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Sent: Friday, July 19, 2019, 03:50:44 PM PDT

Subject: KSL em 7-19-19

Have you seen this?

Fired deputy suing county, former sheriff.

It's pretty bad. (I know the man personally.) My experience with Elko is worse. I've been telling my story for 4 years and no one will listen. I even shared it with you in the past; I want you to hear me out today. See my blog, consider its merits and please give me a fair response.

Scroll down to PART THREE for the dirt. Thank you!
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From: Ron Tello <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019, 01:29:22 PM PDT

Hello again; I will be persistent with this.

I keep getting ignored by everyone in Media and beyond.

I want to know why.

What is the deterrent factor here, my name or the Elko stigmata?

I would like to receive a logical, intelligent reply from you.
Tell me what the fear is about.

Thank you.

-Ron Tello Culley
Aug 20, 3:26 PM

Hello; KSL has completely ignored me and my tragic news story.
Why is this so?
At minimum, may I get a nod and a boilerplate rejection notice? Something civil and proper.

I'm not backing off until you ask me to.


-Ron Tello Culley
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I've been completely ignored. I want to know why. Please reply.


:tello: "Stonewalled again!"
Ron Tello Culley
August 19 at 2:56 PM ยท
Does anybody care about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property? How about Law vs. Anarchy? My story still holds true, but nobody cares to comment. Why? Too scary, or just too much scoop for simple minds to handle? Need to know. And don't lie to me. I'll know 'cuz your emogies are moving.

(the link to this page goes here)

2 Likes: Rick Culley and Gemma Elizabeth Collins

Ron Tello Culley 2 likes. PATHETIC. America is no place to be Why are we here?

Spot-on, M8.

That's been my design for years (and still no cash flow).

Just like Howard Stern: the masses tuning-in to see what he says next.

Blimey. Stupid world.

Where's the love I deserve?
    :jandoor: :tazdev: 

People see something new has been posted so they have a look at what it was.

... and it's just you posting the view count.

No, I dunno.

Please tell me!
You do know why the view count goes up, don't you?
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I was again denied Social Security Disability benefits because I own The Ron Tello Studio in Montello. NOvada.

And nobody cares about greatness and innovation if it duzzint come from megalithic corporations or the Vatican.
American enterprising young adults are not allowed to participate any longer in contemporary society since the repeal of marijuana laws were enacted.
Bad day, M8?

Try my Bad Life for kicks!

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