk Murray My Direct Bill Went Up $60 and I Had to quit to get it lowered.They would not deal with Me until I Quit. Now I get a Much Lower Price and so it goes with the Territory. My AT&T internet I had to quit as well and they turned it off with a switch in an Office. Getting it back requires a Tech to come OUT??????????????????

Rich Gallego They lost me when they didn’t pick up the Dodger channel.

Jan Spencer Get a roku, Ron! Or apple tv 😁.

Ron Tello Culley
Kill Your Television

Ron Tello Culley You'll thank me later as I'm watching my favorite shows.


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The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on July 20, 2019, 10:42:18 AM »
No, seriously, let me tell you what a wankah this guy was to me:

Long ago in the Land Of Tello, at the Cowboy Bar, there was a medical incident involving scamming drifters who set up shop in town. One of them was a "Special Needs" woman who had another spazz attack.

I was seated at the bar, talking with Barbara, a proprietor, and I said " Geez, check it out: Anytime I have
an emergency problem around here I get nothing. Now this Lump gets a greasy french fry in her hair and the whole fuggin' County shows up in full force. It just ain't fair".

Barbara agreed.

Aitor told me to "Shut Up".

I told him "HEY! This is MY House buddy and Free Speech is the Rule around here".

Aitor copped an attitude, made a note and buggered off.

The nerve of any cop going on with that shite is just not acceptable, but it's Standard Procedure in Elko.

Do you dislike my story?  :vent:
Me too.
The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on July 20, 2019, 10:29:09 AM »
Now, about the new Sheriff, Aitor:

Pfffttt....same old inbred Party Line.

My Goals


The citizens of Elko County have asked me, "What would you like to accomplish if elected as Sheriff?" The answer is clear. When I am elected as your Sheriff, I will work hard to make the Citizens of Elko County feel safe and secure by promoting the highest quality protection and service that you want and deserve.

As your Sheriff, there are several areas I will address head on.
Safety in Schools: The current School Resource Officer Program has done a great job; but with the increases in threats by active assailants, even in our own county, we need to do more. Working with the Elko County School District and other local Law Enforcement Agencies, I plan to increase surveillance, increase training not only of our deputies, but work with the School District's personnel to help them become better prepared to look for signs of possible threats. I will listen to parents as to their concerns and work to implement the best possible options available. 

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse: These issues tear at my heart. I will work the District Attorney's to help prosecute these offenders to the full extent of the law. By adding another Detective to respond and investigate these crimes, we can tackle these cases faster and get justice on behalf of the victim. 

Illegal Drug Use and Abuse Investing more man power into the Narcotics Task Forces is not the only solution. We need to continue to combat the sources and the suppliers and stop the influx of drugs to our community.  I will reach out to other jurisdictions across county lines and work with them to attack this problem.

Mental Health: Working in the field of law enforcement for 23 years, I have witnessed so many individuals who need help.  I will work with mental help professionals, the State Public Health and Services to bring needed resources to Elko County and create a program to address issues with inmates at the Elko County Jail. 

Why do I want to be Sheriff? I made a promise to my father before he passed away; I will work relentlessly for the citizens of Elko County (except Ron Tello) to protect, serve and make them feel safe.
[:tello: "Actual safety is not guaranteed nor a priority, so don't kid yerself, man..."]

I would appreciate your vote.
Thank You
Aitor Narviaza
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