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Title: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on March 18, 2019, 09:45:26 AM
Hello again my Friend:

  Here's a Background Briefing of myself, to give you and others insight to my current situation...and things that need help from a select group of interested and concerned fellow Americans. That's who I want today.

  I come from humble middle-class beginnings in El Monte, Ca since 1958.
The Mayor was my next door neighbour; the Hangin' Judge lived down the street, and across the street was Arroyo High School. It made for a volatile mix of American Culture in my wee Capricorn mind.

  Counter-Culture was my favorite subject in the Classroom of Life. The AHS Campus was my Playground. The Janitors were my Teachers. The students were agitators, and I found Treasures in the trash and capitalized from it. (Supplemental income aside from my Paper Route. I had to feed my MAD Magazine habit, dontcha know?). And ultimately, I "knew the answers" to the trick questions that The System asked long before my Freshman year.

  I was an ambitious lad, full of piss and vinegar, angst and disdain; rebellion and a fervent need to defect from the societal norm on the grounds of  intellectual & moral principles, and common sense.
And everybody was watching me. Mothers, Church, Nosey Neighbours, Admin and State. And that guy over there. He works overtime.

  I evolved to be an Artist in my youth. Straight "A's" K-12. My budding eccentric talents raised suspicions in the Parlance of Admin.
  One day, a Saturday, in 5th Grade I went Downtown and took a test. At the end, the man in white asked if I wanted to go to the 6th Grade come Monday. I declined, saying I would never survive past first recess. It was a matter of self-preservation, and loyalty to my mates.
  That put me on a Watch List.

  After having failed keyboards, string and brass instruments in Elementary School and blasting Los Angeles AM Boss Radio from 1968 to 1972, I decided to play drums after banging my head against selected walls, and learning to believe the Message of Rock and Roll.
One day FM Radio came along the my dial and seized my soul. KMET, KLOS, K-WEST, KNAC....
      The Saga of Remo Ron begins here.

  High School was the formative years of an aspiring young: Drummer; Disc Jockey and an Advertising Graphic Artist.

  I did it all.
  My first flyer was for a local Car Club cruise on Huntington Blvd. in 1974. The next day the Arcadia cops are on my phone, shaking me down for the What For. I said "It's advertising. I made the flyer. It has my number on it. You called me, right?"
  All the cops wanted to do was search and destroy the kids and their cars.
      I was on another Watch List.

  Now get this:
The first thing in September 1975, my Senior Year, I did something really big.
I proposed, produced and broadcasted on the Morning Announcements an LA FM Rock Radio-quality scripted spot for the Friday Night After-Game Dances. (Before me, they were nothing.)
  Personally, I went from an El Monte nobody drumming wannabe, to an Instant Cultural Icon in the Rock and Roll genre, all over the land. It happened in 60 seconds that fateful 1975 morning.
        That's when I was put on the Double-Secret Probation Watch List.

  See, Authority, AKA Admin. does not like to share the Power and Control Spotlight with me. After 3 shows they shut me down, sighting "a lack of interest". Compare that lie to the Petition I distributed to get me on the air twice a week. 2000+ signatures in 5 days and it's still in my Evidence Archives. The older I got, the bigger the lies became and I knew that Rebels are made by man and not born by nature. I had lots of friends then, and they were trouble, not me.
I was a reporter. I journaled. I still do.


  So, my AHS experience is too much to explain and handle here for now. Suffice it to say: I was Remo Ron, Love me or Hate me: almost world famous and busy trying to capitalize from it. Trust me, human suffering was never so colorful. Consult my archives!

  In 1976 I was released from AHS with high honours in Art. I was an emerging self-serving Legacy in the Rock Culture of So. Cal; I had a "Jacket" in the Files of Big Brother, and I embarked on my own divine journey into Life, having bypassed the repressive notion that I should attend College when Life Itself is the Great Teacher. AMEN.

   My Dad bought a '62 Ford Econoline van for me at graduation, to help me get and keep a job. I used it to Roady for local Rock Bands, and when they broke up and my life was jobless, I drove to Florida. I was "Goin' Mobile" just as The Who described it! I was living the Bohemian Lifestyle, and continue it today.

