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:tello:    Do not pardon my intrusion post as I have no idea what's going on, off or over here...sniope-a-lot!

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:tello: "I dint become a Part Time Philosopher only to end up being an eternal Jack Ass.
That gig happened with those other guys."

Me? Get used to the fact that I dont ride the Short Bus. I drive it.

All aboard!!

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Luisa Jaquish Demorest is with Debbie Cook and 8 others.
8 hrs ·
*Apparently none of my Pilot Valley friends recognize their description either! Hmm.. and yes I always carry*
 :tello:  "THIS IS MONTELLO shite!"
Ok Pilot Valley friends, I'm going to rant.. as some of you know I have property west(ish) of you. I have been up here all day when I noticed dust coming up my road from pilot valley road. With all the thieves running amuck I watched. First they went to the new place below me.. they turned around and headed towards Audrey Crowes. They turned around yet again and headed back towards my place. When they reached my cross road they turned south, then backed up and came straight up my 2nd road which dead ends at a fence(with no traspassing marked). They proceeded to go around my fence through the brush, headed to the mountains.
I of course went in hot pursuit. I caught them at the mine shafts. They are driving a newer white flatbed truck, extended cab with a white toolbox on the back. The driver was an older small Hispanic guy. One passenger was a female, one male both probably 30ish. The driver was extremely rude when I told him he had just trespassed through my property and wanted me to prove I owned it. They also tried telling me the road disappeared at my place (well duh, you just were on a perfectly fine road). The older man told me to go back to "where the felafel I came from"
So my question is, who are the people? They claim to live in Pilot Valley but wouldn't give a name!

18JT Trevathan and 17 others

Wendy Marie Rachal So awful. Sorry😢

Staci Seidler-Fowler Just be careful out there by yourself don't know what they might do

Rick Young I hope you were armed! You never know what nits are around

Debbie Cook This place is crawling with hunters. I'll keep my eye open for that truck.
Tonya Evans I guess I would've pulled that piece on out... Crazy Gringo!

Marsha Martin Things are changing for the worse around here.

Ammy E Pearson SHOOT THEM!

Katie Hughes Get a whole set of "im a crazy beatch" and "youve trespassed on the wrong f'ing property" signs... like in the movie Secondhand Lions... line your road with em. Then shoot their tires and call the authorities. They can walk back to town.

Cheri Weighall So sorry this happened to you
JT Trevathan Always carry

Kathy Warren I'll keep an eye out too. stay safe!

Shellie Sharp Christensen I’ll keep an eye out.

Don Adair That sucks.there are some new people that want to pull city stuff out here and it ain’t gonna work

Kelley Tuttle Get a double barrel 410 and when they question you shove that sucker up there nose and ask very nicely to repeat that!!

Mary Bossen Last Tuesday at 1:40 am a silver or grey truck drove down Pilot as far as Penny’s place, turned around and came down the access road that crosses my property. Soon as they cleared the old camp trailer they started spot lighting. I as armed and expected them to come back down. Watched as they drove all the way down to poll line then cut across past Tom Hardy’s place. Headed toward Montello from there. Not a vehicle I recognize and they were smart enough not to come back past cause you can bet I was armed.
Will definitely keep an eye out for that flat bed.
Ron Tello Culley Am I supposed to read all that? (*cleaning guns as I post*)+
If I wazzint drunk right now, I'd tell all you Lurkers *  :astrofaint: where to go.

Sadly, it would involve my current location and there's shite like noise ordinances and traffic control, for example, and then there's my preferences of weapons and Alternative Energies Programs in place.

So, you Lurkers, do this: email me at, ---OR---  send a drone with 5000 Dollars USD to Ron_Tello@RonT.Ron Sugarloaf, Ca. before the year dies.

Jeez....ya think you Blighters have problems...look again!

"LABOR DAY WeekEND" surfin'USA.... 

* You know who you are, and I need you to introduce yerselves or I will...ummm, uh,well so I don't care about you, ok?   :troll2:                           :deadhorse:

BLA! I like my misery in Paisley.[/b][/size]

[Image not available but there is this VVV below!VVVV]
Luisa Jaquish Demorest
8 hrs ·
Does anyone recognize this dog? Found by the water tank and pretty beat up..

Shellie Sharp Christensen He’s cute as can be. I’m sure somebody is missing him.

Luisa Jaquish Demorest Shellie Sharp Christensen he is skin and bones so I think he has been wandering for awhile. But very well behaved.

Marsha Martin Poor baby

Joshua Lewis Stan Denning you seen him around any

Ray Lear Poor little guy.

