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American ?
The Round Table / Re: WELCOME: Keep Out. It's The Shut Up SMEE Gallery
« Last post by *smee* on October 03, 2023, 07:56:39 PM »
Im not even fat
The Round Table / Re: WELCOME: Keep Out. It's The Shut Up SMEE Gallery
« Last post by tellomon on October 03, 2023, 02:07:17 PM »

So is the show creator.
You silly little man

Link is useless
Getting loaded on the internet has never been this easy.

I wish to hope then pray this works for you....
:tello: "Good! F eBay!!!!"

U.S. sues eBay over sale of harmful products

NEW YORK (Reuters) -The U.S. government on Wednesday sued eBay, accusing the online platform of violating the Clean Air Act and other environmental laws by allowing the sale of several harmful products, including devices that defeat automobile pollution controls.

EBay could face billions of dollars in penalties, including up to $5,580 for each Clean Air Act violation, according to the government’s complaint filed in the federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

The Department of Justice said eBay illegally allowed the sale of at least 343,011 aftermarket “defeat” devices that help vehicles generate more power and get better fuel economy by evading emissions controls.

EBay was also accused of allowing the sale of at least 23,000 unregistered, misbranded or restricted-use pesticides, violating a 2020 “stop sale” order from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The San Jose, California-based company also allegedly distributed 5,614 paint and coating removal products containing methylene chloride, a potentially lethal chemical linked to brain and liver cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

“EBay has the power, the authority, and the resources to stop the sale of these illegal, harmful products on its website,” the complaint said. “It has chosen not to; instead, it has chosen to engage in these illegal transactions.”

In a statement, eBay called the lawsuit “entirely unprecedented” and said it would defend itself vigorously.

“Maintaining a safe and trusted marketplace for our global community of sellers and buyers is a fundamental principle of our business,” it said. “Indeed, eBay is blocking and removing more than 99.9% of the listings for the products cited by the DOJ, including millions of listings each year.”

EBay shares were down 1.6% at $42.79 in late morning trading.


Ron Tello <>
Robert Farrell

Tue, Sep 26 at 5:53 PM

Hello Bob;

Geez, shitz-a-poppin'!

Moving so fast that nobody can keep up with it.

Your last show is missing. How did that happen, and why?
That Mike guy, who had called me is now MIA on facebook after he messaged me "You should do your own youtube show call it Culley effect maybe"

Every YT show I was on is off the air. (Except your shows.)

JO did a fine job of imploding, and I agree, she is disturbed.
I have viewed those shows you did about her. Nice work.
She pulled all her LIVE vids.
That was some of my best work.
She did a pop up fundraiser for me and that vanished without an explanation. It was a FAIL. Nice try. WTF???

Weird shite, man. I see a pattern. It haunts me.
Like, some of my chat comments get deleted from various shows, including yours. It's just the "latest" of shite that happens to me.
My experience with Elko County has revealed much in the ways of Big Brother felafeling with people they don't like. It's even deeper than that. My History...... More bold content.

We can talk about my FOIA deal in 1980 to the FBI and CIA. Bricks of pages...all REDACTED.
Ya gotta ask (as I do) "What did I do to generate all that interest?"
I was 20 years young. What did I do? I want to talk about it.
I can explain everything.

Worthy of discussion. "Phone lines are open".

I'm popular. And a WANTED MAN.

Check this out:

Dylan Rounds - People Don't Know What to Trust ! important Discussion: This Was interesting

1 day ago
I will tell you the lawlessness in Montello if you listen to me. Deal?
I'm Ron Tello.

1 day ago
I'll listen to Ron Tello

18 hours ago
Can you tell me anything about Dylan Rounds and his disappearance?

1 second ago
No I cannot. I was not there for that episode of Montello after dark.

The DR case has made celebrity soup out of folks,
including myself.
I'm involved in name only, and boy did I get run
thru the wringer!
Here's where it started for me: Kayli was once
friendly to me, fed me info and asked me
questions about Khurt. I hope this link works for you.
This is a slice from Doug's show last year, Khurt
telling big fat lies about me.... the link works.

That item and more info found here ("K" is Kayli)

DYLAN ROUNDS: A Tello Files Special Edition

Here's a short video from Montello, years ago
with the International Airport Montello. More
evidence that I had LIFE there.

Truth in Transit | Video Data Bank


It's amazing what you can find with a
simple google search:

That Mug Shot episode was superb!
The point is: I have History. I wish Jim would get his facts straight when he rips on me. I want everyone to do more research. I'll help you.

I have many Perfect Show ideas I want to share with you.
It's all the Telling of Tales, true stories about Montello and my life overall. The things I have witnessed, learned and did. And the Horrors that have visited me.

On a not so recent JT show, he was bloviating about his proficiency in his accomplishments. He stated that he made Ty Corbin, he made Ron Tello.

Bold. Half right. We are Self-Made men. JT brought us into his SPOTLIGHT.

As such, we were made to become Source, Content and Commodities.

Every time we are mentioned, we are CONTENT.

The Tello Brand is now Livestock on the YT Ranch.
I AM content. The YT world has people who like me.
They want to hear me.

It can only happen on your show. I have nowhere else to go.

You are the #1 Go To guy for folks and I watched you rise from Bob on Shack's Show, to Bob's Show.

I was in Showbiz, ya know that? I am not a Noob to this. Have you noticed how I carry my on-screen self?
I have been compatible with all the shows I visited, and you and I mix it up very well.

Here's The Pitch:

I'm desperate. Broke dick poor with a ray of sunshine later, maybe.
It's half my fault. The other half is THE SYSTEM. It's brutal.
I may have the GO for State Disability Insurance.
The SSA is a bust. SSI is fussy to even apply.
I had a million bucks once for 10 years, ya know?
The last of it was stolen out of my bank account in 2014 when I was in the
Elko Graybar Hotel. That's what #find_tellos_money is about.

BTW, I still need you to call and chat with my Defense Attorney Gary Woodbury, find
out what he knows, about everything. Content.

I need a Show with you, Bob.

I will tell all, to the eager masses in exchange for a vigorous PayPal Campaign.

For now, at present, will you and your friends please pop me $100 to help me get heating fuel? Propane for the membrane. Consider it an Investment in my health, and a pre-payment on my future earnings.

Serious as pneumonia in December 2022.

Thank you for reading and being my friend.
I wish you won't let me die.

Burn firewood, not rubber.

-Ron Tello Culley
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