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The Round Table / Re: >**** ELKO SMASH ****<
« Last post by tellomon on March 23, 2019, 04:54:33 PM »

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
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7/27/17, 6:53 PM
Hello. I have (and live) a story that must be told. No one wants to deal with me after I mention "Elko County, Nevada". It's an unwritten taboo, so it seems.
It entails 200 years of unbridled corruption, and follows up to what they are doing to me now: I'm a Political Refugee of my own home...and I still pay the property taxes. MY evidentiary documents await professional exam and consideration. A cursory review can be had here:
I'm a multi-million dollar Civil Lawsuit/deal looking to happen, plus Specific Performance. Talk with me!!!
>**** ELKO SMASH ****<

Hi Ron ,

Thanks for messaging us. If you need more information, please feel free to email us:

If you would like to leak to us please visit:

Thanks again for your support!

8/15/17, 1:06 PM
I have sent you an email twice. Please review and respond. My story is important to be told as you will see when you follow the link. thank you!

Hi Ron ,

Thanks for messaging us. If you need more information, please feel free to email us:

If you would like to leak to us please visit:

Thanks again for your support!

I have sent you an email twice. Please review and respond. My story is important to be told as you will see when you follow the link. thank you!
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 :jandoor: :drama: :mobbing:
yesssir ocifer...

Tello: Did you see that thread vanish? Right after I posted my blog link the thing went gone. Review:
Ron Tello Culley Well, I don't know much about it, ETC.....

SMK: I hadnt seen any more.....been busy as I was down mountain much of day with legal stuff

Tello: I suspect censorship and sabbotage. Could be wrong..but why?

SMK: that happens in Rim groups....mostly the gal....Briana is what Ive heard....but I dont know that to be true....if they dont like what they read it goes....Ray is basically hands off unless somebody chases him down....he delegates...

Tello: Anybody who knocks out my info is a rat, sez I. Read my blog when you can. it is seditious to some.

SMK: I got a bunch of filing deadlines...give me time.....also remember that I cant read long sentances or paragraphs easily due to visual challenges

Tello: Right, so host a Reading Party,,small group who can read aloud. Get it on video for me. Fun for all! Cheers!!

SMK: I dont do parties.....after the tree branch thing I tend to avoid.....although admitedly my speech and other is getting better.....its been a long 5 years

Tello: I understand yer gig and it sucks for me cuz you can't see my blog and I wanna share it. Yule figure it out I'm sure! Been great with you tonight. I say goodnite for now.

SMK: Ill get more social as my recovery gets
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Leia Teixeira
7 hrs
Hello everybody Curious if anyone has advice on fighting a speeding ticket from three years ago going 60 in a 55 and the 330 highway going down the mountain in the passing lane. Advice on how to fight the ticket or maybe what I could state as my defense because anybody knows that going downhill of course you’re going to catch more speed regardless if you push on the gas pedal. Please if anyone could help would me greatly appreciated!!!😘

Teri Lay Go to traffic school

Athena Hedges This is real?

Todd Sims It is a difficult situation as L.a. Jones stated. They also shoot radar because on average 2 people die at or below the lower passing lane each year. 1 per year at the middle passing.
I regret the CHP felt they were doing you a favor with the citation because their presence does save lives. Hard pill to swallow, and I’m sorry for your situation.
I don’t see a defendable posture.

Kayla Miranda Ticket clinic

Bob Comperini So you're saying it's legal to go fast because you're going downhill? Brakes don't work? Downshifting don't work?

Todd Mott Did they suspend your license? You gotta stay on top of these things, I learned years ago that they created a system to keep you accountable. Keep your receipts too. Forever.

Sharon Childress Sechser 🤔🤔🤔 wish I could help...they are very strict up here in the mountains..

Mindy Beeson after 3 years i believe it falls off of your insurance. why three years? you have to get on it right away. i am baffled

Steven Michael King I got ticketed for 5 over had witneses and other things. They demanded all present no declarations. IT"S a scam for revinues

Sue Spasbo If I understand your post. You received a speeding ticket 3 (three) years ago and have done nothing including going to your court date. That means, more then likely, a Failure to Appear (FTA) has been entered into your case and a bench warrant might have been issued. So, I suggest you get to court and throw yourself at the mercy of the court. This could end up costing a lot more then if you had just gone to court when requested. The case would have been thrown out for only 5 over the speed limit. Cop just getting his quota. Good luck


Eric Miller That's why your car has lower gears and brakes. Own up to the fact that you screwed up and deserve the ticket!!