Kenneth Henson Jr it looks like the printer ran out of ink, hope he finds his family

Ron Tello Culley Is that my stolen truck?
Ron Tello Culley

Now hear this:

All KUDOS and Praises to the Greater Metropolitan Big Bear Transit Authority! (The Red Bus) I claim it is a Blessing! It enables common and UNcommon folks to travel from Erwin to The Dam in air conditioned comfort (or Heated luxury in the winter time) for a reasonable, affordable fee. And they have bike racks, so cool!

Now, check this out: Route 11 is rarely "on time" and that's ok. Better late than never.

Recently I figured out why the bus runs late...a minimum of 5 to 8 minnits behind the posted schedule...(Sometimes it's 10 to 30 minnits late, and one time it went MIA).

It's because "They keep stopping" .

I spoke of this revelation recently to a female bus driver (name withheld cuz I don't know it) and she said to me "Stop Happens."

In all the world of public transpo and their lovely drivers, this gal put the "guy" in WISEGUY, turned it around my neck and has the last laff on my clown dime.

All Hail The Red Bus of the Big Bear Galaxy!!!

(It beats hitchhiking big rigs outta Montello, Nevada!)

And I wonder: with all that remodeling going on at Staters, will they install a covered bus bench out front? It's brutal past 1 PM, in the sun, the snow & rain and meteor showers...

3 Likes Diane Franssen and 2 others

Ron Tello Culley 3 "Likes"? That's all I get? I'm beginning to wanna not bother (you) anymore. But it only hurts when I don't keep trying..
 +And who is BettY? How she get to me? hummm...

[another facebook post]CRUNCH TIME has arrived Sweeties! I say it is now FOR REAL: Sharknado has more credibility than YOU!
I am done with you NON-entities...these so-called internet "Friends". Everybody knows it's all know this: I don't have a psychotic need to do this..ever again, and now I'm done with all you lumps, spots, stains and posers on this web poot. The Internet is beyond a contaminate; It's an enabler for any and all criminal elements of modern flocked-up Amerikan society to do damage on the levels of their choice.
Having said that; I openly invite each and every one of you interlopers to graciously exit my page. If you don't. I will harsh upon your good name in the name of Common Grace, and the elements of MY Underground agenda. (That's a secret to be revealed any minnit now...)
I'm saying: "Sharknado" is far more believable than you.
Flocken deal with it, and either stand-up, or get lost. I have come to the point where I REALLLLLY don't care about Amerika any more. And I clean my weapons frequently for my impending Stand-Off with Elko, the Mutant fascist inbred government entity.
I'm not drunk nor insane: This is the LUCID Ron Tello of a lost world in search of itself.. So flock you and eat Snacky Smores! Send all contributions of blood, sweat and cash to: The Ron at PO Box 5602 Sugarloaf, CA 92386.
Do it. Or don't. I know... and no longer care about who you are and what you were.
(Being over 60 years young takes a lot out of a Lad).

Hey! THIS IS THE INTERNET. It is the shite you eat, idiot!

In America today, having a brain and mouth is a crime, especially when yer associated with Nevada.
This shite won't stop as long as you are docile, complacent and Sheeple. Why bother anymore? END IT NOW!
Eat Snacky Smores.

:tello:  "I don't care what fascist you support...ya got the RIGHT to speak!!! Then the other fascists come along to shut you down for it. (Slap yo head, UPside)
"Greatest Nation in The World" does not apply anymore, so stop yer blatent lying and insipid beliefs in the myths of our neighbourhoods. The future is so bright, I have to wear HAZMAT goggles."
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2019, 03:50:44 PM PDT

Subject: KSL em 7-19-19

Have you seen this?

Fired deputy suing county, former sheriff.

It's pretty bad. (I know the man personally.) My experience with Elko is worse. I've been telling my story for 4 years and no one will listen. I even shared it with you in the past; I want you to hear me out today. See my blog, consider its merits and please give me a fair response.

Scroll down to PART THREE for the dirt. Thank you!
----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Ron Tello <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019, 01:29:22 PM PDT

Hello again; I will be persistent with this.

I keep getting ignored by everyone in Media and beyond.

I want to know why.

What is the deterrent factor here, my name or the Elko stigmata?

I would like to receive a logical, intelligent reply from you.
Tell me what the fear is about.

Thank you.

-Ron Tello Culley
Aug 20, 3:26 PM

Hello; KSL has completely ignored me and my tragic news story.
Why is this so?
At minimum, may I get a nod and a boilerplate rejection notice? Something civil and proper.

I'm not backing off until you ask me to.


-Ron Tello Culley
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I've been completely ignored. I want to know why. Please reply.


:tello: "Stonewalled again!"
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