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Working together, we can restore our freedom to communicate.
Join our effort to work with key states and their leaders.
High-level leaders in Russia, France, Norway, and the European Union are joining the outcry against the level of censorship happening in America.

YouTube is now blocking the President. Amazon shut down the popular Twitter-alternative called Parler.

The ability to freely communicate is essential for a free people. Help stop the censorship! Send your urgent fax to these allies and take a stand against massive censorship. - Mat


Facebook/Instagram deleted all "content containing the phrase 'stop the steal.'"

Facebook also announced it is "automatically disabling comments on posts in Groups that start to have a high rate of hate speech." Keep in mind Facebook throws a wide net to define "hate speech" as anything with which it disagrees. This has already included quoting the Bible, expressing views on marriage, protecting unborn life, helping individuals with unwanted romantic attractions, and other peaceful, patriotic, and Christian views.

In a telling fashion, it continued "We began preparing for Inauguration Day last year ... We've had emergency measures in place since before the US elections such as not recommending civic groups for people to join."

"We're now begging to be regulated," one Facebook employee predicted before the election, according to the NY Post.

And that is exactly what we have the opportunity to do within key states. States have the rights to restore the freedom of their citizens. Send your urgent fax to Republican state governors and attorneys general to urge them to protect the speech and freedom of people within their state.

In Hosea 4:1, the prophet says there is no "truth, no kindness, no knowledge of God in the land." A free people must enjoy freedom to speak for the nation to survive.

Late last year over two dozen state attorneys General filed an antitrust suit against Facebook to break up the monopoly. Remember, something similar happened to AT&T. More actions like this must be done.

Other options involve consumer fraud protections and legislative actions to protect your freedom to speak, your privacy, and your data. The documentary, "The Social Dilema," shows in shocking fashion how social media is intentionally modifying your behavior. One expert in the documentary was asked what he sees in the future because of social media. His response was "revolution" because social media sees you as a commodity to manipulate and sell for profit.

We must not allow social media to censor and control. We are not commodities for sale, and we must not be ruled by those who want to treat us like robots to program and manipulate.

I am meeting later this week with others to move forward on state intervention to stop the censorship.

It is essential for key state leaders to fight to restore the freedom and protections of liberty, including online in these forums. Send your urgent fax to Republican state leaders to urge them to act now.

Our nation needs prayer. At its inception following the American Revolution, our leaders were at a total impasse. After the Constitutional Convention was about to dissolve, Benjamin Franklin stood to remind those assembled that they must pray to God for help and wisdom. The group recessed for an extended time in prayer. They reconvened, and America was born. Our nation needs that same divine wisdom right now.

Freedom is precious. It is not passed down in our DNA. Each generation must fight for it. You were born for such a time as this. We can restore freedom of speech and we must do so to remain free.

But with Google and Apple controlling 99.4% of all phones, these private companies now control the marketplace of ideas. And their power and censorship need to be reined in and returned to “We the People” in America.

Join our effort to work with key states and their leaders. Send your critical fax to Republican state governors and attorneys general to implore them to take action to protect the speech and freedom of people within their state.

Working together, we can restore our freedom to communicate. The time to act is urgent. Send a fax and sign the petition.

Our ministry is only possible because of your support. Right now, your gift to Liberty Counsel Action will be effectively DOUBLED by our extended Challenge Grant to help expand this ministry.

Pray that our nation will be healed.

Mat Staver

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Scariest Diseases of the 21st Century

According to World Health Organization, people around the world are getting bombarded with major health threats at an unparalleled rate. From recent Ebola cases to brain-eating amoeba, to antibiotic resistant superbugs, I wonder if we may lose half the population and plunge back into the dark ages in this decade. To help prepare myself (and you) for possible pandemics and epidemics and to avoid becoming “that one guy who died from that scary disease,” I have put together a list of some of the scariest diseases of the 21st century.

SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome has become a concern after the disease rampaged through China and other parts of Southeast Asia. SARS is an infectious disease with a high mortality rate. It transfers to humans from animas, primarily poultry, and causes respiratory symptoms, such as pneumonia-like symptoms, that range from mild to severe. It can spread and reach pandemic levels quickly.

Swine flu. Swine flu, or H1N1 virus was also on the list of health scares, resulting in thousands of people hospitalized around the world. The virus is a mutated version of the regular old flu that spread from pigs to humans (hence the name). It spreads like wildfire and causes moderate to severe flu symptoms, including severe respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms.

MRSA. MRSA stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. It is a strain of staph bacteria that has developed resistance to most antibiotics due to them being overprescribed in the preceding decades. MRSA spreads primarily in hospitals and nursing homes and can affect any part of the body. Most frequently it finds its way in through a broken skin and causes a painful boil that has to be surgically drained.

Ebola. Ebola is a deadly virus that is spread by direct contact with bodily fluids, such as saliva, blood, sweat, urine and diarrhea. The virus causes a wide range of symptoms including fever, vomiting, muscle pain and bleeding. The World Health Organization fears it may be a pandemic and unfortunately as of this writing African countries most affected by the virus are not at all prepared to deal with the outbreak.

Cholera. Cholera is not an old world disease as many tend to think. As we have seen in Haiti in 2010, cholera can affect areas that have been hit by natural disasters (namely hurricanes, typhoons and floods). You can get cholera by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food. Symptoms include gastrointestinal issues and fever. Many of the fatal cases occur due to dehydration.

Pneumonic Plague. This disease last occurred in India in 2002 and thankfully it was brought to a halt by swift action from health officials. Prior to this, India suffered from an outbreak in 1994 when the disease spread so quickly, the health system didn’t have a chance to blink before hundreds of people died from it.
Dengue fever. This disease is caused by bites by infected mosquitoes.

It is common in tropical areas. Symptoms include rash, fever headaches, muscle and joint pain. Dengue fever is a deadly disease and when an outbreak happened in Pakistan in 2011, around 300 people died.
Chronic diseases. These made an honorable mention. Due to poor food quality and environmental issues, more and more people are crippled by diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Are you scared? Keep reading my e-mails for expert advice on preparedness, prevention and treatment.

To your survival,
Richard Marshall
Have you tried clown jerky ?


Dint like it.

Has a funny taste to it.
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