Michael Loguidice If it's been that long ago go to court the cop won't even show up

Jake Gardner Tell them your Dog ate the Ticket and you forgot all about it.

Ron Tello Culley Gravity is an undeniable defense.

Steven Michael King a few do phony tickets....they know it costs too much to fight...and the pressure is on for them to bring in more $$$ than they get paid.....and Ive seen a few judges in the FOntant court house.... who dont care if its less than 5 mph over.....dont expect a fair trial if your lucky enough to get a cant win in that court very easy......almost nobody wins no matter how many witnesses etc

Rita Gomez Good luck on that one. You would think that being only 5 miles, you would be let go with a warning but the mountain cops are ALL jerks and let their authority go to their head trying to make their quota.

Teree Alfaro The law is the were wrong! Face the consequences and pay your fine like the rest of us! And if you are dealing with this three years later than you are in for a world of financial hurt!

Deborah Hanson Just sign up for traffic school, and put it in the past where it belongs. Three years ago.

Steven Michael King some in Rimtraffic will make sure its remembered for years to come!

Ron Tello Culley SMK strikes again!

Steven Michael King  at $300-$400 in filing fees and other process related fees.....each time I go to court.....I strike more carefully now....if I ever get my PI case before a jury.....much of winnings beyond medical will go for legal related...

Steven Michael King  need a Championship Belt like what the pro-wrestlers wear....except with a giant golden pizza over the navel

Ron Tello Culley You had me at $400. Now I'm off the page. sry..

Nanette Antunez Deborah Hanson shoot. We all have to go over the speed limit to get past the idiots who won’t move over OR even go the speed limit until they hit this wonderful stretch where we can finally be rid of them! My blood pressure goes up in empathy with you! I he been in this situation so many times.👿. Sorry you got caught!💙

Patricia Lawrence Kirby I got a ticket years ago for speeding. I was going 60 on the freeway. The judge said 56 is breaking the law. Paid the fine.

Noralyn Brechler-Salazar Patricia Lawrence Kirby that’s how it works. “I was only...”, are the opening words of someone who blew it, but wants to blame someone else for it.

Ron Tello Culley Well, I don't know much about it, but one time in 1977 in Florida I got popped for long hair. All I thot of was the last scene in Easy Rider. Oh I lived to tell alright but I'll tell ya what: it doesn't matter how ya drive or what yer drivin'...there's always SHARKS IN THE WATER. (Pull the hair under a cowboy hat).

Steven Michael King "Uneasy Rider" by Charlie Daniels may have inspired many....

Ron Tello Culley Good call, Mate!

Steven Michael King  and then there was "Signs" by the "5 man electrical band" that topped the charts during similar time frames..

Ron Tello Culley Don't get me started. Ok you got me started. Savor my Blog, just the pertinent items if you please..

The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow…

Ron Tello Culley Remember we met with this issue in mind.

Kristy Lynn White Call the ticket clinic

Ron Tello Culley Did this thread die..was it something I posted?

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The Round Table / Re: Fuel Prices
« Last post by *smee* on March 20, 2019, 06:08:47 AM »
Its sky rocketed by 25c a litre again to about $1.53 ...its a joke ....ACCC indeed ... They do nothing to deal with this rort
The Round Table / Re: There is LAW and there is ANARCHY...
« Last post by *CountessA* on March 20, 2019, 02:36:04 AM »
Most things worth doing are not easy.
The Round Table / Re: Blatant hijacking - into the "Sin Bin"
« Last post by *CountessA* on March 20, 2019, 02:35:08 AM »
... as the flat battery said to the stationary vehicle...
You could do with a good lawyer, but ensure that the lawyer has a simple remit rather than trying to redress all the injuries that you have suffered.

Finding out what has happened with your money is the remit that is probably best dealt with as a priority.
The Round Table / Re: Fuel Prices
« Last post by *CountessA* on March 20, 2019, 02:28:07 AM »
I use the 7-Eleven Fuel app, and lock in the lowest price I can find just before the price is due to go up.

I also use the ACCC Petrol price cycles page on my iPhone, which shows me when fuel prices are coming down, and when they are nearing the next increase.
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