   Along the I-10 way, I turned 19 of age in the French Quarter during the epic Southern Winter of 1977. Surviving that and crossing the Florida State Line, I soon learned to pick frozen oranges at $90 a week, paint houses for a fair wage and as a hobby.... infiltrate the 2 Orlando Rock Radio Stations WORJ and Zeta 7. I taught them how to pronounce Van Halen in the week their first album was released. I got in good with those radio folks. Show biz was my ambition everywhere I went.
   I was embedded in the local Music Industry. My name was a house-hold word on and off the air, and I got away with it.
   And then one day in 1979 when I was on the run for narcotics trafficking, I snuck out of State under color of clever disguise & a one-way bus... and crash landed back into El Monte, where I was not extradited, Mom and Dad let me in and Remo Ron So. Cal. resumed, under color of The Belief that Counter-Culture is My Life, I suppose. It was the Dawn of The 80's and I was just a boy, OK?

  In L.A., I became a successful house painter, Music Media and Alternative Radio Gadfly, and publisher of Underground Print Media, AKA  Agitational Propaganda (AgitProp). I used the name Zan Press.

   As a result of my works, things got weird, so I used the Freedom of Information Act to ask the FBI and CIA for what they may have on me. I got 2 'bricks' of redacted pages. Evidence that "the watchers" were and are REAL! (What was I doing to attract all that attention from Big Brother? I wanna know, don't you?)

  In 1984 I migrated to Topanga Canyon, where I became "Omer of Topanga", a hired-hand, and I published more papers called OMER'S LAW. Boy Howdy that got the status quo worked up, and The Watchers were there.

  In 1986, an LA County Sheriff's Deputy lost his job because of what he did to me. He disgraced everything, and as such, The Thin Blue Line had me in their sights even more.

  After surviving the Great Topanga-Malibu Firestorm and the Northridge Earthquake, I was done with that town. I lost everything.
  Soon thereafter, I ended up in a Canoga Park flop house where I got in good with the Commandant. In 1995 we migrated to Phelan, in the High Desert, where more indignations by civilians and cops were perpetrated against me.
  The guy ripped me off and bailed out, leaving me there with nothing. I took my claims downtown where I was ignored and denied. More Government discrimination for me.
  Nine and a half years at a desert rat shack called the Left For Dead, overcoming insurmountable odds of surviving in a hostile environment. I made something from nothing and it too was eventually taken from me at gunpoint, under color of law. It was by far the worst experience of my life as an American man.

  In 2004 my mom died, and for my trouble of being her punching bag, I got a total of one million dollars.
  In 2005 I migrated to Montello, Nevada, where I became a Somebody again: Ron Tello had come to town, bought the commercial building next to The Cowboy Bar, set up a live-in Music Studio and "went for it"!

  Following my dreams, I built "Thee BIGGGEST Drum Set in Nevada".
  That, and all of my investments eventually tanked. But that's not the worst of my story, oh no....

  It was a new humble beginning for me, and as I proceeded over 10 years, Evil came knocking on my door trying to kill my Good. I failed to read the Travel Brochure where it said that the Elko County Government was/is the most corrupted gang of badges in America. I soon found out by personal experience.

  In my archives I have the "10 Years Files"; a comprehensive collection of all my Criminal Complaints and Police Reports about all the crimes that perpetually visited me and my house. I was astonished to know that Law Enforcement is neither.
But I was not the only citizen afflicted by this albatross. Here's a sample; a letter to the editor that speaks volumes to the heart of my woes:

Being a Criminal in Elko County pays

Being a burglar in Elko county is a high paying job with little or no personal risk.
Ya, there might be a risk of having a landowner/homeowner shoot you, but being caught by law enforcement does not appear to be a risk at all.

Recently some of my family members had their shop broken into and during the burglary a vehicle was set on fire and a pistol was stolen along with a side by side, a 4-wheeler, and countless tools.

They called the Sheriff's department and requested an officer to come out and take a statement, begin an investigation, and follow up with attempting to catch the criminals. We were all assuming that meant getting fingerprints, doing an arson investigation, investigate possible suspects, and protect the victim. They collected a statement, nothing else.

The suspects are known to the officers/detectives, yet they have done nothing to interview, question or obtain search warrants for their residence. The way these type of cases work from the Sheriff's office point of view is "We will have to wait until we catch them redhanded". That is a scary proposition. What if next time they accomplish their goal and burn the entire house down with victims inside?

Crime is on the rise, drug activity is on the rise, victims are on the rise in large numbers across Elko County, and from where I sit, not much is being done to get these criminals off the street. All the while the victim sits alone and scarred waiting for something to happen. They have now armed themselves to protect their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness while the criminal walks free without fear of being held accountable.

