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I can't adopt you, Tello. But if you make your way here, you will certainly get a huggy welcome and a free brochure on how to barbecue witchetty grubs. (I'll have to google that myself. Never have I barbecued a witchetty grub. Never have I EATEN a witchetty grub, for that matter.)
The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by *CountessA* on July 15, 2017, 01:31:51 AM »
The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on June 29, 2017, 03:08:40 PM »
Can I talk? Will Roo PLEEEEZE adopt me now? Get me outta here and I commit myself to an eternity of Personal Service like no other, meaning: I'll get out of bed by 2 PM, and then...WATCH THE F OUT!!!!
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Sheriff ping ping ping ricochet Ronnie
Good enuff for you tube.
^^^ That won't even make the cut for a pilot ^^^
The Tello and the Restless - an exciting new drama following the lives of the residents of a small town in Nevada. This is a place where the summer is high and the winters are snow-bound. Tempers fray and love grows wild. Some of the folks here are reckless gun-totin' rabbit-huntin' cowboys; some are uniform-wearin' badge-flashin' villains... Then there are the women - dark-eyed flirtatious wildcats, or practical-minded denim-wearing pretty ladies - Oh, there's every sort of woman, and every sort of man. But the drama centres on the wildest of the men - Tello.
Set up by a ruthless enemy, fighting for his life in an all-out gun battle that leaves a chicken dead and a crooked hustler shot in the foot, Tello must flee in the wake of a dedicated man-hunt led by arch-villain Sheriff Badgutt. Seeking refuge where he can, making new friends or discovering new enemies, Tello finds himself in for the ride of his life...

Don't miss... The Tello and the Restless!
The man stood on the burning deck
his foot was full of bullets .........
Scriptwriters get paid to come up with stuff like this.
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