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100 % Optimism
Zero results.

You have officially nullified my faith in humanity, south of the equatedor.

All of you, every one.

12-12-2019: Can we get serious here, now?
When? You go first.

Then, me?

I was already spoken for about 10 years ago around this site.

Don't recall the details, but it was cheeky!

Something about "My YES" going head to butthead with the American people, government and their bloody pagan gods.

I'm not retired from riteous conflict yet.
Hot blood is quicker than cold liquor.

I specialize in a curious combo.


:tello:   "Crissy sucks only if other wankahs allow it to pour upon yer head. Give up lest ye be a victim of the symptom."
                                       :xmasinside: :sniper: 
We have fires too

Anything they can do we can do better
run for the hills
California is on fire

What if I run to you? Can I crash out in your flat? Feed me, gimme chores and allow my vices?  :sam2gun:     :drummer:    :biker:    :beerontap:     :drinkwine:
   :bubbly:    :arrg:
Its Gods way of punishing them for being Californian

Oh like that's gonna ruin my day.

Are you talking to me? 

:tello: "I've got more baggage than all your airlines combined this week..."         wait for it....wait...for it.......and....                   :duckling:

Tello ain't dead.

Suffer ye antagonists.

This is the page dedicated solely to the Rights of Passing thru.   
 Thus: Attention all avid followers of this mysterious web space: All is not well...for you.

Me? I'm ok,


For further information and an authentic autographed cigarette rolling paper, please send $3 in any coin of the realm denomination and a SASE to: Ron Tello Culley PO BOX 5602 Sugarloaf, CA 92386 USA.

How difficult is that?

Trust me, I don't wanna know, again!

So there ya go!

Pay or cry.

I feel for you.   :smee!:

Don't abuse my Good Will, or hassel my Won't.
I presume everyone here is an adult, or some variation of an Earthly Creature.
Get back to me on that one, too, ok?

Its Gods way of punishing them for being Californian
run for the hills
California is on fire   
The Round Table / Re: Morning all
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All brussell sprouts should be recalled too
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