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Is Debbie Downer from Dallas?

If so I think ive seen her in a movie
Now read this:

I'm not making money here.

I am creating evidence.

So, what's new n how ya doin' M8?

I'm not making money here.

I am creating evidence.

So, what's new n how ya doin' M8?
So then...right, M8! Suppose nothing REALLY duzzint matter and we do NOT admit/confess to it cuz it's a party foul and a debbie downer,  much worse than poopie pants, can we all agree with this one?

In this present whirrld, the Heroes and Zee-rows are now obsolete, and the Standard Pecking Order of the  FOOD CHAIN has been significantly altered, behind your back or prior notice. (lucky you, ya Blighter!)

Soylent Green is Purple.
Paisley is your only hope.

Coming up next: The entire U.S. Army, plus Back-Up, on a goat trail above Pasadena, California.

:tello: "I should start printing tickets for that now.."
Michael Goold shared a link.

Well I think we can agree better that this happened off the mountain. Lol

There's a Jeep Wrangler Dangling Off a Cliff in California After Some Fool Drove Up a Bike Trail ya gonna get that down?

Chris Merrill
Now how do you expect me to ride around that...😆

Michael Goold
Chris Merrill. Good push off the side will do the trick. Lol

Chris Bonaddio
But my GPS told me this was the fastest route.🤣

David Sommerlad
You can't cure stupid!

Clayton Baltezore
Like the old saying stupid is what stupid does LOL I truly wonder if they realize how stupid they really are.

Andria Partida
Nicholas Wardlaw lmfao

Sherry Moon Marriott
Photo shopped. No tire tracks.

Davis-Barbra Hopper
Sherry Moon Marriott it's real click the link to the hemet news there are more pictures. There are no tracks because its steep and it's high centered on the axles.

Howard Thompson
ScotTom....i told you not to go up there

Darrels Scholes
The car salesmen said 4 wheel drives can go anywhere. 🤣🤣

Lauren Peterson-Reid

Rebecca Kottmann
Robbie Kottmann Jr. Babe!!! 😂🤦??? damn near like that one time I tried assisting you at deep creek! Almost rolled my jeep!

Wayne J. R. Bowser
Let's go push it over.

Ron Tello Culley
Dibs on the salvage hose clamps!

Martin Ramos
He was filming a red bull commercial lol
Or maybe a TikTok.. 🤔

Diane Chardon
I’m a jeep owner. And that’s just idiotic at best.. SMH

Ron Tello Culley
"Stupid is as stupid does" -Forrest Gump

Ron Tello Culley
This is a vid for "Ridiculousness" on MTV, or "The West Coast Chick's Show".

DIY Home Center

Tech is wonderful.
As long as ppl run the show, expect less that stellar results.
Remember the booger.
Today it is the glitch.

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Sack of Lime. Big Bear location

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I need a sack of lime for my outhouse. What do you have for me? 909 547 XOXO thx!

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:tello: "Do I need to mask-up to ask why Lime is now on Homeland Security's list of inconvenient sundries nowadays?".

It's not a real OH. It's an RV portable dunny, with bags.

Happy now?
Ron Tello Culley
Count yer Blessings in North America. In OZ, there are no rules about spiders, only vigilance.

Ron Tello Culley
I'm not here to make your nightmares come true, but hey, it's the internet. Get tuff or get out. Go do yer laundry. There's bugs in there, too!
Joann Arriola
Oh my....  biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my house. Any ideas what kind it is?   
We let it go outside

Brenda Ray
That spider's coming for you, Joann! Looks like baby girl has it covered, though. lol

Joann Arriola
Brenda Ray ya she’s gonna lick it to death.

Billie Radford
Golden orb weaver

Joann Arriola
Billie Radford thank you. It was tannish orange. Would that still be a golden orb weaver?

Billie Radford

Shannan Lynne
The kind that can only be killed by fire?

Julie Greenwood Ray
Shuffle beautiful webs but I've been having a whole Lotta black widows at my house which I never have had so watch out from

Nancy Crawford
One made a web across my door once and I walked right through it. To this day i check before i walk out the door. Ohhhh

Toni Carroll
I keep getting a bat in my house. I can tell because there are no spider webs, hence no spiders. I don’t know which one is worse.

Vickie Fell
Spiders hate peppermint...reuse your peppermint tea bags for around spidery areas...also I spread diatomaceous earth under stuff it will rid you of ants, spiders, roaches, etc. Works I don't have bugs....except for the .am carpenter ants..LOL

Chris Merrill
spiders are okay because they eat the bugs that want to get into the house.

Joann Arriola
good idea

Joann Wilkins
I put peppermint essential oil in my steam mop (I don't have carpet in my house) I never see spiders! Also... if you but borax in jelly the ants will take it back to the colony and take the whole colony out. It's non toxic to you or your animals

Chris Merrill
What do you mean you let it go outside? so it jumped down on the floor ran up turn the door knob and then open the door and went outside?

Joann Arriola
we caught it in a jar and took it outside

Michele Klinzmann
The dog looks like it will handle it.. just fine 🤪😁 photo bomb! Cute puppy!

Joann Arriola
thanks lol

Chris Merrill
Ok, I've got another one. Does it bark at the door when it wants back in?

Joann Arriola
I sure hope not! Ha ha

Chad Burney
The only good blood sucker is a dead blood sucker.

Ron Tello Culley
Kill'em all, let the exterminator sort 'em out.

Mike Clark
It's a Pug Eater.

Ron Tello Culley
"Pug Eater". Is that gonna be in the new dictionary soon? I'll buy a copy!

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