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Look what I found.
OFF topic, yeah......

(To this day, I still hate those brown shoes!!!)

(Conversely, I own that sport jacket and clip-on bow tie.)

Frank Zappa — Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
There was a knobby riding it too :rofl:
What is the history of BMX?

THE HISTORY OF BMX RACING While it is arguable whether our sport was born in 1969 or the very early 70's, the one undeniable thing is that BMX Racing all came together in Southern California. Some of the earliest documentation of kids on modified 20" Schwinn Stingray bicycles racing around a vacant lot date back to 1972.

"That's what I did: First kid on the block to put a knobby on the front of my Stingray
and hit the motocross whoopdie-doos in the 'Hood!"

With the sissy bar?
Born to be a Wild Child!

Schwinn Stingray with Banana Seat. EPIC!
In my errant youth, I thumbed across America, round trip,
Orlando FLA to LA and back.
What a long, strange trip that was.
(4 days thru Texas? It IS a big joint!)

"Pretty colors!"
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