I get up every day to go to work to earn a paycheck, medical benefits for me and my kids, and pay taxes for a sense of security and community. Maybe it's time to quit my job, get on government subsistence, get free health care and take what I want when I want it. Then maybe I will have the freedom that the criminals in this county get handed to them.
-Scott Stewart
[Published in the Opinion section of the Elko Daily Free Press 8/30/14]

  And that's just one of countless victims of the lawlessness in Elko County.

  Now check this out: In 2011 I was sued by a medical helicopter company for a ride I never took when I was gassed by bug bombs in my house 4 years earlier. They wanted a couple thousand bucks for gas money. The company was defunct, not a legal entity at all. I shelled-out $5K to a Lawyer to make it go away. I lost, and even unto now there is a lien on my house. A huge impediment to selling the joint. Elko has once again attempted to ruin me and doing a fine job of it.

  All the crap I went through culminated one night in 2013 to this:

   Don't believe the media; they lie. They failed to get the facts straight. The true facts are told here:

   Please pay attention to the fact that at my Preliminary Hearing, the Court ruled to keep me in jail for what they said I said on a blog and not for what I did.
This, I believe was Unlawful Imprisonment, and it's a serious issue with me, as it should be with you.
   I was facing 15 years in prison as a result of this egregious miscarriage of justice.

   One key point here: my defense Attorney, former D.A. Gary Woodbury told me once that "any shooting in Elko is political". Even self-defense cases as mine, right? Now get this:
Frank got "a walk". WHERE'S THE POLITICS THERE?

   Selective Enforcement, Selective Harassment is police policy everywhere, but in Elko it's Gospel.

   I'll share my stories of my 357 days in The Cooler at another time, with exception to note that I was selectively mistreated; darn near tortured and definitely disrespected as a Citizen presumed innocent until proven guilty.
I have it all detailed in my Jailhouse Journals, which I must publish for fun and profit.
   Hear now about The Dirt about after I was released on 12/13/14.

   Perhaps you read the Free Press item that said I was not allowed to return home? Yeah, that ruling was criminal in itself.
   They made me homeless; banished from a home that I pay taxes on. Plus I am a solid citizen, as if that mattered...
What other Citizen anywhere got that mistreatment? Huh! I need to know; swap horror stories.

   Gary Woodbury set me up for 2 days at the Stockmen's Hotel in Elko, and after that I'm on my own, but with what?
I had a bit of cash thru various means at that time, plus I had a few friends to send me money to pay the room fees for about a week.
   It was frantic; I hustled the phone and library computer daily, looking for escape and shelter from this storm.

   I connected with my bio-sister Sunny.
   She was receptive, saying her boyfriend was a painting contractor and owns a vineyard in Northern California.
It was a great opportunity and I kept in touch, until one day she dumped me without cause or explanation. No deal, no hope and no love there.

   Ultimately, I connected with a High School bud in Tehachapi, Ca. I migrated to his ranch. I did everything right for  about a week until one morning I got the Bum's Rush outta there, again without a good reason or explanation. He dropped me off at the Homeless Shelter in Lancaster where I spent 2 1/2 months enjoying shelter cuisine, the good company of other victims of American Life and seeing the sights at ground level. It was at the Library where I created my ELKO SMASH blog.

   I need these 2 suspicious events investigated. Somebody "got" to them.

   From Lancaster I connected with my former Topanga Flame and GF. She was the ONLY American willing and able to take me into her home in Big Bear, where I have been in seclusion ever since.
She picked me up at the shelter and we went to Montello after the Court Order to keep me out was retracted.
A cop still showed up saying I had to get out. I called Woodbury and the cop radioed HQ, and all was good, such as it was.

   I made a detailed list of all the personal property which was stolen while I was away. Elko did not care. Go figure.

   A fine local gal had spent the time and money to create a Neighborhood Watch program in Montello. Elko outright rejected it, saying "Thieves watching thieves". This is indicative of Elko's disdain for Law and Order.

  And it just doesn't get any better. Yet.


  Ever since I became a Free Man, I have diligently tried to find a legal remedy for these atrocities committed by Elko.
 I took my story to Lawyers, Mass Media, Investigative Journalists and others. Did this for 3 years until I temporarily gave up.

   All of them were having none of it. Rejected by every one of them.
Why? Are they scared of Elko or were they advised to ignore me?

