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Tim Cardinal
How ironic. I finish my FedEx route early today and it's been a nightmare ever since. coming down the mountain with all the vacationers, now I'm on the 10 freeway and it's completely shut down....?

Erica Breazile
Yikes! 10 freeway going which way

Tim Cardinal
Erica Breazile towards Fontana

Stev-Go Veloz
And they wonder why the pandemic won't go away. Wise up people California is not getting better ??

Kitty Matters MacTavish
Can't understand why "stay home" is such a problem for some people. I love it.

David Sommerlad

Patricia L Hochschild Blackman
Staying home not going to get rid of it . People wearing the mask the right way people washing there dam hands using sanitizer the right way will get rid of it. I seen a cashier she had gloves an a mask the wall shied she takes cash puts it in the drawer then touches everything then touched her forehead then scratch her nose then went back to packaging the groceries ? All it takes is 1 virus if I had it on my hand it went on the money the gloves doesn’t kill it so for 30 min it went from me to the money to her hand to her drawer to her nose to her forehead right ?

Robert Olson Jr
Holiday traffic in SoCal? As if this is a new thing?

Rod Jones Artist
Hopefully you’ll be home safe and sound👍

Christina Chumley
Thank you and your guys really work your butts off?

Teri Taylor
I feel for you,😔and Appreciate, All the deliveries you must do, up here. Never convenient, I’m sure, and this time of year, extra Aweful, I’m sure. Thank you!🙏?? Be safe!💫

Irene Ennis
Thank you for your hard work

Jackie Elaine
Not fun. Sorry. Thank you for your work.

Amanda Lynne Prescott
That shite sucks so much. Ugh.

Lee O. Roman
That sucks but we appreciate you delivery drivers thank you!!

Ron Tello Culley
Say Tim, was that you at my house dropping off 40 pounds of granola and a bench vice from hell? No matter, I salute you and your good work

Cheri Lynn
Hello everyone, this is a complaint and a question as to why??
We drove around the lake today. Way too crowded!!  But.....all of the no parking areas between Boulder Bay and the dam were full of cars.
PLUS, people were actually stopped in the road holding up traffic to wait for a space to open up! 
THEN on the other side by Grout Bay and the Eagles nest there were 50-75 cars parked and hoards of people all in the closed off Eagle area.
Why aren’t the Sheriffs ticketing these people?? 
I am so baffled!!

Eddie Phillips
Janet Bathurst-Bell now Janet, don’t just scratch your head, go ahead an say what your are thinking

Cheri Lynn
I’ve had a second home up here for a while now. Spend 1/3 plus of my time here. I’ve never seen it like this and it makes me sad. Big Bear use to be a quiet peaceful place, I hope that returns one day.

Christopher Costlow
Cheri it can't. After being listed as Airbnb's #1 destination in the United States and understanding how the Internet works, 4 billion people now see Big Bear Lake as a "bucket list" place to go. Ain't no comin' back from that.

Carol Pettyjohn
Christopher Costlow I have to agree and it makes me sad. I loved our old Big Bear and since summer I try not to leave home. I live on Pine Knot and it's about unbearable on weekends.

Christopher Costlow
Carol I can imagine. We moved to Big Bear Lake in 2007 and I worked for Big Bear Disposal since 2011 and have been on the streets from the dam to Division every day. It's changed. And it won't ever go back to what it was.

Ron Tello Culley
Yeah well.....let's see what goes pop when the power goes down again for no good reason. That's when the games begin, and may the best local win!

Ok ...but no karaoke ......ive seen the vid  😫
Is it happy hour?

Yeppers M8 and it's your shout!
What's the diff between that ^ pic and this v pic?

A: About 100 years.
Is it happy hour?
This is a no stress zone.

Leave that to me.

You folks can mosey and relax in the Lounge.
Go on, make new friends!
Swap trade secrets.
Get lucky.
I dont have a point
If our posts required there to be a "point"
We would both struggle
And that thumbs down thing is not.

What's yer point?
The "modify profile" button is your friend
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