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Hello and good evening. I want introduce myself to your part of the neighborhood.

I live in isolation, and watch movies about isolation to keep me company. (An original quote here.)

I believe you have sampled my fb posts. I have interests. A special one I wish to share with you now.

I'm involved in the discussion about the Dylan Rounds case cuz I own the purple building on my profile pic.

I really need to get a social life again, now that my GF/Landlord/narc has abandoned the place here.

I do dishes. May I join you for The Feast? (I see your pictures, lol)

And now, a video:
"Why Ron Tello does not live in Montello. Full disclosure."

I hope you will like and share. Thank you! Neighbor!!!

Sorry, smee. Pick up only.

Jonny Dodge

Ron Tello Culley
Jonny help me. Those EYES!!!

Jonny Dodge

Augie A. Leonard
You're not alone in that arena The strange thing is, a few that I have unfriended months later they send me friends request, and same thing happens, like no interacting going on.
I was up to 179 friends at one time.
I slimmed it down a bit.

Diane Franssen
Oh No What GIF by Abitan

Chetan Ong
Most #friends are just followers, because you're just funny 🤪
Can you send me 2 of each
Ron Tello Culley
I can't wait to see Augie weigh-in on this one!

Ron Tello Culley
Ya'll be sure to report back to Jim Terry, ya hear?

:deadhorse:  :jester:  :snipe:    :mobbing:             :duckling:
The one on the left...she has my eyes and I wish I had her teeth.
:tello: "I am Blood Relations with this. Everybody refuses to know it. Is this where Spank Bait Blood becomes a capital offense?"
:smee!: They'd give you the firing squad after I gave you Ten Quid for the pair.
Ron Tello Culley
9m  ·
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SAY! Ya ever notice that I have 344 friends here, and only 6 of them actually communicate with me? >#Friends List Chopping Time soon.
Word up ya Lackies. lol

I will dump 10+ ugly Blokes to keep the Star Lady. She don't like you either. 😝

Ron Tello Culley
I'm still keeping watch of 2 dysfunctional families here in this Passion Play. Not my fault they're "Squares".

11/6/23 2:03 PM
Pickle's Pie Shop

Just slide it (Resume) under the door. thank you.

:tello: "Fickles Poo Shop. Is this the Great Job I want?"

:smee!: Slide me under the door too. I like pie!
Pickle's Pie Shop

We are currently looking for 2 people to join our little team. A dishwasher and a front of house person(preferably with coffee experience). Please drop off resumes between 12 noon and 1 pm. Thank you, Pickle's.

Ron Tello Culley
Part time? Hiring the handicapped?
Page responded privately

Alissa Radford
Weekend hours?

Janet Rocha-Díaz
I really want to, but I have the feeling I wouldn't get a check, I'd get a bill for everything I'd eat.

Dori Schooling Greenan
I wish I could work there! What a fun place to work and great people to work with!

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