   Now I'm trying again, with a vengeance. I've been dragging-ass too long. I'm not getting any younger or prosperous in my current physical and environmental condition. I must overcome lethargy and defeat by any means available or I will fade away into obscurity, and that is no way to leave a Legacy behind.

  Here's the latest Elko shenanigans against me that I'm sure will amuse you..or not.

   Regarding my property taxes, I got the latest notice last year, indicating that I owe about $900, due in April 2019.
In early October 2018, I was notified by my Montello ally that Elko seized my deed by writing-in their name and deleting mine.
   They did not give notice of intent at all. No due process. Somehow, "under-handedness" doesn't quite say it.
My friend told me that this is standard practice by those thugs, and IT'S WRONG!

  So my GF and I drove to Montello to sort it out. I opened up my "Indoor Yard Sale" again and 5 weeks later I raised the money to pay over $1200 for taxes over and above the quoted price. Then they charged me another $40 to put my name back on my deed.

  Now if all this is not a Crime of The State, please tell me what is.

   This is clearly another example of a "continuance of a criminal enterprise", and add this to my list of grievances and complaints! I pay taxes and get nothing in return. Is that extortion?

   This is what I need now:

Legal Minds. Journalists. Media. Newsies. Somebody in this world who will give a shite about me, and get me to a Courtroom where I can sue the snot out of these brats to the tune of $10 Million, minimum. Actual and punitive damages; pain and suffering; Breach of Duty, Judicial Malfeasance and personal losses on many levels. I'm worth it. Just the fact alone that 2 out of 12 set me free from 15 years in the slammer is anguishing enuff to no end.
  America is a dangerous place; Elko is potentially fatal. They ruined me. And I don't like it.

  I'm not looking for "Justice". That's a myth.
I want PAYBACK. And to openly humiliate these tyrants in the court of Public Opinion.

   I want to publish my journals & make bank and a movie. Get rich again; die fat, not poor. And restore the former glory of my Montello Empire. I'm not asking for much. Yes, I am.

  I'm asking you here now to get me there soon. Connect me with the good people you may know, who are willing and able to see their way through this quagmire and redefine the meaning of  "Hometown Boy does good". And get themselves a piece of the Pie as well deserved as it will be.

This concludes my presentation.
Thank you for reading and being my friend.
I hope to get your feedback soon. Please, no spammers, flamers or trolls.

Ronald Lee Culley
AKA Remo Ron, Omer of Topanga and Ron Tello, Nevada.
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Lawyers, Media and Others ONLY!!!

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Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on March 19, 2019, 12:41:03 PM
In my zeal to publish the previous material, I failed to mention an important bit of info.

On the second day of my stay at the Stockmen's Hotel, I went to the bank nearby to check-out my money.
The teller was not pleasant.
She told me my account was closed, confiscated my debit card and told me to scram.
No discussion, Q & A or inquiry.

This was and IS disturbing. How did that happen? Where did my money go?

I need an investigation on this too.

 :wtf: :panic:
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: *CountessA* on March 20, 2019, 01:33:46 AM
You could do with a good lawyer, but ensure that the lawyer has a simple remit rather than trying to redress all the injuries that you have suffered.

Finding out what has happened with your money is the remit that is probably best dealt with as a priority.
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on March 31, 2019, 12:36:27 PM
remit[verb, noun ri-mit; noun ree-mit]

verb (used with object), re·mit·ted, re·mit·ting.
to transmit or send (money, a check, etc.) to a person or place, usually in payment.
to refrain from inflicting or enforcing, as a punishment, sentence, etc.
verb (used without object), re·mit·ted, re·mit·ting.
to transmit money, a check, etc., as in payment.
to abate for a time or at intervals, as a fever.

Law . a transfer of the record of an action from one tribunal to another, particularly from an appellate court to the court of original jurisdiction.
something remitted, as for further deliberation or action.
the act of remitting.
Chiefly British . the area of authority of a person or group.

Seriously, this dialog has issues.
Step it up, please...
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: *CountessA* on April 01, 2019, 10:58:09 PM
Oxford Dictionary - remit (NOUN) (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/remit)

British   The task or area of activity officially assigned to an individual or organization.

‘the committee was becoming caught up in issues that did not fall within its remit’
‘Under its remit, the Task Force is expected to carry out a full review of academic employment in the University.’
‘He has a broader remit and has already started conducting his own inquiry.’
‘What spheres of activity might fall within the remit of an international liaison, given this context?’

