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If I was in charge
I wouldn't be nice,
but I would be righteous.

"Let the punishment EXCEED the crime!
And Double-Tap the Mormons."
I knew Scouts were bad
when I was a young,
defiant Lad.
I don't trust organized social groups.


Share Your Scout Horror Stories

My son just went to his first Scout Camp and liked it for the most part, but there are some boys with issues who like to target the well behaved children. My son has been picked on since he became a Deacon. He is sweet, polite, well spoken, not much into sports, loves reading, doesn't like to go along with any dumb ideas, etc. I was grateful he at least ended up in a tent with nice boys, but this is what he dealt with otherwise.

One boy grabbed his crotch, I guess thinking he was funny. My son's friend then punched the boy in the crotch hard enough that he took 5 minutes to recover. He asked, "What did I do?" He said, "You KNOW what you did!"

Two boys mooned people repeatedly. One of them spread his cheeks apart when the leader in the area wasn't looking. The other walked up to two boys who were playing chess, unzipped his pants, and as my friend put it, "laid his junk on the table".

While using a urinal, someone threw a lit match at my son and ran.

A kid he has had trouble with repeatedly decided to stick his pocketknife into the bottle of rootbeer he bought and cut himself pretty badly. I just found out he cut himself where he burned himself previously. :lol: Sweet natural consequences. Why the Scouts at the Trading Post let him buy 800 matches is a mystery. He has lost his fire privileges for a year.

One of the mooners bumped up against my son aggressively, telling him he was in his way, punched him randomly, and threw hard candy at him, causing him pain. The older leader told him no more food for him (he was throwing it all over camp) and when he grabbed some behind his back, he grabbed him out of his tent, shoved him the the ground, and yelled at him. That's when the other mooner knocked the leader over. Obviously the parents should have been called to pick up their boys long before this incident, and castrate the evil blighters.

I think that about covers it. I just talked to the YM president and he heard from many parents today, notified the bishop, they will have meetings with the parents, etc. My son will be going to a different Scout Camp next year if any of those kids are going. I know several of the parents won't really do anything about it. The Scout Committee will have to ban them from going.

Any stories to share?
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Gee Tess, I dunno.

I just live here
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