However, as soon as I find a step-ladder, I'll step it up.  :gmuffled:
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on April 03, 2019, 11:38:24 AM
OBJECTION! Relevance.

What's your current take have to do with my long-lasting out-take???

Jeez girl, America wants to kill me slow (and they are doing it, ya know) and the best of my last days are filled with Malt Liquor, Rollies and frozen entres, and that's after I do chores. Far cry from that Montello Life I had. And it's all about that the Gov., on any level, does not like me. I know why, do you?

Why won't they just sniper my ass?
I think it's cuz I'm entertaining, and the Feds can still laff.

No consolation prize there.
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on April 20, 2019, 09:27:08 AM
This little tune helps me get thru my days:

Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on June 28, 2019, 01:17:38 PM
0 response

:tello: "There's something suspicious about not even getting HATE MAIL."
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: *Brum6y* on June 28, 2019, 11:12:16 PM
That takes real skill.
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on July 08, 2019, 02:15:47 PM
Not sure I follow you.
Skill to hate or to send hate.

My True skill is keeping my composure after and continuously thru all this American INjustice.

Copy that good buddy?

:deadhorse:     :ambulance:
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: *Brum6y* on July 10, 2019, 08:31:05 PM
Copy that.
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on July 13, 2019, 12:04:16 PM
Never any hate mail in OZ.

That's ....nice.

:salute:                                                                    :mobbing:

:tello: "I dint do it, yet"
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: *Brum6y* on July 13, 2019, 02:55:30 PM
We might be able to arrange some if you're feeling left out.
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: *CountessA* on July 14, 2019, 06:31:42 PM





Will that do...?
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on July 20, 2019, 04:37:17 AM
We might be able to arrange some if you're feeling left out.

I'm always open to new surprises, but they must be the Pleasant ones.
Not the ones that dismay, destroy and subtract from my Bottom Line without due process.

Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on July 20, 2019, 04:40:37 AM
:jandoor:     :mobbing:                              :ambulance:
Will that do...?

:tello: "Over done, yet done well".
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on August 10, 2019, 12:12:22 PM
Bad day, M8?

Try my Bad Life for kicks!

:vent: :drama: :guilt: :mobbing: :troll2: :jandoor: :sights: :panic: :snipe: :ambulance: :superhero: :smee!: :ni:
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on August 10, 2019, 12:24:08 PM
I was again denied Social Security Disability benefits because I own The Ron Tello Studio in Montello. NOvada.

And nobody cares about greatness and innovation if it duzzint come from megalithic corporations or the Vatican.
American enterprising young adults are not allowed to participate any longer in contemporary society since the repeal of marijuana laws were enacted.
Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on August 23, 2019, 01:48:14 PM
Ron Tello Culley
August 19 at 2:56 PM ·
Does anybody care about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property? How about Law vs. Anarchy? My story still holds true, but nobody cares to comment. Why? Too scary, or just too much scoop for simple minds to handle? Need to know. And don't lie to me. I'll know 'cuz your emogies are moving.

(the link to this page goes here)

2 Likes: Rick Culley and Gemma Elizabeth Collins

Ron Tello Culley 2 likes. PATHETIC. America is no place to be Why are we here?

Title: Re: The Rise and Fall of Tello; a brief history and tales of wow and dread
Post by: tellomon on August 23, 2019, 02:02:32 PM
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2019, 03:50:44 PM PDT

Subject: KSL em 7-19-19

Have you seen this?

Fired deputy suing county, former sheriff.

It's pretty bad. (I know the man personally.) My experience with Elko is worse. I've been telling my story for 4 years and no one will listen. I even shared it with you in the past; I want you to hear me out today. See my blog, consider its merits and please give me a fair response.


Scroll down to PART THREE for the dirt. Thank you!
----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Ron Tello <m86thecat@yahoo.com>
To: web@ksl.com <web@ksl.com>
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019, 01:29:22 PM PDT

Hello again; I will be persistent with this.

I keep getting ignored by everyone in Media and beyond.

I want to know why.

What is the deterrent factor here, my name or the Elko stigmata?

I would like to receive a logical, intelligent reply from you.
Tell me what the fear is about.

Thank you.

-Ron Tello Culley
Aug 20, 3:26 PM

Hello; KSL has completely ignored me and my tragic news story.
Why is this so?
At minimum, may I get a nod and a boilerplate rejection notice? Something civil and proper.

I'm not backing off until you ask me to.


-Ron Tello Culley
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I've been completely ignored. I want to know why. Please reply.


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